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Review of presents itself as a reputable trading platform, boasting partnerships with well-known entities like BlackRock, Robinhood, Seeking Alpha, and Reuters. However, upon closer examination, these claims unravel to reveal a web of deceit. This article delves into’s fraudulent operations, highlighting misleading information, lack of regulatory compliance, and other red flags that potential investors should be wary of.

Overview of the Scam

Reported Case Details:

  1. Cryptocurrency Involved: Bitcoin
  2. Identified Scam Operation:
  3. Fraudulent Website URL:
  4. Fake Partner Claims: BlackRock, Reuters, Seeking Alpha, Robinhood
  5. Lack of KYC Verification: Claimed but not implemented claims that 96% of its clients are satisfied with its services, but a quick glance at user reviews on paints a different picture. Most reviews are negative, reflecting dissatisfaction with the platform’s performance and customer service.

User Reviews of

1. Ruben

This is a scam!
They always try to get more money. If you want to withdraw money, they come up with excuses/rules, but never give back your money.

Date of experience: May 24, 2024

2. Dennis Falk Jakobsen

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No response….
Why won’t the platform accept my requests for withdrawals?

You will not release my funds as simple as that.
One person calls to ‘understand’ my situation – only to not be able to help – outside his authority.
Another person calls to ‘see if he could’ help – same story letting me understand that only the accounting department could/approve release the funds.
(At no point did anyone speak of the process involved – but insted were more busy trying to talk me into staying)
A thrid person – from the account department calls – and has “40 questions” to ask to understand my scenario under the pretext of governance, but merely wanted me to stay on the site.
Finally he says – well, what is your account no – to which my answer was, send the money back where they came from – that information you have.
Since then no answer.
What is this site really – for real or something phony – I’m just asking?
So how will you help me?

Date of experience: Apr 25, 2024

Complaints We Received

On June 11, we received the following complaint on our ScamCrypto Forum:

Beware of scams operated through the website The scammers, Tina and Ulf, lure victims into depositing money and then repeatedly manipulate trades, causing significant losses.

For more details, visit If you have been scammed by, please share your experience to help others avoid this trap.

Misleading Partner Claims

One of the most glaring red flags is the platform’s false claim of partnerships with high-profile companies. BlackRock, Robinhood, Seeking Alpha, and Reuters are all established names in the financial industry. However, none of these companies have any affiliation with This deceptive tactic aims to lure unsuspecting investors by leveraging the credibility of these renowned firms.

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    Lack of Trading License

    A legitimate trading platform operates under the regulation of financial authorities and holds a valid trading license. fails to provide any evidence of regulatory compliance and operates without a trading license. This absence of oversight raises significant concerns about the platform’s legitimacy and the safety of investor funds.

    Detailed Investigation on

    Non-Existent Customer Support claims to offer comprehensive customer support, including chat and phone services. In reality, users have reported an absence of any meaningful customer support. Attempts to contact the platform are often met with silence, leaving investors stranded with no assistance.

    Payment Method Discrepancies

    The platform advertises acceptance of major credit cards like VISA, American Express, and MasterCard. However, upon deeper investigation, it becomes evident that only accepts cryptocurrency deposits. This discrepancy is a common tactic among scam platforms, as cryptocurrency transactions are harder to trace and reverse, making it easier for scammers to abscond with investors’ funds.

    Red Flags on

    1. Fake Partner Claims: The website falsely claims partnerships with reputable companies to enhance its credibility.
    2. Deposit Claims: The platform misleadingly advertises accepting traditional payment methods while only processing cryptocurrency deposits.
    3. Lack of Customer Support: Users are left without any support, contradicting the platform’s claims of comprehensive customer service.
    4. Low Trust Ratings: Most negative user reviews indicate widespread dissatisfaction and distrust.

    Review and Conclusion is a textbook example of a fraudulent trading platform. From fake partner claims to non-existent customer support and misleading payment methods, the platform is rife with red flags. Potential investors should avoid and conduct thorough research before engaging with any online trading platform. Trustpilot reviews and a lack of regulatory compliance are critical indicators that can help identify such scams.


    For those considering online trading, it is crucial to:

    1. Verify the platform’s regulatory status and ensure it holds a valid trading license.
    2. Check for credible partnerships and verify them independently.
    3. Review user feedback on independent platforms like Trustpilot to gauge the platform’s reputation.
    4. Ensure that the platform offers reliable and responsive customer support.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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