Exposed – Trustworthy or Scam? - Review is marketed as a global trading platform that caters to users interested in trading and exchanging cryptocurrencies. It distinguishes itself by offering a high-leverage option of up to 100x, aiming to amplify potential profits for traders. For those new to trading or preferring a more passive investment strategy, proposes a savings interest feature, allowing users to earn interest through various investment plans.

However, the legitimacy and regulatory compliance of remain crucial points of concern. This article seeks to delve into whether operates within regulatory frameworks and if it can be considered a trustworthy platform or if it bears the hallmarks of a scam.

Overview, launched on July 28, 2023, presents several red flags for potential investors and traders. The platform lacks a regulatory license, does not disclose a physical office location, and the owner’s identity remains hidden, signaling potential safety and trustworthiness issues for its users.

Further investigation reveals misleading claims about the availability of their application on both the Android Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Attempts to access the app through the provided links result in a dead end, indicating the app may have been removed or was never available on these platforms, potentially due to policy violations or security concerns.

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Given these findings, we strongly advise individuals considering trading or investing with ecxxweb to read our comprehensive review to understand the risks involved fully.

Red flags

The analysis of reveals multiple red flags that potential investors should be aware of.

  1. Misleading App Availability: claims to have an app available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, but these claims are misleading. Attempts to access the app through provided links are unsuccessful, suggesting that the app may have been banned or never existed.
  2. Unrealistic Return on Investment: The platform advertises exceptionally high returns, which seem unrealistic and are typically unattainable in credible trading scenarios. This raises doubts about the platform’s legitimacy.
  3. Lack of Headquarters Information: No information is available about’s physical office location or headquarters. This crucial detail makes verifying the platform’s authenticity and operational base challenging.
  4. Inadequate Customer Support: The platform’s chat support is unresponsive, leaving users without a reliable means to get assistance or resolve issues. Effective customer support is essential for trust and problem resolution on trading platforms.
  5. Hidden Website Owner: The owner of remains anonymous, adding to the trust issues surrounding the platform. Transparency regarding ownership is critical for establishing credibility and trust with users.

Investment Plans on

  1. Plan 1:
    Minimum Savings Amount: $100
    Savings Cycle: 5 days
    Estimated Income: $2.00
    Daily Interest: 0.004%
  1. Plan 2:
    Minimum Savings Amount: $5,000
    Savings Cycle: 15 days
    Estimated Income: $375.00
    Daily Interest: 0.005%
  1. Plan 3:
    Minimum Savings Amount: $30,000
    Savings Cycle: 30 days
    Estimated Income: $5,400.00
    Daily Interest: 0.006%
  1. Plan 4:
    Minimum Savings Amount: $50,000
    Savings Cycle: 90 days
    Estimated Income: $31,500.00
    Daily Interest: 0.007%
  1. Plan 5:
    Minimum Savings Amount: $100,000
    Savings Cycle: 180 days
    Estimated Income: $144,000.00
    Daily Interest: 0.008%

BBB Complaint Regarding ecxx web

On January 29, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $22,000

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    I met a girlfriend on Facebook dating and talk to her for about 6 months when she said she was making money online on a bitcoin exchange site. She help me start up the account and put money in the account to show me how it works. She then said she would show me how to trade and when to trade. It look like I was makings money with the trades so I add money to my account threw cashapp bitcoin to my account address. I ended up putting $11000 dollar on there and makings $36000 on the site. I was able to withdraw 1500 from the account then when I went to make another withdrawal they said I had a error with the withdrawal and it was an anomaly so I had to pay 6500 dollars to fix it and audit my accountto make sure it is me usingthe account. They said once paid I could withdraw my money. Then they said I had to pay personal taxes before I could withdraw my money. My first payment they said was incorrect so they add it to my account and I had to pay it again. All these payments had to be done within 3 days or they would charge me more everyday I was late. Still unable to withdraw money and now I have to pay 5,000 dollars more to verify my real name before I can withdraw my money but I am not going to send them anymore money. I have now lost over $20,000 and not sure how to report this and see if I can get my money back.

    Complaints We Received

    On April 16, 2024, we received the following complaint regarding

    I had registered on the site intending to trade and potentially benefit from their offered investment plans. However, when I decided to withdraw the funds from my account, I ran into a significant issue. The site requested that I pay an “Advanced Certification Audit Fee” amounting to $4,500 to process the transfer of my funds. This demand came through an official email sent from ‘’ The email stated that my account had a balance of $22,417.97 USDT and that I needed to pay this fee to release my funds.

    Here’s the evidence I’ve provided:

    1. A screenshot of the email from ‘’ that demanded an “Advanced Certification Audit Fee.”
    2. A correspondence history with the platform shows how they progressively requested additional payments.

    The actual amount I deposited was $1,000, and I traded multiple times until my balance reached $22,000. However, when I attempted to transfer the funds, the process was not completed, and I was asked to pay $4,500, which is both illogical and fraudulent. Currently, the transfer process is still pending. Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, promotes itself as a cryptocurrency trading and savings platform, offering a variety of investment plans with escalating minimum savings amounts and corresponding interest rates. These plans promise substantial returns, with daily interest rates increasing with the amount invested and the length of the savings cycle.

    However, several significant red flags have been identified, including misleading app availability claims, unrealistic return projections, the absence of headquarters information, unresponsive customer support, and the anonymity of the website’s ownership.

    These issues raise serious doubts about the platform’s legitimacy and operational integrity. Potential investors should exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence before committing to ecxxweb.

    The lack of transparency and reliable information underscores the importance of seeking more established and transparent platforms for cryptocurrency investments and trading activities.

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