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Note: Please do not confuse with, a legitimate venture capital firm from Menlo Park, California, USA.

On June 21, 2023, we received the following complaint:

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I have transferred money to an account in the USA for Shannon Walker. She graduated from After paying €3,200, I was required to pay an additional €14,600 in fees in order to receive €210,000. Now, I have stopped the process. However, Shannon Walker is active on Facebook every day. I have all the necessary documentation.

Later, we received additional information from this person. The individual has invested €3,200 with a trader named Shannon Walker, who is reportedly an employee of a company called “Sinergies.” This trader was handling all trading activities on behalf of the individual. However, when the person requested to withdraw their funds, they were informed that they need to pay a fee of €14,600 to access their €210,000 balance. They have made attempts to stop trading and have reached out to various authorities, including the USA embassy and local police, but haven’t been able to resolve the issue yet. They are currently in possession of some documentation related to these transactions.

He provided another email address: – which suggests that “Sinergi Asset” is another name these scammers go by. However, there’s no evidence the website ever existed. The complainer concluded:

As I mentioned before, I sent €3,200 to an account in the USA for trading purposes with Shannon Walker. However, I have stopped making payments now. They are requesting €14,600 in withdrawal fees. Additionally, I will receive €210,000 in my bank account in Slovenia. Shannon Walker is still active on Facebook, every day.

So what exactly is and is it a SCAM?

Get in touch with our affiliated Bitcoin Forensic Investigators at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below. Review was registered on February 19, 2023, for one year through Whogohost Limited, a Nigerian domain registration company. OVH is the hosting provider.

    Currently, the website appears to be down.

    Here’s a detailed summary of the search results for the website on Google:

    1. Synergies Ventures – Home: The website is the home page of Synergies Ventures. They specialize in trading on financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges.
    2. Sign Up – Synergies Ventures: The page is a signup page where users can create a Synergies Ventures Live account.
    3. About – Synergies Ventures: The page provides information about Synergies Ventures, an international financial organization engaged in Forex investment activities, specifically focused on trading in financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges.
    4. Blog – Synergies Ventures: The page is a blog section on the Synergies Ventures website.
    5. Investment Plan – Synergies Ventures: The page provides details about the investment plans offered by Synergies Ventures.
    6. Contact Us – Synergies Ventures: The page contains contact information for Synergies Ventures. The provided details include a (fake) phone number, email address, and office address located at 3015 Suit Pagla Road, Singapore.
    7. Sign In – Synergies Ventures: The page is the sign-in page for Synergies Ventures Live accounts.

    By checking the Google Cache, we can access the website to find more information about Synergies Ventures. The cached versions are from between May 28, 2023, and June 10, 2023.

    Homepage offers investment opportunities in Forex trading and cryptocurrency exchanges. The website aims to provide a reliable source of high income to investors while ensuring the security of their investments.

    The website highlights several reasons to choose them, including being a legal company, high reliability, anonymity through cryptocurrency payments, quick withdrawal process, referral program, 24/7 customer support, dedicated server, SSL security encryption, and DDoS protection.

    The process allegedly involves creating an account, choosing an investment plan, and receiving profits automatically in the user’s wallet.

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    Synergies Ventures accepts major cryptocurrencies and fiat payment methods for investment purposes.

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    Investment Plans

    The website offers various investment plans with different returns. Each plan has a specific monthly return, a lifetime duration, and a range of investment amounts. The plans are as follows:

    • Bronze: Return 15% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $500 – $2,999.
    • Silver: Return 35% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $3,000 – $14,999.
    • Gold: Return 50% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $15,000 – $49,999.
    • Diamond: Return 75% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $50,000 – $99,999.
    • Platinum: Return 100% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $100,000 – $999,999.
    • Multi-Platinum: Return 125% every month for a lifetime. The investment range is $1,000,000 – $10,000,000.

    Note that these appear to be unrealistic returns. Be cautious of investment opportunities that promise unusually high returns with little to no risk. Such claims can be indicative of potential scams. Investment returns are generally associated with risks, and excessively high returns may not be sustainable or realistic.


    The blog page featured several posts with accompanying images. However, the cache does not provide the full content of the blog posts. Each post has a brief description, which suggests that they discuss topics related to certain subjects. The subjects mentioned in the cache include:

    • “voluptates ratione mollitia sequi quia asperiores sint”
    • “amet quisquam ut vitae debitis iste.”
    • “Voluptatum est expedita officia, eos”

    So you can see how by just examining the website, it is easy to determine that a website is a scam.


    On their About page, Synergies Ventures was described as an international financial company engaged in Forex investment activities. They focus on trading in financial markets and cryptocurrency exchanges through qualified professional traders. The company’s goal is to provide investors with a reliable source of high income while minimizing risks. They aim to automate and simplify the relationship between investors and trustees to increase profit margins.

    The website states that all rights are reserved for Synergies Ventures.

    No verifiable information is provided regarding the company, such as registration numbers and licensure and regulatory information.

    Contact SynergiesVenture

    Contact methods include:

    1. Contact form
    2. Phone Number: A phone number is listed as “+1 000 000 000.” Please note that this is a placeholder number and is not functional.
    3. Email Address:
    4. Office Address: “3015 Suit pagla road, Singapore.” Such an address cannot be found on Google Maps.

    Interestingly, searching for “3015 Suit pagla road, Singapore” on Google, we find various other websites that are using this address, including:

    • HYIPLab (
    • (defunct)
    • (defunct)
    • (defunct)
    • (defunct)
    • (defunct)
    • (defunct)

    Many of these websites, such as,, and, are similar-looking forex trading scams. Review - Screenshot of

    This suggests that also looked like that.

    Synergies Venture Reviews

    Very few reviews can be found about Synergies Venture.

    There’s a post by a user named HYIPWIZARD according to which, is described as another investment program formed by professional traders in the financial markets. The program offers to work with users’ deposits, generate profits, and share those profits with users based on their terms.

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    The investment plans offered by Synergies Ventures include up to 15%, 35%, and 50% monthly profits. The minimum investment required is $500. The website also has a referral program that offers a 5% commission. Accepted payment methods include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and USDT (Tether).

    There’s also a page with a summary of a review for, evaluating its legitimacy and potential as a scam. Here are the key points:

    • The review suggests that is a low-trust investment/earning website and advises avoiding it.
    • The website is considered suspicious and may attempt to steal funds under the guise of making money.
    • It mentions that the site is categorized as an investment site, which raises concerns.
    • Investing online is noted as a high-risk activity with the potential for financial loss.
    • No links to social networks are found on the website.
    • The web server associated with is found to have many suspicious websites.
    • The website is not visited by many users, which is considered a flag for caution.
    • The website is engaged in activities with a high risk of fraud, such as cryptocurrency, investments, and casinos.

    SynergiesVenture Review Conclusion

    In addition to the red flags we have encountered throughout this review, especially the fact that they are no longer online, are two additional indications of a scam:

    • Lack of Regulation: Synergies Ventures did not operate within the regulations and legal frameworks of the financial industry. Legitimate investment companies typically adhere to regulatory requirements and are registered with relevant authorities.
    • Transparency and Information: A legitimate investment company should provide clear and comprehensive information about its services, investment strategies, team members, and contact details.

    In conclusion, our detailed review of points to several glaring indications of fraudulent activities. From the lack of regulatory oversight to the website’s suspicious nature and sudden disappearance, we find Synergies Ventures to be dubious, likely built on promises of unrealistic returns to lure unsuspecting investors.

    An alarming red flag is the fake contact information and the absence of transparency about the company’s operations, management, and track record. Its affiliation with multiple websites that share similar patterns of questionable behavior and have been deemed as scamming platforms solidifies our suspicion.

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    Always be wary of businesses offering exceptionally high returns with minimal risk, as these are often too good to be true.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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