Weiss Ratings Review – Hit or Flop?

Weiss Ratings is an age-old newsletter that aims to enlighten people about the markets. Over the years, they have tried their best to stay updated and the kind of reputation they have earned is also respectable.

Though we could not find any hard evidence about the trading history, their longevity tells us everything we need to know about them. We do have few unpleasant things to say about them, but the factors aren’t something that can be classified as absolute deal breakers.

On the positive side, they do have a wide range of services including crypto. Clearly, people behind this firm are aware of the shift in the culture and are catering to the needs of the market participants very well.

To know more about them, continue reading this post. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and we will do our best to answer them all. 

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Weiss Ratings Review

Background and Support

Whenever we think about any product related to the financial sector, we need to do thorough research. Background check is a must and unless transparency and pepper licenses are present, moving forward is unjustifiable.

According to whois data, this website has been around for more than 2 decades. No search engine or forum has anything bad to say about them which is a good sign.

Employee details are also present and their interface is friendly too. Support team appears to be professional and one can contact them via email, telephone and contact form. Note that timing is mentioned on the official platform.

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    • Address – Weiss Ratings, LLC, 4400 Northcorp Pkwy, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-9998.
    • Phone – 1-877-934-7778, +1-561-627-3300

    Weiss Ratings Offerings

    Financial markets contain a lot of instruments. The difference between one asset class to another is huge and the risk present varies from sector to sector as well. To individuals it might be difficult to cope up with the markets at first and it certainly takes time to find your sweet spot.

    Regardless of what sector you might like, Weiss Ratings most likely has something to offer. By creating diverse products and services, they have managed to cater to the needs of the retail investors.

    Newsletters offered by them cover the traditional sector as well as cryptocurrencies. Heat maps and other relevant services are also present. If you are looking for the premium side of the equation, then depending upon which sector captures your attention, the price might vary.

    Though the information put up by them holds true, we advise you to talk with a licensed financial planner before proceeding with them. Remember, there is nothing wrong in being conservative and at the end of the day, being proactive does help a lot. 


    If there is one thing retail investors cannot ignore, it would most likely be the cost of the service he or she employs to achieve the end goal. Of course, this aspect is a subjective one.

    However, there is a fine line between practicality and absurdity. Weiss Ratings does not reveal the price of the underlying items upfront. You have to either land on their sales page or talk with the support team to know the costs involved.

    The reason behind hiding the price is something we cannot figure out and to a certain extent, this trait is concerning. At the end of the day, given their reputation, we feel it is fair to give them the benefit of the doubt. 

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    Backtesting and audited records are the best ways to get an understanding about the effectiveness of any trading approach. Weiss Ratings has been around for decades, but they have not published any hard evidence that helps people make firm decisions involving them.

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    Things like win rate, draw downs and ideal capital required to make the best out of the existing conditions are not explained. As the key metrics are not presented in a quantified manner, it is going to be a lengthy process to see what they really bring to the table.

    We are not saying that they are unreliable, due to the lack of clear depiction, we do need to be conservative in our approach. 

    Weiss Ratings User Reviews

    As Weiss Ratings was old, we were expecting to see tons of user reviews. Surprisingly, information about them on the web is scarce and even on social media platforms, they aren’t particularly active.

    It is shocking to see a firm that gets loads of web traffic operate in this manner. We do not know why there is no review section about them. Lack of consensus is a bit disturbing and it raises more questions.

    The firm has not done anything to address transparency concerns and the only way to deal with the situation is to try them out. In other words, start with the low package and test their accuracy. If you like the results they deliver, then scale things as you see fit. 

    Is Weiss Ratings scam or legit?

    Weiss Ratings is not a scam, but they are not completely impeccable either. On one hand, their longevity gives them immense leverage and credibility, but the same cannot be said about the transparency element.

    Also, the pricing is a big question mark. After carefully considering everything about them, we suggest you enquire about the cost with the support team. If you find the pricing reasonable and are able to achieve your goals, then there is no reason to move away from them.

    Trading services often tend to be expensive, so make your move cautiously. If you need help with recovering your money from a shady enterprise, then get in touch with us via the form below. 


    Weiss Ratings has stood the test of time and is still going strong. They receive immense traffic and for the most part, we do not have any major issues with them.

    There are few downsides present as well, but at the end of the day, it all comes down to preferences and that element changes from one person to another. 

    Have anything to add to our Weiss Ratings Review? Feel free to do so in the thread below. 

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