– Scam Alert for Crypto Investors - Review has emerged in the cryptocurrency world with bold claims, but it’s raising serious red flags. Allegedly promoting a nonexistent token called “TRIVNEX,” the site uses bots to flood social media with misleading promotions. Despite its promises of revolutionizing crypto mining through advanced AI and machine learning, numerous reports suggest Trivnex is a scam. Advisors recommend that users avoid depositing any cryptocurrency.

If you’ve had any dealings with Trivnex, sharing your story could help others avoid similar pitfalls.

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Key Points of the Scam

  1. Nonexistent Token: Trivnex promotes a token named “TRIVNEX,” which does not exist. This misleading information aims to lure unsuspecting investors.
  2. Fake Partner Claims: Trivnex falsely claims partnerships with well-known entities like Merit Circle and SANCTOR Capital, which have publicly denied any association with the site.
  3. Animated Team Members: The website displays animated images of team members instead of actual photographs, indicating that the team might not exist or is trying to hide their true identities.
  4. Hidden Ownership: The “About” section lacks transparency, with’s actual owner remaining hidden and untraceable.
  5. Broken Links: Several project-related links on the website either break or lead to meaningless content, further suggesting the site is illegitimate.

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We highly encourage you to read the forum post on, which offers in-depth insights into the fraudulent activities linked to

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Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings! A Detailed Look into a Potential Cryptocurrency Scam presents itself as an innovative player in cryptocurrency mining, but numerous red flags indicate it is likely a scam. The token “TRIVNEX,” heavily promoted by the site, does not exist. Additionally, Trivnex falsely claims partnerships with reputable entities like Merit Circle and SANCTOR Capital, which have denied any association. The site represents its team members with animated images, raising doubts about their authenticity. 

The website’s ownership is hidden, and its “About” section lacks transparency. Moreover, several links meant to provide project details are broken or lead to irrelevant content, further diminishing the site’s credibility. These factors, combined with user reports and scam alerts, suggest that is a high-risk platform.

Red Flags 

  1. No Customer Support: lacks accessible customer support, making it difficult for users to resolve issues or get assistance. This absence of support is a significant red flag, as legitimate businesses typically provide transparent and responsive customer service channels to build trust and ensure customer satisfaction.
  2. Unclear User Policy: The user policy on is vague and lacks clarity. Essential details about user rights, data protection, and transaction terms are either missing or insufficiently detailed. This ambiguity can lead to misunderstandings and exploitation. Users are not fully informed about the terms they are agreeing to.
  3. Hidden Website Ownership:’s ownership is obscured, and there is no transparent information about who operates or controls the website. This lack of transparency is a major red flag, as reputable businesses typically provide precise details about their ownership and management to establish credibility and accountability.
  4. Broken Links: Several project-related links on are broken or lead to irrelevant content. This frustrates users and indicates a lack of professionalism and reliability. It raises concerns about the legitimacy of the information provided and the overall functionality of the platform.

These red flags collectively suggest that may not be a trustworthy or legitimate platform.

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    The platform has numerous red flags that indicate it may not be legitimate. The token “TRIVNEX” appears nonexistent, and Trivnex falsely claims partnerships with reputable entities, which have denied any association. The team members are represented by animated images rather than real photos, and the website’s ownership is hidden. Lacking transparency, the site offers no accessible customer support, and several links break or lead to irrelevant content.

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