Bigeyes Space Review – Examining Crypto Investment Concerns


The cryptocurrency world is an ever-evolving landscape, with new platforms like BigEyes.Space frequently emerges. Launched on February 10, 2022, Big Eyes Space is a platform focused on gaming and gambling revolving around the Big Eyes Infinity ($BIGINF), also called the BigEyesCoin token. For investors and crypto enthusiasts, such platforms offer intriguing prospects, but it’s crucial to delve deep into their offerings, promises, and potential pitfalls.

Understanding Bigeyes: Offerings and Prospects

Big Eyes.Space is making waves in the cryptocurrency space with its $BIGINF Token Presale, a cornerstone of the platform intricately linked with 819 Casino and a diverse array of play-to-earn games. The presale caters to early investors, presenting a promising opportunity within the token’s ecosystem. Ensuring transparency, the platform provides comprehensive documentation (“doc-mew-mints”) that delves into crucial details concerning security and technical aspects, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

A key feature of Bigeyes’ strategy is the Token Distribution Plan, which releases 70% of the 50 billion tokens at launch to bolster liquidity and attract traders seeking rapid investment turnovers. The platform’s bold move to implement a zero transaction fee policy aims to heighten the appeal and utility of the $BIGINF token, potentially fostering widespread adoption. The ambitious roadmap, encompassing milestones such as the launch of 819 Casino, community expansion, and the development of play-to-earn games, reflects a determined growth strategy that demands scrutiny for its feasibility. Big Eyes.Space distinguishes itself by strategically targeting the burgeoning cryptocurrency gaming and gambling sector, positioning itself as a formidable player in this rapidly expanding market niche.

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Investor Concerns and Risks of BigEyesCoin

  1. Reputation Challenges: A low Trustpilot rating and scam accusations suggest poor public perception and potential issues with platform credibility and customer satisfaction. This can be a red flag for potential investors about the platform’s trustworthiness.
  2. Unregulated Nature: If a platform is unregulated, it lacks formal oversight by financial authorities, increasing the risk of unethical practices and potentially putting investor funds at risk.
  3. Transparency and Safety Issues: Lack of licensing and unclear operational practices raise concerns about the platform’s transparency and safety. This lack of clarity can make it difficult for investors to understand and trust where their money is going.
  4. Anonymous Operators: When the operators or owners of a platform are anonymous, it increases the risk of fraudulent Bigeyes activities and reduces accountability, making it harder for investors to trust the platform.
  5. Unrealistic Promises and Support Complaints: Complaints about unrealistic financial promises and inadequate customer support indicate potential issues with the platform’s reliability and its ability to deliver on its promises.
  6. Withdrawal Difficulties: Challenges in withdrawing funds can be indicative of liquidity problems or managerial inefficiencies within the platform, posing a risk to investors’ ability to access their funds.
  7. Non-Receipt of Tokens: Investors not receiving tokens, especially during critical times like a platform’s launch day, suggest Bigeye’s operational failures and can lead to a loss of investor trust and funds.
  8. Fraud Allegations: Accusations of fraudulent activities by Bigeyes and dishonest practices raise serious concerns about the ethical conduct of a platform, potentially exposing investors to financial losses.

Comprehensive Advice for Bigeyes Investors

In the realm of cryptocurrency investments, prioritizing regulatory compliance stands out as a fundamental criterion for investors seeking a secure footing. Opting for platforms that adhere to financial regulations not only ensures legal oversight but also bolsters investor protection, mitigating the risks associated with fraud or malpractice. Rigorous research and verification assume paramount importance before committing to an investment, necessitating a comprehensive examination of a platform’s claims regarding token distribution, partnerships, and exchange listings. This meticulous process serves to authenticate the legitimacy of the platform and assess the potential value of the investment.

A keen awareness of the risks inherent in cryptocurrency investments, including market volatility and the potential for financial loss, is imperative. This understanding empowers investors to make well-informed decisions and prepares them for possible fluctuations in their investment portfolios. Additionally, leverage independent feedback from platforms. These external reviews offer unbiased insights into the reliability and customer service of a cryptocurrency platform, providing investors with a valuable resource for gauging the platform’s overall reputation.

Bigeyes Reviews

On July 7, 2023, two complaints were filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at

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    The first complaint was filed by a person who reported being scammed for $1995:

    They said that once launched, you would be able to receive coins, but it’s been over two weeks, and I still haven’t been able to receive any. On launch day, the site was down. About seven hours later, the site came back up. My Meta Wallet indicated it was a scam when I tried to receive tokens. I was charged a gas fee but never received the tokens in my Meta Wallet. I was blocked on Telegram. They have defrauded investors of over $48 million. They no longer reply to emails and are still defrauding new investors. They lied about being listed on a CEX (Centralized Exchange). Here is the link for reference:

    The second complaint was filed by a person who reported being scammed for $8K:

    $48 million was allegedly stolen from investors. I was informed in writing that the coins could be claimed on the launch date, but this never happened. The servers were shut down, and even to this day, the coins still cannot be claimed. When contacting certain listings, they confirmed that this company is involved in scamming people, and they do not associate with entities like this. Please look at their Twitter page; other individuals are reporting the same experience: When trying to reach out to the company, all communication has completely stopped. This issue is ongoing; money is continually being raised, and people are continually being scammed and defrauded. Here is a photo of these alleged scammers. This isn’t the first time this has happened, according to different articles I’ve read, such as this one: I have an email from the listing confirming these details.


    While Bigeyes introduces enticing prospects within the cryptocurrency gaming and gambling sector, it is imperative for potential investors to tread cautiously. The platform’s focus on the play-to-earn concept and the $BIGINF Token Presale may capture attention, but significant red flags, including a low trust rating, scam accusations, and an unregulated nature, cast shadows over its credibility. Transparency and safety issues, coupled with anonymous operators, further raise concerns about the platform’s operational integrity and investor protection.

    In the realm of cryptocurrency investments, regulatory compliance emerges as a non-negotiable criterion for security. Investors must prioritize platforms adhering to financial regulations to mitigate risks associated with fraud and malpractice. Rigorous research, verification of claims, and an understanding of inherent risks in the cryptocurrency market are essential components of a well-informed investment strategy. Independent feedback, especially from platforms like, serves as an invaluable resource for gauging a platform’s reputation and reliability.

    In navigating the volatile landscape of cryptocurrency, the allure of potentially high returns should not overshadow the need for due diligence and investment in legitimate, secure platforms. Given the history of problematic incidents and a cloud of suspicion surrounding Big Eyes, investors are advised to exercise prudence, exploring regulated alternatives that prioritize security, transparency, and adherence to financial regulations.

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