CNC Intelligence Inc. Review (2023) – Is Legit?

We are writing this CNC Intelligence Inc. Review about the company whose websites are & because it is a cryptocurrency investigation company to which we have been referring our visitors who have lost money to online scams.

We wanted to conduct an objective investigation into this company to ensure they are as legitimate as we believe they are.

Doubts arose when we found a couple of CNC Intelligence Reviews on Google, which claim they are a scam.

Now, while these websites with the CNCIntelligence scam reviews seem highly suspicious and are promoting all sorts of absolute scams, we did want to make sure we’re recommending only the best possible investigation company for our readers, many of whom are already victims of scams. The last thing we wish them is to fall for another scam.

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So, let’s begin with this CNC Intelligence Inc. review immediately and answer the question: Is CNCIntel legit?

Disclaimer: Please be advised that is affiliated with CNC Intelligence Inc. Although reviews various scam recovery and prevention services, including those specializing in cryptocurrency, any review or mention of CNC Intelligence services is intrinsically linked to our organizational relationship. This affiliation does not affect the quality, objectivity, or credibility of the reviews and information on However, we believe in full transparency and want our users to be fully informed of our relationship with CNC Intelligence.

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    What is CNC Intelligence?

    CNC Intelligence offers “Actionable Intelligence Solutions” with services that include:

    • Assisting Law Enforcement and Law Firms with Asset and Fund Recovery
    • Cyber Intelligence & Investigations
    • Cryptocurrency Tracing

    Simply put, they can assist law firms and law enforcement with asset recovery cases involving money stolen by hacking or scamming, even if that money is a cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin.

    They claim to lead the Asset Tracing and Investigation Industry and to provide each client with a personalized solution to match their budget.

    Their Cryptocurrency Forensic Specialists are Certified in the US and can trace scammed money and cryptocurrency anywhere in the world.

    Some of the state-of-the-art Cyber Tools used by CNC Intelligence are:

    • Software Solutions, such as Chainalysis and CipherTrace.
    • closed databases
    • Open Intelligence (OSINT)
    • Human Intelligence (HUMINT)
    • Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT)
    • Financial Intelligence (FININT)

    They also use Investigation Management Software designed for (and by) law enforcement agencies and intelligence professionals.

    Who is Behind Locations & Contact Information

    According to the About page at, CNC Intelligence Inc. was founded by Cyber Intelligence, Crypto Investigations, Asset Tracing, and Offshore Legal Experts with over 40 years of experience in these fields.

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    CNC Intelligence Inc. is the company that runs the websites (and, which redirects to

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    They have 3 locations:

    1. The US Headquarters are in Washington, DC. The address is 2000 Pennsylvania Ave: NW, Washington, District of Columbia 20006.
    2. Their Global Investigations Head Office is in Orem, Utah. The address is 1145 S 800 E, in Orem, Utah, 84097, USA.
    3. Finally, the International Headquarters is located in Oppenheimer 5, Rehovot, Science Park 7670105, Israel.

    The Orem, Utah location is headed by ex-Special Agent for the FBI and Licensed Private Investigator Roman Garcia.

    CNC Intelligence Utah Location - Google Maps

    Our checks reveal that these addresses are indeed legitimate and correct.

    Their business hours are Monday-Friday: 8 am – 5 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

    Client Services Helpline Hours are

    • Monday – Thursday: 24 hours a day
    • Friday: 12:00 am to 4 pm (EST)

    Consultation Hours are

    • Monday – Friday: 7 am – 5 pm (EST)
    • Sunday: 8 am – 4 pm (EST)

    Telephone numbers include:

    • Europe: +45 78 75 54 21 (Denmark number)
    • Australia: 02 7202 5791
    • Israel: +972 3 375 1456
    • International/US: +1 202 773-4704 (area code 202 serves the District of Columbia, USA)

    They also have an email address:

    Other ways to contact them are by a contact form or their live chat widget, which we have checked and found to be responsive.

    As for social media accounts, CNC Intelligence is active on: Domain Review – Is legit?

    The domain was registered via the CloudFlare, Inc. registrar on June 23, 2020, for seven years.

    So, the domain has been around for two years, which is not regarded as too young for this budding industry.

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    It’s old enough that we could find ample evidence online whether CNC Intelligence is legit or a scam.

    According to SimilarWeb, it is ranked 1,883,693 globally and 506,327 in the United States. It employs at least 201 people and received around 20,800 visits in March 2023, most from the USA and other countries.

    Their SEMrush Authority score is 23, and they have links from more than 700 domains, most of which are legitimate websites, such as,,, and

    CNC Intelligence Inc Review - Screenshot of Homepage

    How Can CNC Intelligence Assist in Asset Recovery Cases Involving Scammed Money?

    The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation to determine if their Asset Tracing and Intelligence Services suit your case.

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    You can schedule a phone or video consultation.

    The service is offered to anyone who lost significant money through bank transfer, credit/debit card, or cryptocurrency due to being scammed or hacked.

    If CNC Intelligence decides to take on your case and you agree to the terms, you will be assigned a Case Coordinator to give you additional instructions.

    They will also provide access details to their client portal, where you can upload documents and receive communications from CNC Intelligence.

    If you are unhappy with the service you receive, you can request your money back within three days of making a payment.

    For people who lost money by paying with a credit or debit card, they will help you navigate the Visa and Mastercard international dispute resolution guidelines, which can be a very complex process, to initiate a Chargeback Process.

    For clients who wired money to scammers from their bank account, CNC Intel’s team of international banking experts and associated network of lawyers worldwide will help you with a bank wire recall recovery process, which entails unique challenges depending on the jurisdiction.

    Finally, CNC Intelligence’s most unique service involves tracing and assisting in cryptocurrency asset recovery cases. They can trace almost all digital currencies, including Bitcoin and Ethereum.

    Unlike a common misconception, cryptocurrencies are traceable, and anytime they are moved, it is recorded in the Blockchain.

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    CNC Intelligence can trace the movement of the money, identify the specific wallets, and determine where your money was moved and to whom. Then, they will use state-of-the-art blockchain technology and Analysts to locate the target’s physical location, the person who accessed the wallets holding your money.

    After you receive the trace report, you may be instructed to file a police report for your case. The message is provided by ex-Special Agent for the FBI and Licensed Private Investigator Roman Garcia and contains instructions on filing this report.

    Once your money is traced to the last wallet before being exchanged to Fiat Currency, their Investigations Team, led by Seth Gordon, will work to track down the owners and assist in asset recovery cases.

    With a solid case file, you can freeze your assets by ensuring that the High Court issues an international freeze order against the wallet linked to the crypto assets.

    The case ends when the court grants an order to see the thief’s identity and recover the stolen currency back to you.

    Real People Working for a Real Company

    Roman Garcia

    As mentioned, Roman Garcia, a former FBI Special Agent, heads the CNC Intelligence’s Private Investigation Services from their local Orem office.

    You can contact him for a free consultation at (385) 263-9341.

    His areas of expertise include:

    • Private investigations
    • Witness and people location
    • Surveillance
    • Due diligence investigations
    • Asset tracing and recovery
    • Complex white-collar investigations
    • Corporate security consultations

    CNC Intelligence LLC provides private investigation services in Utah under License Number P111331.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner Roman Garcia

    Seth A. Gordon

    Seth Gordon is CNC Intelligence’s Director of Investigations and Analysis.

    Gordon held the following positions during 17 years of service with the Department of Homeland Security:

    • Intelligence Analyst
    • Inspector
    • Supervisor
    • Communications Specialist
    • Security Specialist

    He also has a recommendation from the former US Citizenship and Immigration Services Director Leon Rodriguez.

    Gordon also served as the Chairman of the Ethics Committee for the City of Long Beach, NY.

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    CNC Intelligence - Seth A. Gordon

    Regulation and Licensure

    CNC Intelligence Inc. is registered in Delaware under file number 3154686 and in Washington DC under file number C00007397136.

    Their Washington, DC, business license number is 400322808046.

    The company is registered with GBA Global (Government Blockchain Association) and BIG (Blockchain Intelligence Group).

    CNC Intelligence LLC (which provides private investigation services) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CNC Intelligence Inc. and is registered in the State of Utah under entity number 12582748-0160.

    Investigators working for CNC Intelligence Inc. are licensed by CALI (California Association of Licensed Investigators), by TALI (Texas Association of Licensed Investigators), and by the WAD (World Association of Detectives Inc).

    They are also an associate member of the ACFE (Associate of Certified Fraud Examiners) and hold a Certified Digital Currency Investigator (CDCI) and Certified Expert in Cyber Investigations (CECI) badge from McAfee Institute.

    CNCIntelligence Licenses & Regulatory Information

    Is CNC Intelligence Legit? CNC Intel Reviews

    Everything looks OK. However, our CNC Intelligence Inc Review will not be complete before we look at other CNCIntel Reviews.

    On Trustpilot, they are ranked Great with four stars out of 5. One reviewer reported on November 15, 2022:

    My case was quite complex because my fund is stolen by three different platforms involving bank transfers, Crypto transfers, and Credit card transactions. Even so, they managed to recover most of what I lost. About 75% so far […] I would highly recommend them

    And another person wrote in May 2023:

    Doron was extremely professional and knowledgeable, and because of his expertise, I was able to recover the money that I had lost to a Bitcoin scam. I’m grateful for his help and would recommend him to anyone looking for assistance in recovering their funds.

    On, CNCIntel gets a 5 out of 5 rating with 102 reviews, such as the following verified site experience from August 4, 2022:

    I contacted CNC and left my details. They called me back right away. I am not techy person so I shouldn’t have even operated this Bitcoin machine. I explained this all to alex, the CNC rep. He patiently listened and gave me a plan to recover my money

    According to another Verified site experience from June 30, 2022,

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Alex was very informative about the process to successfully recover my crypto and what it takes. Helped a lot. Offered me a good deal that I will go with soon so they can start their investigative work. Very credible company.

    Note that there are some negative reviews on these sites as well, but interestingly, they are not labeled “Verified site experience,” meaning that they might be fake. In this business of fighting scammers, we would not be surprised if they were a target of many fake negative reviews left by the scammers they fight against.

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    Their Google review score is 4.2 stars out of 5 based on 75 reviews, such as this one:

    I needed help with investment scam Crypto where they keep asking you for more money to release your money, so I searched online and found CNC. They were more than helpful, very cooperative and nice. CNC worked with me on a plan to get my money back […] Very knowledgeable and reputable company

    Negative CNC Intelligence Inc. Scam Reviews

    There are many fake scam investigation companies; however, as our CNC Intelligence Inc Review indicates, CNC Intelligence is not one of them.

    Still, some review sites did not do their due diligence and conduct proper research into the company and just wrote a negative scam review, which is entirely fake.

    We will not mention the websites hosting these fake reviews here since they promote all sorts of scams; however, let’s look at some of their false claims.

    For example, they write, “All they can do is call your bank and request a chargeback […] Even if they do that, there’s no guarantee of it being effective.”

    As we have seen, CNC Intelligence’s expertise is cryptocurrency tracing and not chargebacks, even though they can provide support with complex chargebacks.

    They also write, “Cncintel seemingly utilizes such services on many of its addresses, which is worrying already.” Still, we do not understand how the fact that a company holds multiple offices in various verified locations can be seen as a red flag. On the contrary, it indicates the company is successful in what they do. Otherwise, they would not have the resources to open offices, unlike scammers such as the websites who wrote these CNCIntel Scam reviews, which are most likely home-bound, dark web keyboard heroes.

    And they write that is devoid of substance and the website is “just for show,” we are not sure what sense they are referring to as is a pretty standard company website, which even has a Resources section with all kinds of enlightening information regarding cryptocurrency tracing and recovery.

    Additional fake claims we find in these CNC Intel scam reviews are:

    • Cryptocurrencies are not traceable
    • All they do is Google searches
    • The firm is fraudulent and predatory
    • They will not do a single thing after you pay the initial fee

    Our objective, comprehensive CNC Intelligence Inc review clearly shows these claims are false.

    Interestingly, there are a ton of fake POSITIVE ratings below these fake reviews, which the website owners fraudulently include to manipulate Google into showing their thoughts higher in the search engine results.

    We will not be surprised if CNC Intelligence issues a court order against these websites since their CNCIntelligence reviews are defamatory.

    CNC Intelligence Imposters

    Another possible explanation for some CNC Intelligence scams & negative reviews can be the presence of copycat websites.

    These websites look the same as CNC Intelligence. However, they are not on or but on other domain names.

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    We will not mention the domain names of these websites to avoid promoting scams. However, CNC Intelligence provides a way to verify the authenticity of the website: - Authorize.Net & Sectigo Verification

    Sectigo Trust Provider has verified CNC Intelligence’s address and provides them with a website identity assurance warranty of $1,000,000.

    Click on the Sectigo logo at the bottom of the website, and a window should open with a Sectigo logo saying “Secure And Authentic Website.” (On some of the fake websites, this icon is missing.) Sectigo Verification

    Another check is to click the Authorize.Net icon and ensure the open popup window says the domain you are on “is a verified Authorize.Net merchant.”

    CNC Intel Authorize.Net Verification

    CNC Intelligence Inc Review – Bottom Line

    We set out to answer the question: Is CNCIntelligence legit?

    To summarize this CNCIntelligence review, unlike most sites we review at, CNC Intelligence is not a scam website that promises something too good to be true or an exceptionally high yield. It’s also not a scam mining operation.

    On the contrary, it’s a company that is the exact opposite of most of our review subjects; they help people who have been scammed by working with law firms and law enforcement to solve asset recovery cases.

    Our investigative review proves they are entirely legitimate and are a licensed and regulated company in the United States.

    They also employ qualified investigators, including former US government personnel.

    We have verified their company, contact information, and locations and have seen multiple positive reviews from real CNC Intelligence clients.

    The only scam reviews we have seen are fake.

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    Is CNC Intelligence Inc. legit?

    The bottom line is that CNC Intelligence is an entirely legitimate scam investigation company that you can trust.

    Therefore, we have made the right choice in including them on our recommended investigation companies page.

    Please share your first-hand experience with this company by replying to this CNC Intelligence Inc. review.

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