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    12 thoughts on “Contact Us”

    1. This person that goes by the name Julia Badun_hfx on Instagram was “referred” by another account I follow I check with the other folks and they confirmed it was real. So I trusted that it was, not understanding the situation at the time. It started with an investment of $1,000 and then there were more fees Associated with the initial investment. Then she asked me for $3050 for reinvestment of the $1,000 because of mining or something. Somehow I trust this person and gather that amount by pulling from savings and loans. The wild thing is that there’s even a website ( where I can see where all the money was going so I was convinced that it was a REAL thing. Next, she asked me to send $6750 because it was the withdrawal fee from the bank to be able to withdraw the profit amount. “I don’t have that kind of money, “ I told her and she said “ if you can come up with $3000 I can help you take out up to $20,000 and you can pay the rest from there,” I asked her if I had her word on it and found a way to come up with that amount. I would say during a three-week period it kept on being new fees including a tax fee from the IRS of $1970 again I couldn’t get this kind of money and I told her as such and she came back with “ If you can come up with $1000, I can put in the rest and you pay me back” like a dummy I took her word… since I don’t know much about crypto… I thought it was all good… but unfortunately, it wasn’t and I was left with a headache and my savings of $8722 gone. I asked her for my money back and she refused to do so, she told me its impossible. PLEASE HELP make it possible.

      1. I totally agree with.
        I also came up with same platform and I lost 4k.
        He told me he will invest in Bitcoin but I lost my everything. I am seeking for help.

    2. Sandra M Moore

      On Mar 16, 2023, I tried to rent a car through enterprise. They scammed me out of $360. James @ 855.751.2599 ext 1011 told me I would be given a 40% discount if I used Amex. I said I only had Mastercard or Visa. James said to get the discount only with amex and suggested I buy a gift card. When I called back with the card information he completed the transaction he told me I would be renting a Toyota Camry and I requested it be dropped off to me. He confirmed my address and said expect someone around 6pm with my ride. Approximately an hour later James called back and said that I had not paid the exact amount of $331 therefore he would have to cancel my reservation and re-enter my reservation with the correct payment. But I would have to pay a second time to finalize the transaction. When I asked for a supervisor he hung up and then stopped accepting my calls. Now I am getting the run around from Enterprise and the billing department. I just want my money back or to be able to get a needed rental car.

      1. ReportYourScam

        Sorry to hear that. Zelle does not offer any form of payment protection, and banks will not reimburse funds in most instances of scams. Nonetheless, there are steps users can take to try and recover lost funds, such as filing a fraud claim, contacting Zelle support, or filing a complaint with the FTC.

    3. Ordered stained glass pictures of birds. Finally received and they were nothing like what was pictured or description. Payed with PayPal. Would like to return and get refund. What do I need to do?

    4. Hi I want to report to joe hicks he stolen my money on market place Facebook he was post to sold one impact and I pay for that and he block me on Facebook now I can’t have communication whit him and no one’s doing nothing please I need help I need my money back

      1. Hi Antonio. Sorry to hear you’ve been scammed. Can you please provide a link to the website or social media of the scammer? Thanks.

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