LissettDanielaWeinmann Investment Adviser Scam Review

On October 3, 2022, one of our partners received the following scam report regarding a scammer who identifies herself as an investment adviser by the name of Lissett Daniela Weinmann (

I am such a gullible fool (perfect target for SCAMMERS) to continue to believe there are honest people out there. I have been SCAMMED. I embarrassingly and carelessly sent $10600 to with BTC address: 1Gci1vPdsKWayjkwZmjQDtp3Qcy4EqB6vR

Scammer WhatsApp # are:
(848) 283-7180 and
(345) 456-7877

Now scammer wants me send her 10% of profits that is in email/website before she sends any profits to my BTC address.

I use Coinstar ATM machine to buy Bitcoin (BTC). Got coupon to redeem BTC in website (partnered with Coinstar). Used to send to fraudulent scammers address above

The person who made this report was scammed between July 15 to July 27 2022 and lost $10,300 to this scam.

To prevent others from falling into this scam, we have decided to scam review to find out if Lissett Daniela Weinmann is a legitimare investment adviser or whether this is a SCAM!

Impressions from Visiting

The first thing we notice after visiting would be the phone number: +1-3454-5678-77.

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It is an American line, however it is not written properly since the first 3 digits after the country code are usually written together. 345, the state code, is normally written seperately from the rest of the number like this: +1-345-456-7877.

Also, this number looks a bit fake.

However, the person who provided the complaint above mentioned that indeed this is one of the scammers’ WhatsApp numbers.

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    Area code 345 is the local telephone area code of the Cayman Islands.

    The second number he reports, (848) 283-7180, is a New Jersey area code.

    Using the WhatsApp widget reveals a third phone number that belongs to the people behind this website: +1 (973) 251-5884.

    The area code 973 serves the Newark area in New Jersey, USA.

    Next, we notice that the website has been sloppily designed with some dysfunctional components such as a an empty dropdown menu at the left side of the top bar.

    The provided email address is:

    According to the websites, services provided by Lissett Daniela Weinmann include:

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    • Stock
    • Bond
    • Cryptocurrency
    • Blockchain
    • Forex
    • Insurance

    So apparently this is an investment adviser who claims to help people invest in stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies, and forex all while being knowledgable of insurance as a form of risk management for investors.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    She claims to have 1,301,095 all time clients, with 87 clients this year, 28 new projects, and 35% average profit increased.

    The social media links at the bottom of the page do not work.

    Is a SCAM website?

    A quick Google search reveals that the provided telephone number, +1-345-456-7877, is associated

    The claim of “35% average profit increased” does seem exceptionally high if it is yearly, but we can give them the benefit of the doubt and say it might be all time. About Us Page

    The About Page

    They do have an About us page which gives the following information:

    Lissett Daniela Weinmann is an American investment advisor and broker with 17 years of experience. She is the CEO and “the company is employed by Blackrock Investments, LLC (CRD#38642) Which provides investment advisory services for over 1,301,095 clients.”

    Her email address is

    The office address is “1 University Square Dr., Princeton, NJ 08540 USA???????? [sic]”

    Very strange phrasing and typography.

    However, BLACKROCK INVESTMENTS, LLC checks out to be a legitimate company (CRD#: 38642/SEC#: 8-48436)

    She was born on July 4, 1977, is married and is “FINRA ACTIVE.” The site says “View Finra Brokercheck CRD# 4759329.”

    And indeed on there is a Lissett Daniela Weinmann (CRD#: 4759329) listed as working for BLACKROCK INVESTMENTS, LLC, located at 1 UNIVERSITY SQUARE DR PRINCETON, NJ 08540, and with 17 years of experience!

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    Might this not be a scam after all?

    Interesingly, there are two names mentioned under FINRA listing:


    Whatever her name is however her position is not listed as a CEO but as a Registered Representative at BLACKROCK INVESTMENTS, LLC and Vice President. She was also Vice President as Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC previously.

    No LinkedIn profiles are mentioned and neither we could find Lissett on LinkedIn with any of those names.

    However, we did find a LinkedIn profile for Lissett Perez-Weinmann, which belongs to a Market Leader at BlackRock.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    We sent her a message to check if she is aware of

    Other members of the team, according to the About page, include David B. Lucas (manager), Elizabeth W. Olsenn (assistant manager), Sharon Jefferyson (data scientist), AJay Agrawal (senior financial analyst), Oliva Charlotte (business development representative), and Evelyn Harper (technical writer).

    We were unable to find any of these people on LinkedIn.

    Domain Information for

    The domain was registered on April 25, 2022 (just 6 months ago) for one year via NameSilo, LLC.

    The identity of its owners are hidden using a privacy service.

    The website is ranked 13,314,372 globally on SimilarWeb and 1,122,037 in the UK, which means it is not a popular website and most of its traffic may come from the UK.

    It also has a 0 Authority Score on SEMrush and no links from any legitimate websites. Scam Reviews

    We found a review on the Better Business Bureau saying:

    I used COINSTAR Bitcoin ATM machine at HEB supermarket […] and WWW.COINME.COM website platforms and ended up sending Bitcoin (BTC) to a wallet address: 1Gci1vPdsKWayjkwZmjQDtp3Qcy4EqB6vR that turns out to be FRAUDLENT COINSTAR and COINME.COM have formed a partnership. Their platforms was used to facilitate and accommodate sending money to FRAUDULENT address above COINSTAR and COINME.COM are liable as they facilitated and accommodated the above transaction I asked COINME.COM to reverse the transactions. They replied they cannot reverse the transaction as follows: I understand that you have stated that you have sent your funds to a fraud related wallet. I am sincerely saddened to hear this, however, per the nature of blockchain, once funds are sent, they cannot be returned. This is not true as if they are able to send it then they can trace and retrieve it also SCAM and FRAUDULENT website is website: to […] From, claims to be employed to BLACKROCK INVESTMENTS.

    This complaint was filed on September 29, 2022 on Coinstar, LLC’s BBB page.

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    We were also able to find almost the exact text from copied to with one of the testimonials reading:

    It’s not all about watching videos I did so, I was ignorant doing so.. so decided to try Lissett Weinmann and ever since then she has made $32,000 for every $9,000 I invested.

    So seems to be another site created by the same scammers who made

    In fact, the exact same testimonial is posted on both sites by different people.

    There seems to be multiple websites like this. An additional one is, which is styled  almost exactly like with the same exact team members, phone numbers, and even the same email address:

    We also found an indication that these scammers had a previous website:, which was a scam online trading brokers, now defunct. It used the same phone number: +13454567877.

    Review Conclusion is a SCAM website designed to entice victims to believe they are making an investment with BlackRock and its Vice President Lissett Daniela Weinmann, but in fact they are sending their money to fraudsters.

    If you have lost money for this scam, please leave a comment below and share your story.

    Also, feel free to report it to us privately. We can help you recover your lost funds.

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