XPRpeertrading.org Review: Crypto Scam Alert

Welcome to our XPRpeertrading Review in which we investigate the website currently found at xprpeertrading.org.

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On June 5, 2023, a Hawaii, USA person filed the following complaint with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) about a cryptocurrency scam:

I invested over $100,000 in Bitcoin cryptocurrency with trader Ray Bao Nguyen. I have repeatedly requested to withdraw my funds but have been provided with various excuses. The most recent excuse given is that I need to pay $10,000 upfront before I can receive my money.

The complainer provided the following details about the scammer:

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  • Location: Warner Robins, Georgia 31088
  • Email: raynguyen647@gmail.com
  • Telephone: 1 (470) 861-3043 (a Georgia, USA number)
  • Website: XPRpeertrading.org
  • Business name: XPRpeertrading

So is XPRpeertrading found at XPRpeertrading.org really a SCAM?

XPRpeertrading.org Review

XPRpeertrading.org was registered on October 29, 2022, for one year through NameCheap. Withheld for Privacy ehf is hiding the owners’ information.

The website has a 2% Semrush Authority Score with 1 backlink from fastdomain.shop.

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    On the Google Index is only one page: the homepage titled “XPRpeertrading – Home” with the URL https://xprpeertrading.org and the description:

    XPRpeertrading is a cryptocurrency investment application designed to be a highly secure platform for future investors. Start trading and achieve the highest …


    According to xprpeertrading.org, the platform offers trading services for various cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, EOS, XRP, and Litecoin.

    XPRpeertrading claims to be a secure platform for future investors, offering high returns.

    The platform emphasizes 24/7 support, instant connectivity, an easy withdrawal process, detailed statistics, cloud trading services, and data protection.

    XPRpeertrading highlights its multilingual feature, easy payment system, daily mining output, secure and private environment, intuitive dashboard, and robust trading technology.

    Investment Plans

    XPRpeertrading allows users to invest in various cryptocurrency trading plans and promises returns over a specific period of time.

    It offers different investment plans, which are:

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    1. AMATEUR: $1000 for 14 days with 2.5% ROI and 5000 MHASH/S.
    2. BEGINNER: $500 for 7 days with 2% ROI and 2000 MHASH/S.
    3. GOLD: $50000 for 150 days with 4.5% ROI and 100000 MHASH/S.
    4. PREMIUM: $100000 for 364 days with 5% ROI and 200000 MHASH/S.
    5. PROFESSIONAL: $3000 for 30 days with 3% ROI and 10000 MHASH/S.
    6. SILVER: $10000 for 75 days with 4% ROI and 50000 MHASH/S.
    7. SPECIAL: $5000 for 45 days with 3.5% ROI and 15000 MHASH/S.

    The fact that this website promises fixed returns on investment plans is a red flag. In the world of cryptocurrency and finance, it’s rare for any investment to have a guaranteed return because the market is inherently volatile.

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    According to XPRpeertrading’s About page, this cryptocurrency investment platform aims to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for users. It offers cryptocurrency trading services for newcomers and supports over 2000 customers from 100+ countries.

    XPRpeertrading provides a range of tradeable cryptocurrencies and emphasizes its ultimate performance at a low cost.

    The website does not appear to provide information about the company behind the platform. This includes its legal status, team members, history, or physical location, apart from a general mention of being based in New York. More transparency in these areas would be expected from a legitimate operation.

    There is a “Blogs” menu item, but it is empty.


    The contact page includes a contact form where users can enter their name, email, subject, and message to reach out to the platform.

    • The address listed is 345 Unito, 12 Road, New York, USA.
    • The provided email address is support@xprpeertrading.org
    • and the phone number is +1 (xxx) xxx-xxxx.

    Note that the address and phone numbers are invalid.

    Moreover, the website’s ownership and credibility have not been verified independently.


    The FAQ page of the XPRpeertrading website includes the following sections:

    1. How XPRpeertrading Works: This section outlines the steps to start investing with XPRpeertrading, including creating an account, choosing plans, starting trading, and receiving investment returns.
    2. Frequently Asked Questions: This section provides answers to common questions about cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency trading. Topics covered include an explanation of cryptocurrency, cryptocurrency trading, reasons for investing in cryptocurrency, how to withdraw earning balance, and how cryptocurrency markets work.
    3. About Us: This section introduces XPRpeertrading as a leading cryptocurrency investment platform that aims to make acquiring cryptocurrencies easy and fast for everyone.

    While the site mentions a simple withdrawal process, there is no specific information regarding any potential fees, limitations, or the overall process involved.

    The copyright line reads:


    This suggests the website might not be updated regularly.

    Links to LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook lead to the social networks themselves and not to XPRpeertrading pages on those networks.

    The text of the legal documents – Privacy Policy, Terms Of Service, Cookie Policy – appears to be a placeholder or random text (Lorem Ipsum) that is commonly used in the design and development process.

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    And the Usage Policy page is empty.

    XPRpeertrading Reviews

    While XPRpeertrading is featured in a couple of lists of online scams, there are no actual reviews of the website at the moment, which makes our XPRpeertrading review the first one!

    XPRpeertrading Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, based on our thorough review, there are several significant red flags that suggest XPRpeertrading, found at XPRpeertrading.org, is potentially not a trustworthy site. The platform promises fixed returns on investments, which is unusual in the highly volatile cryptocurrency market.

    Their site lacks transparency as they fail to provide pertinent information about the company, including its legal status, team, and history. The listed contact details are invalid, and the ownership of the site is unverified.

    Furthermore, despite the promise of easy withdrawals, no specifics are provided about the process, potential fees, or limitations. The FAQ and legal sections of the site are either incomplete, filled with placeholder text, or empty altogether, and social media links are non-functional, leading to the platforms themselves rather than XPRpeertrading’s respective pages.

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    Moreover, one user has already lodged a complaint with the Better Business Bureau about being unable to withdraw their funds, a common issue in cryptocurrency scams. At this stage, there are no positive reviews or testimonials available to corroborate the platform’s legitimacy, and there is an instance of it being included in lists of online scams.

    Therefore, we highly recommend exercising extreme caution when considering an investment with XPRpeertrading. Always conduct extensive research and consult with a financial advisor before making any significant investment decisions.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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