Gemini 2 Scam Review – Lame Program

Gemini 2 Scam is a name most binary traders have heard before. This bogus trading system has been around for a few years and is constantly causing nothing but harm to its users. They heavily rely on bogus statements to market themselves and they are associated with unregulated brokers.

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Basically, any one that stays with them for long enough is almost guaranteed to lose money. Promotional video showcased on their website is absolutely misleading and the management side of this firm is too mysterious.

Creators are operating from the dark and their business model contains conflict of interest. While automated trading might sound enticing, the reality strongly suggests otherwise.

To understand more about their real nature, glance over the following content. In case you have any specific questions, leave a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.

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Gemini 2 Scam Review

Founders and Management

Founders of Gemini 2 are unknown. The actor in the video pretends to be the CEO of the firm, but guess what? That is not the case. We did a thorough research about this platform and still we weren’t able to trace out any details about the management side.

In simple words, people running this hustle are pure professionals who are actively covering up their tracks. If they really helped people make money, why would they be so shy and hesitant to interact with the public? Isn’t their narrative too easy to see through?

How does Gemini 2 Function?

We spent a lot of time on their website trying to figure out how the algorithm actually functions. Sadly, there isn’t any justifiable answer to that question yet. Though, the video talks about the way the system works, the details are too vague.

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For starters, we do not have any clue about the way the algorithm selects the trades. Risk management system is not explained anywhere on their interface. Drawdown percentage is also not revealed.

Lastly, even the technical indicators used by the software are not tweakable in any way or form. Given the way this system is established, how can we risk our hard earned money with it? Chances of making a consistent return is close to zero. 

Accuracy Rate and Profits

This app is said to have over 99% accuracy rate. Though they do not talk much about the profits, they do try to use a lot of gimmicks. In their promotional video, bank accounts with large balances are shown, but guess what?

Those types of screenshots can be easily faked which means we cannot trust them for any reason. Coming back to their accuracy rate claims, a win rate of 99% is just impossible to sustain over the long term.

If there was a way to predict the market correctly all the time, wouldn’t everyone be rich by now? Narratives used by the crooks are designed to catch your attention, but ultimately, it causes financial ruin for the end user.

Affiliated Brokers

The brokers that are working with this trudging program for the most part are unregulated. Moreover, some entities are even blacklisted by financial regulators. When it comes to binary options, finding a reliable broker is almost an impossible task.

For your safety, we recommend you to always stick with the regulated platforms only. Also, do not forget to read the fine print before signing up and never deposit funds on any app without doing proper research.

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Gemini 2 User Reviews

This software does not have tons of user inputs. However, the available ones are negative for the most part. People are not happy with the service and the consensus gives a clear picture about the ground reality.

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Just in case you are wondering, know that people on average have lost thousands of dollars with this portal. If you ever see a positive comment with a referral link next to it, do not click on it. Promoters of this app usually create bogus profiles and post positive comments to mislead the public. 

Gemini 2 Scam Exposed

​​Gemini 2 Scam is a classic example of a fake trading app. From the way they position themselves to the kind of marketing tricks they use, almost everything about them is deceptive.

The number of things they blatantly lie about is also too many and apart from making unrealistic promises, they have no real talent. This trading funnel acts like a marketing tool that supplies retail traders to offshore brokers.

As you can tell by now, the real ones to make money would be the marketers and the unregulated entities. Since evidence present is more than adequate, you should never entertain them for any reason. 


Binary options are extremely volatile instruments. The probability of making money with them is minuscule at best. So, be rational and turn down any offer that promises you instant riches because they are nothing more than empty promises. 

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