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Welcome to our Future MultiFx Mining review in which we investigate the domain currently found at FutureMultiMining.com.

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A UK person who reported losing $880 sent the following complaint to one of our partners in June 2023:

I was persuaded by a friend on Instagram, whose account was later discovered to be hacked, to place my trust in another Instagram account with the username @official_bitcoin_miner_232, also known as JESSICA BIANCA. This account has a backup page called @official_bitcoin_miner_434, again attributed to JESSICA BIANCA.

I was encouraged to purchase a mining plan through futuremultimining.com, which I did. I deposited £700 into the wallet associated with this account, which is bc1q0ls3cjeqt34fvqkyjyl9skr8suemstgcwjhlpe. However, now they are attempting to persuade me to deposit an additional £1200 to enable the withdrawal of a fictional amount of £18000 displayed in my futuremultimining.com account. I have decided not to proceed with this request.

In summary, the complainer was convinced by a friend on Instagram, whose account was later found to be hacked, to trust another Instagram user named JESSICA BIANCA (with usernames @official_bitcoin_miner_232 and backup page @official_bitcoin_miner_434).

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They were encouraged to purchase a mining plan through the website futuremultimining.com. They then deposited £700 into a wallet linked with this account (bc1q0ls3cjeqt34fvqkyjyl9skr8suemstgcwjhlpe).

So is Future MultiFx Mining found at FutureMultiMining.com a SCAM?

FutureMultiMining.com Review

The domain FutureMultiMining.com was registered through OwnRegistrar, Inc. on June 7, 2023, just one week ago, for one year. The identity of the owners is hidden by WhoisSecure and the website is hosted by ReliableSite.Net LLC.

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    The website does not seem to be getting much traffic and currently only the Investment Plans page is indexed on Google.

    Future MultiFx Mining appears to be a cryptocurrency investment platform that offers its clients a place to trade real-world markets with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The platform promises over 100 tradable assets, unique risk management tools, advanced security protocols, and various trading options like 60 sec, Speed trading, 24 hrs, and Long term. The company also emphasizes an enhanced client experience and dedicated support to improve chances of success.

    The platform provides its clients with deposits and withdrawals through cryptocurrencies, enabling traders to instantly transact funds. They claim this offers the advantage of instant deposits, rapid transaction execution, global market access, tight spreads, and premium customer support.

    Future MultiFx Mining uses advanced trading robots developed by its in-house programming team. These bots are used for automated trading, with the in-house team also performing backtesting and focusing on a dynamic trading environment. One of their core technologies is the AutoTrade bot technology (ATBT).

    To start trading on this platform, the users need to sign up for free using just an email address without needing to provide any verification documents. Once registered, they can select a package and make a deposit in Bitcoins or other accepted cryptocurrencies without any transfer fees. After this, users can begin earning profits from the world’s most liquid markets with their preferred base currency and account type.

    False Claims

    As per the website, since its inception, the platform has been in operation for 1896 days and has 7056 participants. They claim to have handled withdrawals totaling 986,976. They show a list of recent withdrawals with username, investment type, the last deposit amount, and the amount withdrawn. It appears the majority of investments and withdrawals are in Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Litecoin transactions are also evident.

    However, these are ludicrous claims if we remember that this website has only been around for one week.

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    The site also lists a series of transactions with their status, amount in USD, and wallet addresses. Some transactions are marked as ‘Pending’, while others are seemingly complete.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Occasionally, a note popups on the screen stating something like “$4706 INVESTED BY Gail Johnson.” This is a feature we have seen with many scam sites that give the impression this website is real and active and not just a trap.

    Disclaimer & Copyright

    According to a disclaimer, the website is not directed at any jurisdiction and is not intended for any use contrary to local law or regulation. They also warn that trading leveraged products such as Forex and CFDs might not be suitable for all investors due to the high risk associated with these types of investments. Future MultiFx Mining advises potential investors to fully understand the risks involved and if necessary, seek independent advice.

    As per the copyright notice, the company seems to have been operational since 2023. They also have links to their social media platforms, but those links are just placeholders and they lead nowhere.

    Trading Plans

    Future MultiFx Mining is a cryptocurrency investment and trading platform that provides various investment plans to its users.

    These plans focus on leveraging customers’ initial investments for potentially high returns, focusing on three main plans:

    1. Commercial Plan: This plan offers different investment-return rates ranging from investing $200 to get $2,000 to investing $800 to get $8,500. The plan duration is specified as 6 hours.
    2. Premium Plan: This plan provides higher investment-return rates. You can invest $1,000 to get $10,000, or up to $5,000 to get $50,000. The plan duration is stated as 12 hours.
    3. Gold Plan: This plan is based on Bitcoin (BTC). It ranges from investing 1 BTC to earn 10 BTC, up to investing 10 BTC to earn 100 BTC. The plan duration is 7 days.

    These investment plans raise many red flags and seem like they could be a part of a scam.

    First of all, the returns promised are incredibly high and nearly impossible to guarantee in such a short time. For example, a 10x return in just 12 hours or 7 days is unrealistic and suspicious. Even the most successful traders or investment strategies do not consistently deliver such returns.

    Secondly, the time frames mentioned (6 hours, 12 hours, 7 days) are extremely short for any legitimate investment strategy. The volatility of investment markets makes it highly unlikely to guarantee any return in such short periods.

    Finally, while Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are legitimate investment assets, they are also often used by scammers due to their anonymous nature and lack of regulation. High return promises in cryptocurrency should be treated with caution.

    Contact Information

    The “Contact Us” page of the Future MultiFx Mining website offers multiple ways for potential or current investors to contact the organization.

    The primary contact methods are phone and email:

    • The provided phone number is +16267567241 (a Los Angeles County, California, USA number)
    • and the email address is info@futuremultimining.com

    Future MultiFx Mining claims to provide online support 24/7.

    The page also includes a contact form, which allows visitors to submit their name, email, and message directly through the website, as well as live chat and WhatsApp widgets.

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    About Future MultiFx Mining

    The “About Us” page of the Future MultiFx Mining website presents a detailed overview of the company’s mission, commitment, working process, and team.

    Future MultiFx Mining outlines its mission as empowering investors with advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to simplify and streamline profit-oriented investment strategies. Their commitment centers around proactive financial management, aiming to define and manage present financial decisions to further future goals and objectives. The company’s philosophy prioritizes wealth management at no or low cost, and they express pride in pioneering this approach.

    The company positions itself as having identified and successfully addressed inefficiencies in the Bitcoin investment field by creating innovative and convenient financing solutions. It indicates a dedication to its customer base and attributes its rapid growth to providing self-directed investors with fast order executions, excellent customer service, exceptional site performance, and no-cost to low-cost trading.

    Under the motto “Investors Come First”, Future MultiFx Mining aims to maintain a leading position in the investment field by upholding top-notch investment practices and providing access to the latest AI investment strategies. The company is guided by a management team, whose expertise is directed towards building a portfolio of beneficial and sustainable investments, adhering to the integrity of their core values. Their vision is to increase the freedom of money globally, believing this can significantly improve lives around the world.

    The website provides a step-by-step guide on how its investment process works:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    1. Signing up for free, with no verification documents required.
    2. Selecting a suitable package and making a deposit, with the option to fund the account with Bitcoins among other choices, and no transfer fees charged.
    3. Starting to earn profits from the world’s most liquid markets, with the investor’s preferred base currency and account type.

    Who is Behind the Company

    The company’s consultants are also featured on the page, including Lucy Atkins and James Chris, who are listed as Consultants, and Aaron Graham, who is referred to as a Top Trader. There is no additional information given about these individuals.

    There are placeholder links to Facebook and Instagram for each of the consultants, but they do not lead anywhere.

    Moreover, the pictures used are fake.

    The picture of Aaron Graham is actually of Paul Francis Lanier, a musical artist.

    The image of Lucy Atkins for used on a different website, LegalForexMining.com (defunct), and is probably a stock image since it can be found on many websites. Finally, James Chris’s picture can be found on

    • InstantForexTrade.com
    • MiningExchangeTrade.com
    • MegalPrimeTrade.com (defunct)
    • EncryptGlobalTrade.com

    These websites are almost identical and appear to have been created by the same person or group.

    Apparently, other sites as well have been using the same fake names and pictures. For example, on Upstox Trading Option (upstoxtradingoption.com), Aaron Graham is actually Bishop Paul Lanier from Hope Community Church, IFCJ Winston-Salem, North Carolina, USA. And James Chris appears along with “Aaron Graham” on at least two Upstoxtradingoption.com clones: primeswifttrade.com and miningexchangetrade.com.

    In general, there is a lack of information about who is behind these plans, how the money is invested, what the risks are, or whether they are regulated by any financial authorities.

    Legitimate investment companies provide extensive information about their strategies, risks, past performance, and regulatory compliance.

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    Finally, the website’s content contains a few grammatical errors and formatting inconsistencies.

    Future MultiFx Mining Reviews

    There are currently no reviews of Future MultiFx Mining online, which makes our FutureMultiMining.com review the first!

    Future MultiFx Mining Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, Future MultiFx Mining, operating under the domain FutureMultiMining.com, raises several alarming red flags that suggest it could potentially be a scam. From the initial testimony of the UK citizen who was persuaded to invest through a hacked Instagram account, to the suspiciously high returns promised by the platform’s investment plans, to the use of cryptocurrencies, which are often exploited by scammers due to their anonymous nature and lack of regulation, the evidence overwhelmingly points to the possibility of fraudulent activity.

    Further compounding these concerns is the lack of clarity about the individuals or entities behind the website, their methods of investing, and their risk management strategies, coupled with their unverifiable claims of existing for over five years while the website was registered only a week ago. The use of placeholder social media links, fake pictures for their supposed consultants, and a lack of independent customer reviews all cast further doubt on the legitimacy of this platform.

    In the case of Future MultiFx Mining, based on the evidence presented in this review, it would seem prudent for prospective investors to exercise extreme caution when dealing with this platform. While we cannot definitively label FutureMultiMining.com as a scam, the significant red flags uncovered in our investigation make it difficult to recommend this platform as a safe or reliable investment opportunity.

    And remember, once you send them any money, don’t expect to get it back unless you use a cryptocurrency recovery service.

    If they scammed you, please report it to us and share your story by commenting below this review.

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