Cryptocranetrade Online Review – Scam and Run!

Welcome to our Cryptocranetrade Online review about a website that may have been hosted at

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On June 30, 2023, one of our partners received the following complaint from a person who reported losing over $900:

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I was invited by a woman who called herself Mbalenhnez Zuri to join a company called She provided me with the contact number of an expert trader named Mr. Conor Burns. They instructed me on how to deposit money into their company wallet on Luno. Initially, they demanded a starting amount of 3500 rand, but they kept insisting that the company required more funds. Unfortunately, I fell victim to their scam and ended up losing 18,000 rands. They sent me a link to a company website where I could track my profits, but when I tried to access the app the next day, I discovered that the website had been suspended. To this day, I have not heard from them. was registered on November 14, 2022, for one year through NameSilo, LLC, by a person from Nigeria.

The website is currently not online.

We were unable to find any information about

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    It is neither indexed on Google nor mentioned anywhere online.

    Bottom Line

    We suspect that the website was used by a Nigerian scammer for a fraudulent investment and trading scheme.

    How the scam worked

    Here’s an explanation of how the scam likely unfolded:

    1. Initial contact: You were contacted by a person named Mbalenhnez Zuri, who claimed to be associated with a company called They presented themselves as a representative of the company and gained your trust.
    2. Expert trader referral: Mbalenhnez Zuri provided you with the contact information of an alleged expert trader named Mr. Conor Burns. This was likely part of their strategy to appear legitimate and knowledgeable about the trading industry.
    3. Deposit instructions: The scammers instructed you on depositing money into a company wallet on the platform Luno. They likely claimed that this was necessary to start trading and promised substantial returns on your investment.
    4. Demands for additional funds: After you made the initial deposit of 3500 rands, the scammers repeatedly asked for more money, claiming it was needed for various reasons such as trading fees, account maintenance, or capital requirements. These requests were likely designed to keep you engaged and convince you to invest more.
    5. False profit display: To maintain the illusion of legitimacy, the scammers provided you with a link to a website where you could supposedly monitor your profits. This was likely a fake platform that displayed fictitious gains, giving the impression that your investment was growing.
    6. Inability to withdraw: You could not withdraw your funds despite the promised profits. This was likely intentional on the scammers’ part, as they aimed to delay suspicions and keep you invested in the scam.
    7. Website suspension and silence: When you attempted to access the platform/app later, you discovered the website had been suspended. This is a common tactic scammers use to cover their tracks and prevent further contact with their victims. The scammers disappeared, leaving you without any means of contacting them or recovering your lost funds.

    Cryptocranetrade Review: Bottom Line

    It is important to be cautious when dealing with online investment opportunities, especially when dealing with unknown individuals or companies.

    Always verify the company’s legitimacy and thoroughly research before making any financial transactions or investments.

    Be wary of promises of guaranteed returns or high-profit opportunities, as they often indicate fraudulent schemes.

    If you are a victim of online scams, such as Cryptocranetrade, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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