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On February 10, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by an Los Angeles, California, USA person who claims being scammed for $6,000 on a CryptoCurrency scam website,

WARNING: BITCOIN FLASHING SCAMMER! HIS INFO: Website:, WhatsApp: +447487739907 or +7176772537, Telegram: maximdualcore, Telegram: bitcoinflashsoftwares, IG: btcflashing_soft.

He promises to deposit 1 BTC into your wallet for $1000 each. After he receives payment, he instructs you to add a BNB smart chain address to your wallet. Then, surprisingly, he demands that you deposit $3000 or more into BNB in your wallet to be able to make the BTC visible.

He then instructs you to connect to That’s when the scam begins. He asks you to look at your wallet while he diverts your attention and transfers your BNB out of your wallet.

He then tells you that your BNB is stuck in limbo and to unlock it, you have to deposit double the amount so he can scam you for more money. Stay away from this sick scammer. You have been warned. WARNING: There is no such thing as flash BTC!

So based on this warning, we have two websites to check:


We also have some contact information:

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  • Telephone: +447487739907 (a UK number)
  • Telephone: +7176772537 (a Russia number, which seems to be invalid)
  • Telegram: maximdualcore
  • Telegram: bitcoinflashsoftwares
  • Instagram: btcflashing_soft

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WalletConnectingBot Review

Wallet Connect is a website allegedly operated by WalletConnect, Inc, an Information Technology & Services company based in Newark, Delaware. It was founded in 2018 by Pedro Gomes and is a web3 communications protocol. WalletConnect’s suite of APIs has been integrated by over 210 wallets and 450 apps, enabling interoperability across blockchains and bridging users with web3’s fast-emerging products and experiences.

The domain was registered on January 12, 2023 for one year through Instra Corporation Pty Ltd by a registrant from Auckland District, New Zealand.

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    However, Wallet Connect’s official website is: How do we know then that is legit?

    There are no links on even though there are labels for example such as the Blog, FAQ, and Twitter, but none of them work, and the homepage is the only page indexed on Google from this website.

    The only information on is that WalletConnect is a communication protocol for web3 that allows for secure connections and interactions between wallets and apps. It is supported by various wallets such as Beam, Ledger, Trust, MetaMask, TronLink, Atomic, Coinomi, and more.

    WalletConnect provides resources such as documentation, a GitHub repository, and a blog (but again none of them work). The company also has partnerships with various brands and offers a newsletter subscription.

    The only function of this website seems to be a popup screen that appears when you click on one of the wallet links, such as Beam, WalletConnect, ledger, meta maksk [sic], and Binance, which then asks you for your recovery phrase, keystore, or private key.

    By providing this information, you’re basically giving the scammer access to your funds.

    So overall Walletconnectingbot Online definitely looks like a scam to us.

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    MaximDualCoreBTC Review - Screenshot of

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    MaximDualCoreBTC Review

    The domain was registered on September 7, 2022 for one year. It is hosted by Hetzner Online GmbH.

    The website has poor popularity and a Semrush Authority Score of 2% with just 6 backlinks from 3 referring domains, but none from any legitimate websites.

    The listed phone number and WhatsApp is +447487739907, like in the complaint we opened with.

    They also provide an email address (, a live chat widget, a contact form, and links to Telegram and Instagram. The copyright text says “Copyright © 2022 MAXIM DUAL CORE BTC.”

    The Telegram channel ( is called Bitcoin flash generator. It has 7,808 subscribers. Description is: “Available flashing currency btc ,usdt, bank flashing, Tron and 180+ currency dm with your choice.”

    The term “flashing services” could refer to a fraudulent activity where scammers offer to multiply the amount of cryptocurrency held by a victim in exchange for a fee. However, it’s important to note that this is an illegal activity and should be avoided.

    Alternatively, “flashing” can also refer to a term used in banking where funds are moved quickly between accounts. In this context, “flashing services” could refer to a service that facilitates the quick transfer of funds between accounts or currencies.

    The Instagram page is called btcflashing_soft and has 21.4K followers. According to the decription, they offer wallet flashing services, including Bitcoin flashing software and flash tools to add BTC to your wallet quickly and securely. You can use the BTC in your wallet within 90 days, and they can flash BTC to any wallet of your choice.

    In the context of this message, “flashing services” likely refers to a service that offers to quickly and securely add Bitcoin (BTC) to a wallet using specialized software or tools. The term “flashing” may be used to suggest a quick and efficient process of adding BTC to a wallet.

    However, it’s important to note that it’s not clear whether this is a legitimate service or a fraudulent activity.

    Based on their About page, Maxim Dual Core BTC is a group of software engineers, developers, and hackers from different countries researching in the field of cryptocurrency. They offer assistance for free to help people start coding and hacking and claim to give money and power.

    They claim to have 82,545 daily transactions, 3 years of experience, and 2,001 active users. They also offer a service for sending bitcoin fake transactions.

    However, as we’ve seen, this webite has been around for less than one year and barely gets any traffic.

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    Maxim Dual Core BTC provides software with properties such as a flashing limit of 500 BTC, last BTC in blockchain for 90 days, transferable within 10 different BTC wallets, and tradable on any investment platforms and mining pools.

    They also offer a service for watching live transactions and learning how to generate and send fake Bitcoins.

    Maxim Dual Core BTC provides software for flash Bitcoin generation that has a flashing limit of 500 BTC and is transferrable within 10 different BTC wallets.

    It is also tradable on any investment platform and mining pool, and Bitcoin gets full confirmation and is displayed on the blockchain explorer.

    The process for using the flash Bitcoin generator software includes creating a new Bitcoin address, downloading the software, and generating flash Bitcoin.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    In summary, there are several red flags that suggest that Maxim Dual Core BTC could be a scam, including the fact that they are offering an illegal service of generating and sending fake Bitcoins.

    Bottom Line – MaximDualCoreBTC & Wallet Connect Scam

    Time to summarize our MaximDualCoreBTC & WalletConnect scams.

    We’ve seen a review that warns about a Bitcoin flashing scammer who operates through a website called, which seems to be an illegal website if not a scam, and uses multiple communication channels such as WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram.

    The scammer promises to deposit 1 BTC into the victim’s wallet for $1000 each but then demands that the victim deposit $3000 or more into BNB in their wallet to be able to make the BTC visible. The scammer then diverts the victim’s attention and transfers their BNB out of their wallet by using a phishing website,, claiming it is stuck in limbo and asking for double the amount to unlock it.

    Our conclusion is that you should probably avoid both websites, & due to a high likelihood of them being a SCAM!

    If you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams, such as the WalletConnectingBot scam or the MaximDualCoreBTC scam, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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