Exposed – High Returns or High Risks? - Review presents itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform, allowing users to trade or participate in direct investment plans. These plans boast a remarkably high fixed daily return of 21.43%, immediately raising questions about the platform’s legitimacy and sustainability. This review aims to delve into the safety and credibility of, examining whether it stands as a secure investment opportunity or mirrors the characteristics of a financial scam.

With such extraordinary returns claims, potential investors must scrutinize the platform’s operational mechanisms, regulatory compliance, and transparency of business practices before making any financial commitments.

Overview, launched on August 1, 2023, markets itself as a cryptocurrency trading platform. However, our investigation into the platform has revealed significant concerns that potential investors should know. Upon logging into the portal, users are presented with what appears to be an option for crypto trading. Yet, it becomes apparent that the only available action is to engage in an investment plan, which is misleading and represents a major red flag.

Furthermore, attempts to reach out to customer support were met with silence; both chat and email support channels failed to provide any response. This lack of communication and transparency is alarming and casts doubt on the platform’s reliability and intent.

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For those considering starting trading or investing money in, it is strongly advised to read our review thoroughly before proceeding. This overview serves as a cautionary note against the backdrop of’s promising yet potentially misleading and unsupported claims.

Contact Information for

If you need to get in touch with, you can use the following contact details:

  • Email: You can reach by email at
  • Phone phone number +447491924383 appears to be invalid. Please exercise caution if you attempt to contact them using this number.
  • Headquarters Address: The main office address for is 77 Horsefair St, Charlton Kings, Cheltenham, GL53 8JH, UNITED KINGDOM
  • Social Media: It’s important to note that currently has no social media accounts.

Red flags Of

  1. Misleading Presentation: portrays itself as a versatile cryptocurrency trading platform. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes clear that the platform predominantly encourages users to choose a singular investment plan. This lack of genuine trading options is misleading and raises questions about the platform’s honesty and the variety of services it claims to offer.
  2. Unrealistic Returns: The platform advertises a fixed daily return of 21.43%, which is extraordinarily high and far beyond typical investment returns. Such unrealistic promises of profit often indicate high-risk or fraudulent schemes, suggesting that the platform’s financial model may be unsustainable or deceptive.
  3. Fake CEO & Co-Founder Information: In the ‘About’ section, users would expect to find credible information about the platform’s leadership. However, fails to provide any verifiable details regarding its CEO and co-founder. This absence of transparency and accountability is a significant concern, as it prevents users from assessing the platform’s legitimacy and the integrity of its founders.
  4. Poor Customer Support: Attempts to contact customer support through chat and email have been unsuccessful, and no responses have been received. Efficient and responsive customer support is crucial for addressing user concerns and building trust. The platform’s failure to provide this basic level of service further undermines its credibility.
  5. Social Media Absence:’s absence of social media accounts raises concerns about its transparency and legitimacy. In an era where genuine businesses often use social media for engagement and credibility, this lack suggests a potential avoidance of scrutiny and diminishes the platform’s trustworthiness in the digital marketplace.

These red flags suggest that potential investors should proceed with extreme caution when considering involvement with, as the platform exhibits several characteristics common to deceptive or scam operations.

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    BBB Complaint Regarding

    On January 23, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $9,000:

    Complaint Description

    Crypto investment scam: They promise to pay you a certain percentage daily based on your investment amount. However, when you attempt to withdraw, they require you to send a 20% trading commission fee. After payment, they claim not to have received it, block you from the Facebook group, and demand the money again. I verified this scheme with people from the group before investing, only to discover they were all fake profiles—or possibly, everyone involved is complicit. Review Conclusion

    Tradelit LTD exhibits several alarming red flags that potential investors must consider. The platform’s misleading presentation, unrealistic returns, and fictitious leadership figures cast significant doubt on its legitimacy. Furthermore, customer support’s poor response and the absence of clear headquarters information contribute to concerns about its operational integrity.

    Additionally, the company’s lack of social media presence in an age where digital engagement is crucial for credibility suggests a deliberate attempt to evade public scrutiny and accountability. These collective indicators strongly advise caution. Prospective investors are urged to conduct thorough due diligence and consider these findings before committing funds to

    The evidence points towards a high risk of deceitful practices. Making it prudent for individuals to seek more transparent and verifiable investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency domain.

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