iEarn Bot Review: A Fraudulent Scheme! Thousands Robbed!

Recently, we have read on the BBC News website an article according to which thousands of people have reportedly lost their savings after investing in a cryptocurrency trading app called iEarn Bot, which was promoted by well-known figures in Romania.

The company claimed that its artificial intelligence programme would guarantee high returns, and investors could see graphics in the app showing the progress of their investments. Withdrawals were later frozen, however, and those who requested their money back did not receive it. The app also presented itself as a US-based company with support from the likes of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, but the company’s supposed founders and partners said they had never heard of it.

So is the iEarn Bot really a SCAM? And if so, why is it still online?

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iEarn Bot is currently located at, a domain which was registered on December 30, 2021 for 4 years through GoDaddy.

It’s moderately popular with a global rank of 326,991 and 30,211 in Slovenia. It’s ranked the #71 most popular Gambling > Lottery in Slovenia category. According to SimilarWeb, during February 2023, it received almost 60,000 visitors from Slovenia, Spain, Egypt, Kazakhstan, and South Africa among other countries.

On Semrush it has a 8% Authority Score with 2.7K backlinks from 230 referring domains, but none from any trustworthy websites.

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    The app itself can be found at the h5 login:

    iEarnBot Review

    iEarn Bot is a quantitative trading system that allegedly provides users with a pre-packaged intelligent trading solution. The system is said to be based on deep learning capabilities and artificial intelligence, allowing users to automate their transactions with real-time monitoring. The platform is designed to help users generate profits automatically through high-frequency robots, even if they have no trading experience.

    The iEarn Bot app is available for both Android and iOS and provides a user-friendly interface with built-in user guides and video tutorials. Users can connect with professional traders and copy trading mechanisms to increase their chances of success. The app also allows users to withdraw their earnings during normal working hours and receive the funds within 24 hours.

    iEarn Bot is a global company that operates in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Ukraine, Germany, Singapore, Nigeria, and Turkey. The company is committed to leading the artificial intelligence quantitative trading industry towards sustainable development and has established an Artificial Intelligence Ethics Committee and the Artificial Intelligence Governance Institute to focus on governance exploration of credible artificial intelligence.

    Overall, iEarn Bot appears to be a promising platform for those interested in automated trading with artificial intelligence capabilities. The platform’s emphasis on user-centered design and inclusivity, along with its commitment to ethical governance of artificial intelligence, sets it apart from other similar services in the market.

    They have several documents posted on their website, including a Certificate of Document Filed with the Office of the Secretary of State of the State of Colorado, indicating that Iearnbot Smart Quantitive Technology Co., Ltd. is a Colorado corporation. There’s also a Financial Crimes Enforcement Network letter from the Department of Treasury and a ownership of shares certificate given to Denis Wallez who allegedly owns ten million shares.

    The IBOTsmartcoin whitepaper discusses the company’s goal of creating a global decentralized digital asset service ecosystem through the use of AI robots that analyze financial markets to minimize risks and maximize returns for customers. The paper outlines the IBOT service ecology, business model, platform advantages, and token, and emphasizes the potential of blockchain technology to revolutionize the financial industry by eliminating third-party intermediaries. The paper also notes the growing popularity of digital currencies, including Bitcoin, and the emergence of new digital currencies.

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    There is a chat widget for support as well as working links to

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • Facebook (26K likes) – according to reviews on the Facebook page, while some people recommend the company and claim to have made a profit, others warn that it is a scam and that they have lost money. There are complaints about not being able to withdraw funds and decreased profits.
    • Twitter (@IearnBot joined January 2022; 320 Followers) – has posted tweets related to cryptocurrency and blockchain. Some of the recent tweets are about the NFT marketplace Magic Eden, cybersecurity vulnerabilities in crypto assets, and the plummeting of the stablecoin market due to the closure of Silicon Valley Bank.
    • TikTok (412 Followers & 8261 Likes)
    • Instagram (60.3K followers)
    • Discord (link expired)
    • YouTube (@iearnbotofficial1889 joined September 10, 2020; currently has 555 subscribers)

    The company name is iearnbot Smart Quantitative Technology Co., Ltd..

    Address: 1801 East 6th Street Suite 350 Austin, TX 78702 USA, which, according to Google Maps, is a building that houses several company, but iearnbot is not mentioned.

    iEarn Bot Reviews

    According to online reviews, i EarnBot is a Ponzi scheme that claims to use a trading bot to generate profits for investors. However, it has no real trading bot and no retailable products or services.

    Affiliates are required to invest tether (USDT) and receive a 30-day ROI. Referral commissions are paid down three levels of recruitment (unilevel) based on how much an affiliate has invested.

    iEarnBot provides bogus incorporation details on its website and falsely claims to have been around since 2018.

    It recently collapsed, causing participants to lose money. Since December 22nd, IERNBOT has failed to pay its investors. According to their statement, the delay was caused by an issue with third-party payments through Many people have invested their funds in anticipation of being able to buy presents for their loved ones during the Christmas season, and they are all deeply disappointed that this did not come to fruition.

    If you have been scammed by them or if you have any information about them, please let us know by commenting below this i Earn Bot review.

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, such as the iEarnBot scam, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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