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Report Fraudulent Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Addresses

List of Reported Fraudulent Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Addresses

bc1q05nqss0375k5x8gnh9ewdjm36yvusy39d94621 – The r/CryptoScamBlacklist subreddit is a community where users share, report, and find information on cryptocurrency scams. One user posted a warning not to send Bitcoin to this address, stating it’s part of a scam. Several comments followed, including a reminder never to wire money to anyone and accusations against supposed recovery scammers. This Bitcoin address, however, is not valid.

These four addresses were published on /r/CryptoScams under “Scam wallet” by u/Striking-Success4085 on August 5, 2023:

  • TJ3Nm3oBVjUL5PSP1FThqYcCGb8jb5Uamm
  • TLbL1AwJyabw81ddJir9pWKRnd9CitQDva
  • TBt4xedn8c2wH8o8GHZuww3iQCxYEoxyZC
  • TEPZjoFS7XhLuyBrxDRCcPKsA7jdC7rLjo

Another user, rushield007, replied:

Another ETH scam wallet:


u/Striking-Success4085 also posted in r/CryptoScams on July 28, 2023, sharing their near-scam experience to warn others.

The user was approached on a dating app by someone who claimed to be named Stephanie W., who professed to work in cryptocurrency. This person tried to convince the user to invest with the promise of high returns. The user was directed to deposit money on a cryptocurrency platform like Binance, convert it into USDT, and then transfer it to a platform named otccee.com, for which a link was provided.

On this platform, they were to ask for a wallet generation. Upon receiving a wallet number, the user became suspicious and decided to create another account on the same platform, resulting in the same wallet number being provided.

Checking on tronscan.org, they confirmed that the wallet already existed and had many transactions. When confronted, “Stephaine” insisted it was normal. The user stopped further interactions, recognized the scam, and shared this experience to warn others, particularly those with limited knowledge of cryptocurrency.


On October 14, 2023, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for over $52:

Hi there, I’m writing to you because I’ve sent my Bitcoin to someone who allegedly is helping me in the trading market. After trading, she said I had to deposit 250 dollars to be able to withdraw successfully. I want to get your help to recover my money. I sent it via Luno and sent my Bitcoin to this address: 31y4hkpgxQDVDaHYsRcmuLwn9a1tuXTEok.


On November 9, 2023, we received the following complaint:

They claimed I had won a prize and continually asked for more money. Now, they refuse to return my money. Here is their Bitcoin account: 1E88KUjYY4Qjr85jPmAguiZ4mmXbL6AAao. Their email is dyannapizarro223@gmail.com.

If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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