Exposed – Why Traders Should Beware

Introduction to, a crypto trading platform touting high leverage and exclusive crypto deposit methods, has raised numerous concerns. While it may seem appealing to traders, a closer look reveals many issues potential users should know about. This review exposes the critical flaws and risks associated with, underscoring why it might be wise to avoid this platform.

Red Flags

The primary red flag with is its unregulated status. Regulatory oversight is crucial in an industry rife with scams and fraudulent activities. operates without any regulatory standards, leaving users unprotected and vulnerable.

Upon signing up, it’s evident that lacks a verification process. The absence of Know Your Customer (KYC) verification means users’ identities are not confirmed, opening the door for potential fraudulent activities and misuse of the platform.

Transparency in trading fees is vital for traders to manage their costs effectively. Unfortunately, falls short in this area. The platform does not provide clear information about its trading fees, leaving users uncertain about potential charges. This lack of transparency can lead to unexpected and high costs, a tactic often used by scam platforms to exploit their users financially.

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Customer support is essential for any trading platform. Users need reliable assistance for issues ranging from technical difficulties to financial transactions. However, has a notorious reputation for poor customer support. Many users have reported being unable to withdraw funds and receiving no response from the support team. This unresponsiveness is frustrating and a significant red flag indicating potential scam activities.

A legitimate trading platform should have clear user policies and a valid license. fails on both fronts. The platform provides no user policies, leaving users without guidelines or protection. 

User Reports and Experiences on

One of the most alarming issues is users’ inability to withdraw funds. Many have expressed frustration over being locked out of their accounts and unable to access their money. This scenario is a classic sign of a scam, where users’ deposits are trapped with no means of retrieval.

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    Numerous users have reported negative experiences with, ranging from withdrawal issues to unresponsive customer support. Common complaints include unexplained deductions from accounts and the inability to withdraw funds. These reports paint a troubling picture of a platform prioritizing its gains over user security and satisfaction.

    Reviews 1: Michael Cochran

    “Beware of LiteGraphs I don’t know what the 5-star reviews below are about but the LiteGraphs organisation I have been dealing with are fraudsters and scammers. I have given them tens of thousands of GBP since mid April and they will not allow me to withdraw funds without paying a further $16,700. They are invisible on the web with what appears to be a fake address in Belgium and support email that just goes straight to the scammers. Be very aware and wary of LiteGraphs.”


    Reviews 2: lias Benz

    Scam, plus there are better companies out there with proper support after I started with these people they started talking to me like I’m stupid and refused to let me withdraw my money so they would call me on different phones numbers 2-5 times a day telling me what to do I explained to them that I would like to withdraw my money. They ignore u and never check any proof of ID for withdrawal. So I lost all the money and went -$100 now they calling me saying I owe them what a funny bunch of cowboys .

    Source Review Conclusion presents numerous red flags that categorize it as a high-risk platform for cryptocurrency trading. Its unregulated status, lack of KYC verification, non-disclosure of trading fees, poor customer support, and absence of user policies and trading licenses all contribute to a concerning picture.

    Given the significant risks and negative user experiences, it is strongly advised to avoid Trading on such a platform jeopardizes your funds and exposes you to potential fraud and scams. Opt for well-regulated, transparent, and customer-focused trading platforms prioritizing user security and adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

    Safety and transparency should be your top priorities in the volatile world of cryptocurrency trading. Always choose regulated platforms, have clear user policies, and provide transparent fee structures. Your financial security depends on it.

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