Dappsdex-Web3 Review: A Crypto Scam Exposed

Welcome to our Dappsdex-Web3 Review regarding the website at dappsdex-web3.com.

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Dappsdex-web3.com was registered on August 23, 2023, through NetEarth One Inc. d/b/a NetEarth for one year. Cloudflare protects it.

The Registrant’s Contact details are provided in the Whois information:

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  • Name: Jose Tenggren
  • Street: No. 285, Ankang Road Neihu District
  • City: Taipei City
  • State: Taipei City
  • Postal Code: 100
  • Country: TW
  • Phone: +886.961612974
  • Email: josetenggren@yahoo.com

The website has only 5 backlinks from 4 referring domains.

Google first indexed dappsdex-web3.com in November 2023. However, only the homepage is indexed, and no information is available about it. In fact, the website is entirely served through Javascript, so content readers cannot access the information on it.

Dappsdex-web3.com Review

The website “dappsdex-web3.com” seems to focus on various cryptocurrency-related services and products.

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    It mentions a variety of markets for different cryptocurrencies (like BTC, ETH, DOGE), a mining machine leasing service, AI-driven smart arbitrage across multiple exchanges, and an invitation system for friends to join.

    The site also includes a disclaimer that the information provided does not constitute investment advice.

    Dappsdex-web3.com Reviews

    The Google search results for “dappsdex-web3.com” predominantly highlight concerns regarding the legitimacy of the website. Several sources, such as WebParanoid, Minton Block, Scamdoc.com, Even Insight, IsLegitSite.com, ScamPulse.com, and TrustedRevie.ws, discuss its credibility. Key points from these sources include:

    1. Minton Block labels it as a scam investment platform, warning about its claims of passive income generation.
    2. Scamdoc.com assigns a very low trust index to the site, indicating potential risks.
    3. Even Insight gives it a moderate safety score, suggesting some level of uncertainty.

    The reports and reviews from ScamPulse, Scamdoc, and MintonBlock highlight it as a potential scam, particularly in the cryptocurrency sector. Users have reported substantial financial losses, and describe aggressive tactics used by the site to solicit further investments. The site is also criticized for its lack of transparency, using stock images as staff photos, and providing misleading information. MintonBlock advises against investing with them due to their unregulated status and the high risk of losing funds.

    Better Business Bureau (BBB) Complaint

    On December 30, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB regarding a cryptocurrency scam at dappsdex-web3.com by a person who reported being scammed for over $180K:

    I met someone online who convinced me to invest in cryptocurrency. They promised to teach me profit-making strategies using Coinbase and Coinbase Wallet. They gave me a unique URL for a Web3 account to manage trades, which were controlled by their customer service. I was asked to deposit money and pay high fees for withdrawals. Even after complying, they demanded more fees for ‘security’ and ‘verification’, threatening to report me to FinCen. After fulfilling their demands, they stopped responding. I’ve lost over $180,000 and am now in debt. The URL provided, https://dappsdex-web3.com/web/, is a scam. Avoid using it.

    The reported scammer’s phone number is +1 (510) 435-4268. (A California, USA phone number.)

    Complaints We Received

    On January 13, 2024, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for $55,000:

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    I am writing to express my concerns regarding an experience I had with dappdex-web3, which I was introduced to by a lady from my original country. Initially, the platform seemed promising, but my experience has raised several red flags that I believe warrant your attention.

    Each time I attempted to withdraw my profits, the same lady persuaded me to reinvest my earnings, promising even greater returns. This cycle of persuasion and reinvestment happened repeatedly. After much disagreement and argument, she eventually guided me through the withdrawal process. However, I encountered a significant issue: I have never actually received any of the funds I attempted to withdraw.

    Seeking resolution, I reached out to the dappdex-web3 customer service for assistance. The response I received was perplexing and concerning. They informed me that as a U.S. user, due to regulations issued by the U.S. regional government and banks, and to avoid suspicion of money laundering, I am required to deposit an additional 10% of my total account balance (amounting to $28,303.042 USDT) as a “withdrawal deposit.” This deposit is supposed to ensure the legality of the funds, and I was assured it would be refunded once verified.

    This requirement seems unusual and potentially illegitimate. The notion that I must pay a substantial sum to access my own profits does not align with standard financial practices. Moreover, the entire process, from the repetitive encouragement to reinvest to the unusual withdrawal requirements, has caused me to question the legitimacy of dappdex-web3.


    Our review of dappsdex-web3.com reveals multiple red flags and strong indications of fraudulent activities.

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    The website, offering various cryptocurrency services, is flagged by several credible sources as a potential scam.

    Reports of substantial financial losses and aggressive investment solicitation tactics further mar its credibility.

    The lack of transparency and misleading information on the website compounds the suspicion.

    Given these factors, it’s highly advisable to exercise extreme caution and consider avoiding any transactions with dappsdex-web3.com to safeguard personal finances.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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