Review – Is It Trustworthy? - Review, launched on January 17, 2024, presents itself as a trading platform that offers users the opportunity to trade with a staggering 1000X leverage and promises instant withdrawals.

At first glance, the platform may appear unprofessional and raise questions about its regulatory status as a trading website.

Furthermore, the absence of any customer support options, especially for a platform that deals with high-leverage trading, is a notable concern.

These initial observations prompt a deeper investigation into the platform’s operations, regulatory compliance, and overall user safety.

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In this review, we will examine’s features, promises, and practices to determine its trustworthiness and whether it is a viable and secure option for traders looking for high-leverage opportunities. Let’s explore’s legitimacy and uncover the truth behind its bold claims. Review

Upon closer examination, reveals itself as a dubious trading platform that fails to adhere to any governmental regulations. Our detailed investigation into the platform’s operations has unearthed concerning evidence, particularly about its options trading. The buy-and-sell transactions displayed appear to be fabricated, raising serious doubts about the authenticity of the trading activity and the profits boasted on the site.

Moreover, the platform’s insistence on exclusively accepting deposits in cryptocurrency further complicates transaction transparency and security. This restriction not only limits accessibility for a wider range of traders but also raises red flags regarding the platform’s intentions and ability to safeguard users’ investments.

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    The combination of these factors strongly suggests that operates far outside the bounds of a legitimate trading platform, compelling potential users to exercise caution and thoroughly scrutinize its claims and practices.

    Red Flags

    1. Unregulated and Unsecured: operates without adherence to any recognized governmental regulations, posing significant risks to users’ security and investments. The lack of regulatory compliance undermines the platform’s legitimacy and exposes traders to potential legal and financial vulnerabilities.
    2. No Consumer Support: The absence of customer support options on is a critical concern. For a trading platform, especially one claiming to offer high leverage, the availability of reliable support is essential for addressing user issues and queries promptly.
    3. Website Shutdown: Users have reported instances where unexpectedly shuts down, interrupting trading activities and account access. This erratic website behavior raises doubts about the platform’s stability and reliability.
    4. No Official Email and Headquarters Information: fails to provide essential contact details, such as an official email address or information about its headquarters. This omission of basic corporate information further obscures the platform’s operations and denies users a direct line of communication for support or inquiries, contributing to a lack of transparency and accountability.

    Stability and Transparency Concerns

    The problem of the website shutting down without warning is a big red flag for anyone thinking about using This kind of unexpected shutdown can stop traders from getting to their accounts and mess up their trading. It shows that the platform might not be stable or reliable, which is really important for anyone trading with high stakes.

    In addition, the platform doesn’t provide basic contact information, like an official email or information on where its headquarters are located. This lack of information makes it hard for users to get in touch with or learn more about the company behind the platform. Without these details, it’s tough to trust with your investments since you don’t have a clear way to reach out if something goes wrong or you have questions.

    These issues together suggest that isn’t very open or reliable, which could be a sign that using the platform could lead to trouble.

    BBB Complaint Regarding Chyeolophus

    On January 30, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $35,000:

    I met a girl on Hinge named Layla Adora. After chatting for a while, we switched to WhatsApp to continue our conversation. She mentioned she is originally from Sweden but currently resides in NYC. Layla piqued my interest in cryptocurrency trading and guided me through some initial test trades on the website These trades were successful, and I managed to withdraw my earnings, which bolstered my confidence.

    Encouraged by this, Layla persuaded me to invest a more substantial amount. Consequently, I withdrew $30k from my 401k and deposited it into a new trading platform, as the original URL was no longer operational. The alternative site provided was My trading there was profitable, but upon attempting to withdraw my funds, I encountered a roadblock: the site demanded an additional payment of $1,783.36 to release my funds. They offered no option to cancel the withdrawal and utilize the traded funds to cover the fee, nor would they process the release without this payment. This requirement was not disclosed on their site, and they withheld the reason for the withholding of my funds for almost a day.

    When I reached out to Layla about this unexpected fee, she downplayed the amount, advising me to just pay it. However, since making the $30k deposit, Layla’s responses have dwindled significantly, and our conversations have ceased. Additionally, Coinbase flags this new website with a warning, suggesting it may be unsafe. The site lacks any contact phone number or physical address, adding to my concerns.

    Discuss this complaint at the ScamCrypto forums. Review Conclusion

    In conclusion, raises several significant red flags that should concern any potential user. The platform’s operation outside of regulatory oversight, combined with the absence of any consumer support, signals a high-risk environment for traders. The issues of website instability, characterized by unexpected shutdowns, further exacerbate concerns about its reliability and the safety of users’ investments.

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    Moreover, the platform’s operations are obscured by the lack of essential information, such as an official email address and details about the company’s headquarters, leaving users without a clear avenue for communication or recourse in case of issues. These combined factors paint a picture of a trading platform that lacks the transparency, stability, and security necessary for trustworthy operations.

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    Potential users are advised to exercise caution and consider these concerns thoroughly before engaging with or investing their assets on the platform.

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