Absence – A Red Flag for Crypto Investors - Review positions itself as a comprehensive cryptocurrency trading platform, offering a suite of services that include trading, investing, futures trading, and options trading. For those less familiar with the intricacies of trading, the platform provides a staking feature, allowing users to invest their assets for a fixed return, which it claims can be up to 31.1% per day. This exceptionally high return on investment (ROI) figure is eye-catching and immediately prompts questions regarding the platform’s credibility and the sustainability of such offers.

This review aims to delve into the legitimacy, operational transparency, and regulatory compliance of Given the proliferation of cryptocurrency platforms and the varying degrees of risk associated with them, it’s crucial for potential investors to thoroughly investigate’s claims, security measures, and user testimonials to assess whether it offers a legitimate opportunity or if it mirrors the characteristics of a financial scam.

Overview, launched on June 29, 2020, presents itself as a versatile cryptocurrency trading platform, enabling users to engage in spot and derivatives trading with an astonishingly high leverage of up to 500x for options trading. However, several aspects of the platform immediately raise concerns regarding its authenticity and safety for investors. Firstly, the promise of FIXED returns is a significant red flag, as such guarantees are highly unrealistic in the volatile crypto market.

Additionally, the website’s trade liquidity appears dubious. The same liquidity figures reappearing every minute suggest the possibility of pre-recorded liquidity data, which misleads users about the platform’s actual trading volume and activity.

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Furthermore, despite claims of 24/7 customer support, actual support seems non-existent, leaving users without recourse in case of issues or queries. Equally troubling is’s lack of transparency regarding company and headquarters information, as well as the absence of a government-regulated license number.

This omission indicates that might operate as an unregulated trading platform, posing significant risks to users’ investments and questioning the platform’s legality and credibility. These findings strongly suggest that potential investors should exercise caution and conduct extensive research before considering investing with

Red Flags of

  1. Unregulated: operates without government-regulated licenses, making it an unregulated platform. This absence of regulatory oversight significantly increases investors’ risk, as there are no assurances of compliance with financial standards or protection mechanisms.
  2. No Apps Available on Android and iOS: Despite the growing trend of trading platforms offering mobile apps for convenience, lacks any application on major mobile platforms, including Android and iOS. This lack of app availability can be a drawback for users seeking accessibility and might reflect the platform’s limitations in providing a comprehensive trading experience.
  3. Poor Customer Support: claims 24/7 customer support, but actual support is reportedly unavailable. This lack of effective customer service leaves users without the necessary assistance for trading issues, account queries, or technical problems, undermining the platform’s reliability.
  4. Unrealistic Returns: advertises fixed returns of up to 31.1% per day, a claim that is highly unrealistic and unsustainable in the volatile cryptocurrency market. Such promises often indicate high-risk ventures or potentially fraudulent schemes aimed at attracting unsuspecting investors.
  5. No Social Media Presence: The platform’s absence from social media and failure to provide crucial information, such as headquarters details, further erodes trust. In the digital age, a legitimate business often maintains a social media presence to engage with customers and foster transparency.’s lack of this engagement and transparency is a notable concern.

These red flags highlight significant concerns about’s credibility and safety as an investment platform. Potential users are advised to approach the platform with caution and consider these issues before committing any funds.

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    Investment Plans at

    1. 7-Day Duration Plan
      Daily Return: 1.3% on the investment
    2. 30-Day Duration Plan
      Daily Return: 2.1% on the investment
    3. 14-Day Duration Plan
      Daily Return: 1.6% on the investment
    4. 90-Day Duration Plan
      Daily Return: 2.6% on the investment
    5. 2-Day Duration Promo Plan
      Daily Return: 23.7% on the investment
    6. 7-Day Duration Promo Plan
      Daily Return: 31.7% on the investment

    These plans from range from more conventional short and long-term investment durations offering modest daily returns, to highly promotional plans offering significantly higher returns. The diversity in plan durations and returns reflects an attempt to cater to various investor preferences and risk appetites. However, the promotional plans especially, with their exceptionally high daily returns, reinforce the need for careful scrutiny given the earlier identified red flags about the platform’s legitimacy and sustainability.

    No Social Media Presence’s lack of a social media presence is a significant concern in today’s digital age. Social media plays a crucial role in building and maintaining trust between businesses and their customers. Most legitimate platforms use social media to communicate with users, provide updates, and demonstrate transparency.’s absence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram is unusual for a cryptocurrency trading platform that should be keen on engaging with its community and showcasing its credibility. This absence can be interpreted as a lack of effort to establish a transparent relationship with potential investors or suggest an attempt to avoid public scrutiny and accountability.

    Furthermore, social media serves as a vital channel for customer support and feedback, and without it, users may find it challenging to seek assistance or share experiences. The absence of any social media activity from raises questions about its willingness to engage openly with its user base and its overall legitimacy. Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, presents several red flags that cannot be overlooked by prudent investors. Its operation without regulation, the absence of mobile applications, inadequate customer support, unrealistic promises of returns, and, notably, the lack of social media presence collectively cast a shadow over the platform’s credibility and reliability. These concerns are critical in the volatile and risk-prone cryptocurrency market, where transparency, security, and regulatory compliance are paramount for investor confidence and protection.

    The investment plans, while diverse and seemingly attractive, especially those with extraordinarily high promotional returns, further necessitate a cautious approach given the overarching issues identified. Investors are advised to conduct thorough due diligence, weighing the platform’s significant shortcomings against the allure of high returns. It is essential to prioritize safety and legitimacy in any investment venture, particularly in the dynamic yet uncertain realm of cryptocurrency trading.

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