Evencoinss Review – Scam or Legit?

Evencoinss Review


Evencoinss.com emerges as a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, providing an array of services that cater to a diverse range of traders in the digital currency market. Notably, the platform offers high-leverage crypto trading, a feature that attracts both new and seasoned traders looking to amplify their trading capabilities. Additionally, Evencoinss.com extends its offerings to include options trading and futures trading, enabling traders to diversify their strategies and manage risks more effectively. The platform’s user-friendly interface, coupled with advanced trading tools, positions it as a reliable choice for those seeking to navigate the dynamic world of cryptocurrency trading.

Features of Evencoinss.com

Evencoinss.com stands out in the cryptocurrency trading space with a suite of distinctive features that cater to the needs of its diverse user base.

  1. Impeccable Security: At the forefront of its offerings is the platform’s robust security infrastructure. Evencoinss.com employs a digital currency custodial system that utilizes an institutional-grade vault system. This system is further bolstered by Ledger’s insurance, which provides coverage of up to 150 million USD. The platform also incorporates EVEN multi-signature and cold wallet technology, ensuring that the majority of assets are stored securely in cold storage.
  2. Top 50 Cryptocurrency Exchanges in the World: Evencoinss.com is recognized as one of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges globally. The platform features a strong, stablecoin ecosystem, offering a complete infrastructure that includes trading and remittance services. This positions Evencoinss.com as a key player in the next global frontier for high-quality, stablecoins.
  3. 24/7 Multi-Language Support: Understanding the importance of accessibility and timely assistance, Evencoinss.com provides round-the-clock customer support. Users can reach out to the support staff anytime via live chat or email at service@evencoins.com, ensuring that help is always available in multiple languages.
  4. Options and Futures Trading: The platform expands trading possibilities by offering options and futures trading. This allows traders to engage in more sophisticated trading strategies, catering to both speculative and risk management needs.
  5. Subscription Model: Daily Guaranteed Returns: A notable innovation of Evencoinss.com is its subscription-based model that guarantees daily returns. This unique approach allows users to receive consistent returns on their investments. It’s an especially appealing feature for those seeking a more predictable income stream from their cryptocurrency endeavors.”

Educational Content on Evencoinss.com

  1. Educational Blog: Evencoinss.com features an educational blog aimed at providing valuable information about cryptocurrency trading. This resource can be beneficial for both novice and experienced traders seeking to enhance their knowledge of the cryptocurrency market.
  2. Telegram-Based Online Service: While the website is down on the official website, Evencoinss.com offers an online service through Telegram. This platform may provide additional educational content, market insights, or support for users interested in cryptocurrency trading.

Evencoinss.com Contact Information

  • Limited Contact Details: Evencoinss.com lacks comprehensive contact details such as physical addresses and phone numbers. Instead, the primary contact method provided is an email address, service@evencoin.com. Users should exercise caution when dealing with platforms that do not offer easily accessible contact information, as it may raise concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and accountability.

In conclusion, Evencoinss.com provides educational resources through its blog and offers online services via Telegram for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. However, users should be cautious due to the limited contact information provided and ensure that the platform upholds its commitment to legal compliance and user data protection, as stated on the website.

Red Flags in Evencoinss.com A Brief Overview

When analyzing Evencoinss.com, several red flags and points of concern are evident:

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  1. Lack of Detailed Contact Information: Evencoinss.com does not provide comprehensive contact details like physical addresses and phone numbers. This lack of transparency raises concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and accountability.
  2. Insufficient Legal Disclaimers and Privacy Policy: While Evencoinss.com mentions compliance with legal and privacy standards, the absence of detailed legal disclaimers and a robust privacy policy is concerning. These are essential for establishing trust and informing users about their rights and the platform’s responsibilities.
  3. Allegations of Fake Trading Profits: Allegations of fake trading profits are a serious concern. In the volatile cryptocurrency market, it’s highly unlikely for any platform to guarantee consistent returns. Such allegations may indicate potential misleading or deceptive practices, and they warrant careful investigation by users before investing or trading on the platform.
  4. Unregulated Trading Platform: The possibility that Evencoinss.com is unregulated poses significant risks to its users. Regulation ensures fair trading practices, protects user funds, and provides necessary oversight.
  5. Unrealistic Subscription Model: The platform’s subscription model, which promises daily guaranteed returns, is unrealistic and atypical of reputable trading platforms. Such claims are often associated with high-risk or fraudulent schemes.
  6. Sudden and Unexplained Website Downtime: Frequent or unexplained downtime of Evencoinss.com could indicate instability or poor infrastructure, potentially compromising user security and service reliability.
  7. App Download Not on Official Stores: The fact that Evencoinss.com offers its trading app via a QR code and not through official app stores like the Google Play Store or Apple App Store is suspicious. This could mean the app hasn’t undergone the necessary security and quality checks.
  8. Absence of KYC Procedures: Evencoinss.com’s provision of trading features without requiring Know Your Customer (KYC) registration is a major red flag. KYC is critical for preventing illegal activities, and its absence exposes users to various risks and suggests non-compliance with standard regulatory requirements.

Investigating Evencoinss.com Offers

The “Refer Bonus” and “Subscription Model” offered by Evencoinss.com present characteristics that are atypical of conventional cryptocurrency platforms and warrant closer scrutiny for potential risks.

Refer Bonus

Structure: Users earn a reward (15 USDT) for inviting three friends.

Analysis: Such referral bonuses are common in marketing strategies across various industries. However, in the context of investment platforms, they can sometimes be indicative of a focus on user recruitment over actual investment performance, resembling a pyramid scheme structure.

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     Subscription Model with Daily Guaranteed Returns


    • USDT: 5.80% return in 7 days, 6.80% in 15 days, and 8% in 30 days.
    • BTC: 8.20% return in 30 days.
    • ETH: 8.50% return in 30 days.

    – Analysis:

    1. High Returns: The promised returns are significantly higher than typical market rates, especially within such short time frames. This is unusual and raises questions about the sustainability and legitimacy of these returns.
    2. Guaranteed Profits: In financial markets, particularly volatile ones like cryptocurrency, guaranteeing profits is highly unrealistic. Market fluctuations make consistent returns, especially at these high rates, implausible.
    3. Risk vs. Reward: High returns typically come with high risks. The absence of clear communication about the risks involved with these returns is concerning.
    4. Regulatory Compliance: Legitimate financial platforms are usually subject to regulatory oversight, which includes clear guidelines on advertising and guarantees. The absence of such compliance can be a red flag.

    In summary, while the Refer Bonus and Subscription Model may appear attractive, they exhibit characteristics that deviate from standard practices in the financial services industry. This deviation necessitates careful consideration and investigation by anyone considering engaging with Evencoinss.com.


    In conclusion, Evencoinss.com presents itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform with a range of services, including high-leverage trading, options, futures, and a subscription-based model guaranteeing daily returns. While it offers some appealing features, a closer look reveals several red flags that should raise concerns for potential investors.

    The lack of detailed contact information, insufficient legal disclaimers, allegations of fake trading profits, and the absence of regulatory oversight are all significant concerns. The promised high returns in the subscription model are unrealistic for the volatile cryptocurrency market, and the referral bonus structure raises questions about the platform’s focus.

    Investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before considering any involvement with Evencoinss.com. It’s crucial to seek professional advice and carefully evaluate the risks associated with such offers in the cryptocurrency space.

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