Vourteige.com a Scam? FCA Warning and Red Flags Explained

Vourteige.com - Review

Vourteige.com is a trading platform offering Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading. Despite its broad range of services, it operates without regulation, having started on September 14, 2023. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has warned against Vourteige.com, stating that it is unauthorized to offer financial services. Users have reported significant issues, including misleading claims about deposit methods and trading platform availability. This review highlights the red flags associated with Vourteige.com to caution potential users.

Review of Vourteige.com

Vourteige.com began operations in September 2023, attracting attention for its Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading services. However, several concerns arise upon closer inspection. The platform is unregulated and has received an FCA warning, a significant red flag. Despite claims of accepting various deposit methods like Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, and SWIFT, users report that the platform only accepts cryptocurrency deposits.

The website’s About section lacks information about the CEO, team, or headquarters. Vourteige.com falsely advertises providing MT3 and MT4 trading platforms while only web-based trading is available. Additionally, users have reported being unable to withdraw their funds and being asked for upfront fees to process withdrawals, indicating severe trust and reliability issues.

Contact Information for Vourteige.com

Contacting Vourteige.com poses significant challenges, raising doubts about its reliability. The provided email is support@vourteige.com, and the phone numbers listed are +447418353354, +352661547443, and +41215303160. However, attempts to locate a verified business address have been unsuccessful. Despite listing addresses at 130 Stamford St, London SE1 9LQ, United Kingdom, and 32-36 Bd d’Avranches, 1160 Bonnevoie-Nord-Verlorenkost, Luxembourg, Google Maps did not verify any business locations.

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This lack of verifiable contact details raises serious concerns about Vourteige.com’s transparency and legitimacy. Investors should exercise caution when considering engagement with this platform, as the difficulty in establishing reliable contact information indicates potential risks and a lack of transparency in its operations.

Red Flags

  1. FCA Warning: The FCA has warned against Vourteige.com, indicating that the platform is not authorized to offer financial services. This regulatory alert is a major red flag and suggests potential legal and operational risks associated with the platform.
  2. Unclear Trading Fees: Vourteige.com does not provide clear information about its trading fees. This lack of transparency can lead to hidden charges, making it difficult for users to understand the true cost of trading on the platform. Users have reported unexpected fees, which erode trust and raise questions about the platform’s integrity and commitment to user satisfaction.
  3. Unable to Withdraw Funds: Numerous users have difficulty withdrawing funds from Vourteige.com. The platform often requests upfront fees to process withdrawals, which clearly indicates fraudulent practices.
  4. Unclear About Section: The About section on Vourteige.com is vague and lacks crucial information about the company’s leadership, team, and headquarters. This lack of transparency is a significant concern for potential users.
  5. No Social Media Presence: Vourteige.com has no social media presence, which is unusual for a trading platform. A lack of engagement on social media suggests that the platform does not maintain open lines of communication with its users.

FCA Warning

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued a stern warning against Vourteige.com, highlighting that the platform lacks the authorization to offer financial services. The FCA regulates financial firms to ensure they operate transparently and protect consumers’ interests. Vourteige.com’s lack of authorization from the FCA indicates that it has not met the required regulatory standards. This warning is a critical alert to potential users about the inherent risks of using an unregulated platform. The FCA’s warning indicates that Vourteige.com operates outside the legal boundaries to safeguard financial transactions, making it a high-risk choice for traders. Potential users should take this warning seriously, as engaging with an unauthorized platform can lead to significant financial losses and legal complications.


Based on Trustpilot, Vourteige appears to be a highly questionable and potentially fraudulent investment platform. Despite its TrustScore of 3.5 out of 5, which might initially seem respectable, a closer examination of the reviews reveals many negative user experiences.

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    A substantial 34% of the reviews rate Vourteige at one star, with numerous users reporting being scammed. Common complaints include the inability to withdraw funds, aggressive and relentless solicitation, and manipulative practices that convince investors they are making profits while asking for more money. For instance, users like Borus Mabeus and Rod Nathan recount harrowing experiences of having their accounts closed without explanation and unable to retrieve their investments. Another reviewer, Margaret, shared that her attempts to close her account were met with blocking tactics and no responses to her inquiries, leading to her losing her money.

    Moreover, several reviews highlight that Vourteige is not regulated by any government body, adding to the concerns about its legitimacy. The company’s use of different phone numbers and names to contact and harass potential investors, as described by Ian Scott and Bert Janssen, further undermines its credibility. Users are advised to avoid the company, with some reviewers going so far as to warn that positive reviews might be fabricated by Vourteige’s staff to offset the overwhelming negative feedback.

    Complaints We Received

    On June 24, 2024, we received the following complaint:

    I opened an account at Vourteige and initially deposited 250 euros. After 3.5 weeks, I made 100 euros and withdrew it. My contact, Trevor, stopped responding when I mentioned the withdrawal. Later, Paul Miller, a supposed Nordic contact, reached out with a risk control trading offer promising 17.5-25% interest with a 3000 euro investment. I transferred 1250 euros and was supposed to transfer the rest the next day, with Vourteige providing credit. After reconsidering, I attempted to withdraw my funds but was told I could only get my money back if I paid the credit. They refused to deduct the profits to cover their loss, indicating total fraud.

    Contact details:

    • Danish number: +45 92455236
    • Swedish number: +46 70 7371249
    • Email: paulmiller@vourteige.com

    Total scammed amount: 1500 euros.

    Vourteige.com Review Conclusion

    Vourteige.com presents itself as a versatile trading platform. Forex, cryptocurrency, and CFD trading, but a closer examination reveals numerous red flags. The FCA warning against the platform is a significant concern, indicating that it is not authorized to offer financial services. Users report difficulties in withdrawing funds, with the platform demanding upfront fees and still not processing withdrawals. The unclear section, lack of social media presence, and low trust score further undermine the platform’s credibility.

    Given these detailed accounts and the consistency of complaints about fraud, aggressive marketing tactics, and the lack of regulatory oversight, it is prudent to regard Vourteige with extreme caution. The recurring theme of users being unable to withdraw funds and facing continuous harassment strongly suggests that Vourteige is a scam. Potential investors should stay away to avoid financial loss.

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