Scam Review – Nasty Trading Platform calls itself an investment platform that enables people to earn 1% per day on a consistent basis with little to no manual intervention. Their business model resembles a high yield investment platform and they have no regulatory status whatsoever.

Anyone that has decent experience in the finance sector can easily see through their bluff because their lies are not only too obvious, but hilarious as well. Unfortunately, the crooks behind this scam were able to fool a lot of people and the damage caused by them is unimaginable to say the least.

While few of the victims of this scam are trying to get their money back, many of the users have given up. Though the recovery process might appear overwhelming that certainly isn’t the case.

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Creators and History

We as end clients should always do thorough research before investing our money. Online reviews do tell us the real nature of a firm. However, many websites and channels do spread false information. So, the best way to tackle the problem at hand is by looking at the reputation and transparency aspect.

On the platform there is a lot of information about the so-called creators and founders. The kind of data showcased by them instills trust. Sadly, the information presented by them is just a hoax. We ran a search on the profiles put up by them and ended up hitting the dead end.

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    In other words, they have most likely used stock photos and have created imaginary personalities. Clearly, they do not have any ethics or morals. Looking at the way they lie, it is clear that no one should mess around with them.

    After all, you cannot trust an entity like this one that bluffs about pretty much everything, right?

    How does Work?

    This is a very interesting question. To find the answer, we spent a lot of time on their platform and went through a lot of pages. Apparently, they use some sort of high frequency trading algorithm that has a high win rate. The kind of vague explanation put up by them tells us everything we need to know about them.

    Lack of information regarding the actual parameters and trading conditions is indeed a huge red flag. Moreover, the absence of any verified trading history or performance reports is also something that just cannot be ignored. If this firm was really so successful, then why are they shying away from publishing audited reports?

    Though their claims might overwhelm people at first, it is easy to see through them. Trading is all about back testing and finding an edge. If the firm promising you returns is not sharing details about the things mentioned above, then it is wise to stay away from them.

    Is it really Profitable?

    We live in a post-Pandemic world now. The inflation is high and the financial burden is too much to bear. However, just because you want to earn money does not necessarily mean that you should trust platforms like this one. claims to earn 1% returns on a daily basis. It goes without mentioning that no trading system or bank will give you this much return. 1% a day means over 300% annually which is an unrealistic target to say the least.

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    As they haven’t provided any solid evidence to back up their statements, it is safe to assume that they aren’t profitable. After all, if they were making money, then why wouldn’t they publish solid evidence?

    ZenGo Wallet Banner Scam User Reviews

    In this online era, we can find information about pretty much everything with just a few clicks. If you input the term “ Scam” on any search engine, chances are you will get a lot of results.

    Consensus about them is too negative and people are extremely unhappy with them. The kind of things users have described about them are dreadful.

    Clearly, no one has made any significant amount of money by using their services. This firm has not replied to many complaints and allegations made against them.

    The kind of silence they are maintaining is suspicious and it shows that they are least bothered about the user experience. 

    Have you lost money to the Scam?

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    Note that we do not charge for any of our services and we have been combating online scams for decades. Recovery process is straightforward, but the main thing that can make or break the odds is the time factor. So, to enhance your odds, take action now. 


    Trading platforms and systems usually have hidden agendas and clear conflict of interest. The offers might be enticing, but you need to understand that things are not that easy. Markets are volatile and unless you have risk management skills, chances of making profits are slim. Scam clearly shows the way offshore entities work to loot the public. To avoid falling for this kind of scheme, only interact with regulated and licensed firms. Also, do not forget to talk to your financial planner before depositing funds. 

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