If you have lost money to a scam and need to recover your funds, here are our Recommended Recovery Services:

If you have lost $5,000 or more in cryptocurrency, then we recommend working with CNC Intelligence, Inc.

CNC Intelligence, Inc. is a company of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrency Recovery Experts, employing licensed and certified investigators. They are transparent and have excellent client support.

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Other Recommended Services

Avoid losing your cryptocurrency to scams, hacks, and collapse of exchanges (recall the story of FTX…)

Store your cryptocurrency in a secure hardware wallet or app.

Our most recommended service is ZenGo.

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Have you been scammed?

Were you able to recover money from scams?

Do you have any cryptocurrency service you would like to recommend?

You are welcome to comment below to share your story with us and we will investigate.


  1. Gladys Sanga

    I got scammed through gift cards. Scammers hacked my computer with an alert that my computer was comprised and that I needed to call Microsoft. Called the Microsoft number not knowing they were scammers only to assist with logging into my computer and bank account. Next they stated that money was wired to China for Child ponography and that the FBI was investing. They only was way to get my money was to purchase large amounts of gift cards what totalled to 22k. I was devastated and panicked as I did what the directed me. Went to Lowes stores and Apple Store to purchase gifts and immediately scratched as I took photos to text to scammers. That how they got me without thinking.
    I only wish that these stores would have put an alert to cease the amount of gift cards purchased and even questioned me! I’m so devastated and depressed to have lost my hard earned money which was basically my savings to buy a home this year. 😪 They bank and stores have told they can’t retrieve my money and they see no error. I’ve filed report awith my local police station but no assistance. I just don’t know my way out to go forward. It’s really traumatized to know that there are thieves taking advantage of innocent citizens.

  2. Dana

    Ovilla.Tech got a very large amount of money out of me and was telling me that I was making money with bitcoin but when I wanted to withdrawl I was informed that the account manager stole a large sum of money but they fired him and after a month they got the money back and said they sent it to me but I never got it they did the same thing to my friend she lost like $4000 and then they said they were being investigated by FBI and all accounts were frozen for over six months then I suddenly got an email two weeks ago that they are back open for business and they told me I still have money in my account and they asked me to move it from my old account to a new one so they can send it to me. But they don’t let you log in to the new site so still no money coming to me.

  3. Lovepreet

    Hii , I got scammed few months ago , can I get my money back please it’s more tgan10,000$. One helper scammed me and got me scared for so many things . But the thing is that time I didn’t know about this thing . I’m a student here and that time I got scared and did whatever they want.

  4. Nick KUKUNIS

    Hallo i be scammed from MBM Bitscan they hold 4000 dollars. They not let me withdraw my money

  5. Hector Hernandez


    Please help I lost $2780 on this site. Is there any way I can recover my losses?

    • Olivia white

      I was scammed outta a 1,430 dollars for a house I was trying to rent from a man that wasn’t even associated with the house at all I literally had to go on Zillow to find the real ppl over the house and they said they didn’t know the guy by the name I was giving and that he only had to pay 2 dollars to get a code to view the house so he gave me a code to stay in the house and told me that he would make me a key because I paid everything except the first months rent I paid background check, application fee, admission fee, deposit, security insurance,I sent 75 dollars twice I sent $31,$69$100$600$400 but yet he couldn’t answer his phone the next day talking about he was in a meeting and dealing with other clients and said about 20 times that he would refund me my money back but yet nothing happened he never sent my back this just happened these last two days Friday and Saturday and I’ve paid with cash app

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