– Scam Alert for Traders - Reviews is an unauthorized trading firm that has already caught the Financial Conduct Authority’s (FCA) attention. The FCA has issued a public warning against this platform, signaling serious risks to potential users. The warning highlights the platform’s lack of proper authorization and the potential for fraudulent activities. Users should be extremely cautious and aware of these dangers. If you are considering trading on, we strongly recommend reading our detailed review to fully understand the risks and make a well-informed decision.

Your financial safety is our priority, and it’s crucial to stay informed and vigilant when dealing with such platforms.

Scam Breakdown

  • Unrealistic Return on Investment promises an astonishing 120% return on investment within just 24 hours, as advertised on their website. Such high returns in such a short period are unrealistic and not feasible in real-life trading scenarios. This unrealistic promise indicates a potential scam to lure unsuspecting investors with the promise of quick, significant gains.
  • Fake Partnership Claim falsely claims to be an official partner of the London Stock Exchange Group. This is a completely fabricated claim. There is no partnership between the two entities. Fraudulent firms commonly use such misleading information to appear legitimate and trustworthy, thereby deceiving potential investors.
  • Company Location
    The website lists a specific company location, but no company is registered under at that address. This discrepancy is a major red flag and suggests the firm is not legitimate. Providing a fake company address is a typical strategy scam operations use to create a façade of credibility.
  • Photos
    The website features photos of events supposedly organized by the company. However, these photos are taken from open-source stock photo libraries and simply add the company’s logo. This deceptive practice creates a false image of legitimacy and activity, misleading users into believing the company is more established and reputable than it is.

Please refer to the forum post on for comprehensive details about the fraudulent activities associated with

Trading Platform offers trading only through their website and has no official software applications available on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Legitimate trading platforms typically provide downloadable apps to enhance user experience and accessibility. The absence of official apps is another warning sign of a potential scam, indicating that the platform lacks the credibility and infrastructure of genuine trading services.

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FCA Warning against

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a stern warning regarding, highlighting the significant risks associated with this unauthorized trading firm. According to the FCA’s official warning, operates without proper authorization, exposing users to potential fraud and financial losses. The FCA emphasizes that firms like are not subject to regulatory oversight, which means they do not adhere to the stringent standards set to protect investors.

This warning serves as a critical alert to potential users about the dangers of engaging with unregulated trading platforms. The FCA’s cautionary statement underscores the importance of conducting thorough research and ensuring proper authorization and regulation of any trading platform. Ignoring such warnings can lead to severe financial consequences. For more detailed information, refer to the FCA’s official warning notice on their website: FCA Warning Notice.

Investment Packages Offered by

  1. LEGO Package
    Return: 12% after 24 hours
    Minimum Investment: $200
    Maximum Investment: $1,000
    Referral Commission: 10%
    Profit: 12%
    Duration: 24 hours
  2. BRONZE Package
    Return: 24% after 24 hours
    Minimum Investment: $1,000
    Maximum Investment: $5,000
    Referral Commission: 10%
    Profit: 24%
    Duration: 24 hours
  3. SILVER Package
    Return: 36% after 24 hours
    Minimum Investment: $5,000
    Maximum Investment: $50,000
    Referral Commission: 10%
    Profit: 36%
    Duration: 24 hours
  4. GOLD Package
    Return: 120% after 24 hours
    Minimum Investment: $50,000
    Maximum Investment: $200,000
    Referral Commission: 10%
    Profit: 120%
    Duration: 24 hours

These packages promise unusually high returns in an extremely short period, typically a major red flag for potential scams. The unrealistic profitability and lack of regulatory oversight make investing in highly risky.

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    Review and Conclusion

    In conclusion, exhibits numerous red flags that indicate it is a high-risk trading platform. unrealistic promises of high returns, false claims of partnerships. Misleading company location information, the use of stock photos to create a false image of legitimacy, and the absence of official trading apps are all serious concerns. Additionally, the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned against, further highlighting the risks associated with this platform. Potential investors should be extremely cautious and prioritize platforms that offer transparency, regulatory compliance, and reliable customer support. We strongly advise against using to protect your financial interests and recommend seeking more credible and regulated trading platforms.

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