COIN App Review – Scam or Legit?

COIN app ( is a controversial mobile app launched in 2019 which provides its users the opportunity to “Always Be Earning.”

White it is a very popular app, we have found many complaints and COIN App scam reviews, which have triggered us to write a complete COIN App Review to discover whether COIN is a legitimate opportunity to make money or a SCAM! Homepage Screenshot

What is CoinApp?

You can download COIN for free from the App Store if you are an iOS user and Google Play if you use an Android device.

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In fact, they will pay you 1000 COIN to download their app.

After downloading the app, you are supposed to click “Auto Explore,” and you start collecting COIN by mining more of the token.

Users earn digital assets for validating geospatial location data when moving about in the world, or even just running in the background while not moving, no matter where in the world as long as you have an active GPS, WiFi, or data connection.

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    The are also in-app challenges.

    What can you do with all the COIN you have collected?

    You can redeem COIN for physical or digital items, including other digital currencies you can sell on exchanges.

    For example, you can exchange your COIN for XYO, which is a digital currency worth $0.005926 per coin at the time of writing this.

    They also offer eXtension Devices to maximize COIN rewards:

    • SentinelX BLE – A Bluetooth device on a keychain with a replaceable battery, which offers a range of up to 150ft.
    • SentinelX NFC – Near-Field Communication (NFC) card you can place in your wallet, which can provide a temporary COIN rewards boost when tapped against the phone.

    The BLE costs $50 while the NFC costs $49.

    COIN App Features

    Some of CoinApp’s features include:

    • Geomine – “Uncover hidden rewards in the ground beneath your feet” as you move about
    • Geodrop – Rewards coming from above
    • Auto Explore – Collect coins automatically, for example, while driving
    • Home Base – Gain coins from home. Caps at 100% boost (or 9 hours) and resets every 24 hours.
    • Store Visit – Get special offers, deals, coupons, and rewards while shopping

    Is COIN App SCAM though?

    Overall, COIN sounds like a really fun and easy way of making money. But is it legit or might it be a scam?

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    The main red flag we have at the moment is that this is a service that involves making oney from mining of cryptocurrency.

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    Most crypto mining services turn out to be scams.

    However, there’s no promises of an exceptionally high yield as with other scams.

    Who is behind

    There’s no About or Contact us page at

    The Terms of Sale document (last updated on June 21, 2021) refers to the sale of XYO (XY Oracle) tokens by XY Labs, Inc., a Delaware corporation. Another company name mentioned is XYO Foundation.

    The email on the document is:

    According to the document, purchasesd tokens are non-refundable, they may have no value, and buyers may lose all amounts paid. Moreover, tokens may not be transferable until satisying certain staking reuirements.

    Another domain mentioned in this document is – where an XY Oracle Network White Paper can be found.

    According to the Privacy Policy (effective June 21, 2020), the company offers services which “allow users to leverage location technology, such as the coin mobile app,” as well as:

    • the personal location beacons and mobile app at
    • the location-based blockchain network at

    For users in North America, they share the location data with their partner Sense360 which generates surveys for users for market research purposes.

    They also work with inMarket to provide advertisements to users.

    Contact email for this document is the email: and the address for XY Labs, Inc. is 1405 30th Street, Suite A, San Diego, CA 92154.

    Domain Information

    The domain was registered on January 1, 25 via the GoDaddy registrar, and unless renewed will expire on January 1, 2024. The owners of the domain are hidden by a privacy service.

    The domain was registered on March 3, 19 via the GoDaddy registrar, and unless renewed will expire on May 5, 2028. The owners of the domain are hidden by a privacy service.

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    The domain was registered on January 1, 15 via the GoDaddy registrar, and unless renewed will expire on January 15, 2023. The owners of the domain are hidden by a privacy service.

    The domain was registered on January 17, 14 via the GoDaddy registrar, and unless renewed will expire on January 16, 2023. The owners of the domain are hidden by a privacy service.

    All domains in question are old enough for us to be able to ascertain whether they are legitimate or not.


    At the official XYO LinkedIn page, associated with, we were able to find only suspicious looking profiles associated with XYO network. One of the Head of XYO Operations at San Diego, CA, another one belonging to an Entrepreneur & Hobbiest at XYO Network from Las Vegas, NV, and another profile titled XYO Network, of an Administrator at XYO Network from Xicheng District (Beijing, China).

    The company has a total of 37 employees listed on LinkedIn and according to the company’s description, “XYO is an incentive-driven blockchain network of over 3 million IoT devices that anonymously collects and validates geospatial data, or data with a geographic component. Our mission: The continued development of the XYO Protocol, XYO Network, and XYO Token to verify and validate the world’s geospatial data.”

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    There’s also a LinkedIn page for XY Labs, the company behind XYO and COIN, “which together power one of the largest blockchain networks in the world.” Their location is listed as San Diego, CA, and they have a total of 49 employees on LinkedIn.

    On, we finally find the list of people behind this website, including:

    COIN App Popularity

    Moving forward to popularity data, which is another measure of trustworthiness, we use SimilarWeb and discover that enjoys a global rank of 24,253 and 15,912 in the US, indicating it is a very popular website, especially in the United States.

    It is ranked 84 for the category Gambiling > Lottery in the US. (Which is an interesting indication to what this website is all about…)

    About 2.6 million users visit the website every month.

    The authority score for, according to Semrush is 39, which suggests this is a legitimate website.

    Also, there are about 35,000 links to the site, however none of the links seem to be from trustworthy websites. Scam Reviews

    All signs show that CoinApp is a legitimate website, so why did we say CoinApp is controversial?

    The answer will become clear after we look at some user reviews.

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    Two years ago the following warning was posted on Reddit:

    […] you’ll never get your money back with a Coinapp subscription unless you’re a long distance truck driver – and probably not even then. Discussion about pricing and asking why it’s so expensive results in permanent subreddit bans over at r/coinwithus and r/XYOnetwork. […] And to top it off, they’re now expecting you to pay their Gas fees. The basic account is a total waste of time when you see how infinitesimally tiny rewards are for every action you do […]

    There are many additional complaints on Google Play:

    For example, according to a review from September 30, 2022,

    This app is getting worse with every update. Now it doesn’t collect as much in background as it used to they have significantly reduced the coin collection in background and the application also gets stuck so sometimes it doesn’t even collect at all. Also they have reduced the coins per video significantly for all versions […]

    Many other users complain about the app being a waste of time, about ads popping outt while driving, and about the customer service.

    More alarming are the Coinapp reviews on Trustpilot, where it is ranked 2/5 with a total of 28 reviews.

    On October 1st, 2022 one person wrote:

    Completely garbage, they use your electric, data, drains your battery […] their PRO membership is $35 USD and you make $5 month. What a SCAM!

    Another person submitted the following complaint on August 31, 2022:

    This APP IS A SCAM […] I was asked for my card to be charged 1$ to verify who I was. Now every month I get charged 34.95$. It’s complete bullsh”*t

    Such serious accusations repeat themselves:

    coinapp keeps billing me although I cancelled my subscription I made a pro subscription for 34.95usd payed for a few months after that cancelled my subscription in march on google play as they instruct on the website. Now in June I see that I still get billed from the same account. My payment plan has been Basic ever since so my subscription was cancelled and didn’t get any extra benefits I wrote to customer support but they don’t answer.

    And again:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    they will steal your money […] I bought a 1 week subscription for 55dkk(about 8$) which got me about 5$ worth of the so called XYO-coin for spending 16 hours of clicking and being played, and choose not to renew. Now several months later i find to have been billed (without my accept) for 299dkk(about 44$) for each month. Besides the stupidity in weekly subscriptions being cheaper than monthly, this firm has now stolen more than 1000dkk(132$) […]

    And again:

    TOTAL EFFING SCAM I have tried twice to redeem coins and they disappear both times. I followed their instructions both times. The coins never got to my wallet. I canceled the premium plan, got a refund and then got billed again.

    See more negative reviews at TrustPilot.

    Here’s another complaint from November 2021 from the BBB, according to which:

    Coin App claims that if Sentinelx NFC is bought from them, they will give it free, I Just have to pay for shipping fee.. I was charged three times the price (USD 67) and cost of the shipping (USD 17.95) […] The only way for the refund is to wait for the item to arrive from US to Philippines, then not accept the package, then return to sender, so they can refund me. No shadow of package, no tracking number. They told me to wait for 2 weeks, then 3 weeks, then 4 weeks, then 6weeks to 6months. They also told me that refund is approved, but I don’t see in my bank. Then told me to wait for 10 days, if not i should contact the bank.. This is absolutely wrong as the fund transfer is almost realtime.. They will tell me lies just to wait for nothing […]

    We also found some positive Coin App reviews, however they contain affiliate referral links, which can earn money to the publishers, so these reviews can’t be trusted. (One of CoinApp’s features is Referral Links, where you can get something in return for referring new players.)

    CoinApp Scam Review Conclusion

    In summary, Coin App has received some scam accusations.

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    Our feeling is that CoinApp is not actually a scam, however you should be aware of what you’re getting into.

    Basically as a non-paying member of Coin App (or any other service for that matter), YOU are the product.

    You will basically be selling your data, whether location data, survery answers, or other information.

    In exchange, you will receive a COIN, which is not even actually an official cryptocurrency, though you should be able to convert it to cryptocurrency. However, according to many user reports, you will get very tiny amounts of money, which may not be worth it, especially if you live in expensive countries, such as USA and Europe.

    Even with the paid subscriptions, which cost either $24.95 (COIN Plus) to $34.95 (COIN Pro), users complain about not being able to even return the costs, and some users reportedly were unable to cancel the charges.

    Our conclusion therefore is that if you’d like to play with COIN App, then do so but do not expect to make any significant money with the app, and to be safe, do not pay them any money you cannot afford to lose.

    If you have any firsthand experience with this app, please let us know by commenting below this Scam Review!

    Feel free to contact us to report crypto scams or for help with recovering money from scams.

    When you comment, your name, comment, and the timestamp will be public. We also store this data, which may be used for research or content creation in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By commenting, you consent to these terms.

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