– Why It’s Not Trustworthy - Review claims to provide worldwide travel services and promises to let you travel globally with just a small payment. However, we investigated their services and found they do not deliver on their promises. Instead, they take advance payments and then disappear without providing any services. This has left many customers frustrated and out of pocket. If you want to know whether this company is genuine or a scam, we strongly recommend reading our detailed review to understand the risks and protect yourself from potential fraud.

Review of has no credible background in the travel industry, and there are no user reviews or testimonials about their services. It appears that no one has traveled using the A significant red flag is that they only accept cryptocurrency deposits from users. This is a common tactic used by scam operations to make transactions untraceable. The website’s “About” section is unclear and lacks any substantial information about their background or the services they claim to provide. Additionally, there is no information about their team or company history. 

These factors, including the lack of verifiable user experiences and the exclusive acceptance of cryptocurrency payments, suggest that the may be a scam. Potential users should be extremely cautious and seek more transparent and reputable travel service providers to avoid falling victim to fraud.

For a detailed analysis and hosting information. We strongly recommend reading the forum posts on, which provide extensive insights into the fraudulent practices associated with

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Red Flags on

  1. Only Accept Crypto Deposits: exclusively accepts cryptocurrency deposits. Scams often use this tactic to make transactions difficult to trace and recover, increasing users’ risk. The lack of more traditional payment methods like credit cards or bank transfers is a significant red flag.
  2. No Travel Background: has no verifiable history or experience in the travel industry. This lack of a credible background raises serious doubts about their ability to deliver the services they promise. A legitimate travel company should have a well-documented history and a positive industry reputation.
  3. Unclear About Section: The “About” section on the website is vague and provides no substantial information about the company’s background, services, or team. This lack of transparency is a warning sign, as reputable companies usually offer detailed information to build trust with potential customers.
  4. Upfront Payment: requires users to pay upfront before receiving services. This practice is risky, especially without verifiable credentials and reviews. Upfront payments with no service guarantee can lead to financial losses for the user.
  5. No Positive Reviews: There are no positive user reviews or testimonials to support the claims made by The absence of satisfied customer feedback is alarming and suggests that previous users may have had negative experiences or been scammed. Trustworthy companies usually have a trail of positive reviews and testimonials that vouch for their services.
  6. No Verifiable Contact Information: does not provide clear or verifiable contact information, making it difficult for users to reach customer support or verify the legitimacy of the business. This is another common characteristic of fraudulent operations aiming to avoid accountability.

Upfront Fees and Lack of Response

One of the most troubling aspects of is their requirement for upfront fees before providing any services. Users are asked to make payments in cryptocurrency. Which are difficult to trace and recover, making it easy for the company to disappear without delivering on their promises. After making these payments, many users report receiving no further communication or support. 

This lack of response is a major red flag, indicating that the platform may be designed to take money without providing any legitimate services. The absence of a responsive customer support system and the practice of demanding upfront fees without a proven track record suggest that is not a trustworthy or reliable service provider. Potential customers should be extremely cautious and consider these warning signs before committing any funds, as the risk of financial loss is high.

Review Conclusion presents numerous red flags that suggest it is fraudulent. The platform’s insistence on upfront payments, particularly in cryptocurrency. This is highly concerning, combined with a complete lack of follow-up or support. The absence of a verifiable travel background. Unclear information about the company and a lack of positive user reviews further undermine its credibility. Additionally, the website’s vague “About” section and lack of verifiable contact information make it difficult to trust their claims. Potential users should exercise extreme caution when dealing with It is advisable to seek out more reputable and transparent travel service providers with a proven track record and positive customer feedback. Protecting oneself from scams involves thorough research and vigilance.

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