Freya Treasures Scam: Don’t Fall for Their Cheap Tactics

Welcome to our freyatreasures review, where we look into a jewelry store called Freya Treasures (found at

Freya Treasures is an online store which claims to sell jewelry like necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings etc inspired by greek mythology at an affordable price. They supposedly produce high quality products at a cheaper rate and that their pieces will sustain every trend and will go with every outfit, style, and mood.

Everything that they say on their website is too good to be true. They offer rather suspicious discounts on so-called valuable jewelry and have a shady Instagram influencer program to attract people. But we can definitely say that Freya Treasures website is using cheap tactics to make money.

So is FreyaTreasures legit or SCAM?

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Freya Treasures Review

Freya Treasures scam explained

Freya treasures have curated a website to look professional and legitimate. They also maintain an aesthetic Instagram profile to captivate the customers.

But on the contrary, they are a bogus platform selling bad quality products. They provide you with huge discounts but only to charge a hefty shipping price. If you are lucky enough to receive the product, they are often tacky, cheap and not at all worth the price.

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    It is a typical Instagram store which does not give any jewelry specifications or refund policy in-detail. If you still dare to proceed with them, you are going to regret it for sure.

    There have been a lot of complaints from the customers that they are spammed on Instagram by Freya Treasures regarding “Influencer promotion” or “Brand ambassador perks” program.

    This scheme is to attract want-to-be influencers and make them believe they can make a quick buck. The company offers to give you 3 free jewelry pieces to review on your Instagram page. Upon reviewing those products you will be given “ambassador perks.” However, the catch here is that the shipping fee for those will be double the price of the products itself.

    Contact details

    In an attempt to look genuine, Freya Treasures website do provide contact details. But when you actually contact the customer care center regarding the quality of the products, they are often rude and refuse to refund the amount even if the piece is damaged.

    If you try to contact them through their Instagram page, as you might have already guessed, they ignore the messages. Once they have received your money they don’t respond to your queries and it will be impossible to recover the amount you have paid.

    Customer reviews

    Customers who have shopped from their website are often left disappointed. There are many reviews online (e.g., TrustPilot) stating that they signed up for the influencer program and paid a large sum for shipping but never received the jewelry. Some have also complained that the jewelry that they have received are of cheap quality and not fit to use.

    Beginning from placing the order to contacting the customer care, they describe their whole experience with Freya Treasures website as awful and horrendous. 

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    The website on third party forums has received major backlash and is very unpopular among the public. Hence it is better not to buy anything from them.

    Is Freya Treasures scam or legit?

    From the observations made, we can undoubtedly say Freya Treasures is full of red flags. The only purpose of this website is to scam you by using “high pressure sales” technique.

    They offer high commissions and discounts to lure the customers. However when they place the order they end up getting cheap products or nothing at all. This is nothing but bait and fraud.

    Freya treasures use product images from other websites which are clearly stolen, This is not new when it comes to online scams. With such broken narratives on their side, who would still want to trust them?

    So, say no to this website as there are many better alternatives out there to buy the jewelry of your liking.


    Is FreyaTreasures a scam? It sure is

    Huge negative feedback that the website has received on social media speaks for itself. The website is definitely not a reputable one and we advise our readers to tread with caution. It is better to stay away from websites such as these and we would certainly not recommend buying anything from Freya Treasures.

    Thank you for reading our Freya Treasures review.

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