Sorry We Missed You Scam

Scammers are going around the town sending fake “Sorry We Missed You” text messages to lure people into downloading a malicious app. The “Sorry We Missed You” scam typically involves a person receiving a card or a notice left at their doorstep with a phone number to call and reschedule a missed delivery or appointment.

Some individuals have also received emails or text messages that the scheduled delivery was not possible. The messages appear genuine and contain links to a webpage that ask the recipient to download a tracking app for the parcel delivery

It is important to be aware of this scam and not fall for its tactics. Read along to know how to identify these scams and protect yourself against them

Sorry We Missed You Scam

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What is the “Sorry We Missed You” scam?

The “Sorry We Missed You” scam is a type of phishing scam where cyber criminals send convincing-looking text messages or emails or notes claiming to be from a delivery company, such as FedEx or DHL, stating that they have missed a delivery attempt to your address. 

The messages will typically contain a link to the website or a phone number to call and reschedule delivery. However, the link or the phone number is fake, and if you click on the link or call the number, you will be directed to a fraudulent website or fake customer service representative who will attempt to trick you into giving away your personal and financial information. The links may also contain software that is malicious and may infect your computer with viruses.

It is important to verify the authenticity of any such messages or notices. Do not click on any links or call any numbers until you have confirmed that they are legitimate. 

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    How to identify the scam?

    It is advised to pay attention to the following red flags  to identify the  “Sorry We Missed You” scam:

    1. If you receive a slip of paper, text message, or an email that claims the sender attempted to deliver a package, but you were not available. This is nothing but fake. The lack of branding or logos is a warning sign.
    2. The message may instruct you to call a phone number rather than providing a legitimate website link or another contact method. This is unusual for legitimate delivery companies.
    3. The website listed on the message or the slip of paper,, is not a recognized delivery company website but a fake website designed to collect personal information to commit fraud.
    4. Both the message and the website might look suspicious, with poor graphics, misspelled words and a domain name that does not match the company.
    5. The message threatens consequences if you do not act quickly. Such as losing your package or incurring additional fees.

    If you encounter any of these red flags, it is best to verify the legitimacy of the source of the message before blindly providing them with your sensitive personal details.

    How to protect yourself from Sorry We Missed You Scam?

    1. Be cautious of unsolicited text messages and emails claiming to be from a delivery company or courier service. If you are not expecting a package, it is a clear sign that it is a scam. Therefore, do not click on any links or download any apps and attachments. 
    2. Always verify the authenticity of the company by contacting the legitimate company directly or checking their website for any delivery notifications.
    3. Use antivirus software and keep it updated to protect against malware and other online threats.
    4. If you have downloaded the app given in the link, delete it from your device immediately and run a virus scan the very next minute.
    5. Monitor your bank accounts for any suspicious activity and report any unauthorized transactions to your bank immediately.
    6. Be wary of sharing personal information online, especially if requested by an unsolicited source.

    Customers Experiences

    There are several reports from customers who have received the “Sorry We Missed You” text messages and fallen victim to the scam. They have reported that the messages looked very convincing and appeared to be from genuine delivery companies. Some customers have reported that they clicked on the links in the messages and downloaded the malicious app, only to later discover that their personal information had been stolen and their devices infected with malware.

    Other customers have reported receiving “Sorry We Missed You” slips on their doorstep, and have been suspicious of the company’s intentions. They have reported that the slips seem to be an attempt to phish for personal details. Customers have also reported feeling violated and targeted by these scams and have warned others to be cautious when receiving such text messages or slips.


    It is therefore very important to stay vigilant and not give in to such scams. However legitimate they may look it is always advised to double-check the origin before trusting strangers online with your personal information.

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