Top1SaleBTC Review: Is it a Legit Trading Platform or a Scam?

Welcome to our Top1SaleBTC Review, where we investigate the website at

On March 31, 2023, we received a complaint from someone claiming to be scammed for $16,000. He was matched with someone named Louis Antony on Tinder, who claimed to be an investor in restaurants and cafes in New York City. Louis Antony convinced the author to invest in cryptocurrency trades on a website called, and after some initial success, the author lost $6,000.

He writes:

He convinced me to invest $5000 in ETH after a successful initial investment. He persuaded me to add $4000 more, which resulted in a $6000 loss. He claimed his uncle could help but requested more money, which I refused. When attempting to withdraw from the website, all of my attempts failed.

Louis Antony pressured the author to invest more money and even suggested involving his uncle to help with the trades. The author realized they had been scammed and tried to withdraw their money but could not. They have since stopped communicating with Louis Antony and the website and suspect it was all a scheme to lure people into investing money in fake trades.

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So is a SCAM?

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Top1SaleBTC Review

The domain was registered on August 14, 2022, for one year through ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED. Cloudflare protects it.

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    So we have here a China or Singapore website that was purchased relatively recently for only one year, which is never a good sign. It is not popular, and no legitimate websites are linking to it.

    They possess only one backlink, from, where is not endorsed as legitimate due to its low trust rank of 14.3 out of 100. It is in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency industry and has a threat profile of 77/100, a phishing score of 68/100, a malware score of 77/100, and a spam score of 4/100. The website offers registration for cryptocurrency exchange and requires real-name verification, but its activities may extend beyond that.

    On Google, only the homepage is indexed.

    A search reveals that there are several Top1SaleBTC clones, such as:


    Based on the homepage, this is a trading platform called Top1salebtc National Trade that offers users access to various financial markets and products, including cryptocurrencies. The platform is secure and supported by professionals with advanced analysis tools and fast execution. It operates globally and ensures user funds’ security with a multi-layer architecture deployment and risk control system.

    To learn who is behind this website, we head to the About page, which includes information about the registration process for a cryptocurrency exchange account, along with instructions for verifying email, completing basic information, and withdrawing funds. Additionally, there is a section with strategies for investing in virtual currency. The text also mentions market news and market transactions. However, no information is provided about the company and the people behind it, such as a registered address, LinkedIn profiles, or any other social media profiles.

    There’s also some general information on the website, such as an FAQ about Bitcoin and its popularity among investors, explaining that it uses blockchain technology and a public ledger to keep track of transactions. It describes investing in Bitcoin, including joining an exchange, getting a wallet, connecting to a bank account, placing an order, and managing investments. The article also discusses the risks involved in investing in Bitcoin and advises investors to consider their goals and strategies carefully.

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    As for contact information, none is provided.

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    Top1SaleBTC Reviews

    There are no Top1SaleBTC reviews on Google; however, based on a complaint received from a person who claims to be scammed for $16,000, is suspected to be a scheme to lure people into investing money in fake trades.

    On May 14, 2023, we received another complaint:

    The person initially connected with someone named “Jeff” on Tinder, who convinced them to invest in cryptocurrency trading. Despite initial skepticism, the person supported $500 and made some profit. Encouraged by their success, they invested more money, totaling almost $12, and continued to make additional profits. However, they encountered errors when they tried to withdraw a large sum, and the website became inaccessible.

    They contacted “Jeff” and accused him of being a scammer. He claimed that the website had moved and instructed them to contact customer service to transfer their balance. After some days, they attempted to withdraw the total amount but received an error message again. Customer service informed them they needed to pay 37% in cryptocurrency as taxes on their gains, amounting to over $390K.

    The complaint mentions another company: JDGMS.

    Bottom Line

    Is a legitimate trading platform or a scam?

    Recent findings suggest that it may be a scheme to lure people into investing money in fake trades. Someone who claims to have been scammed for $16,000 reported that they were convinced to invest in cryptocurrency trades by someone they met on Tinder and later lost $6,000 on

    The website was registered recently for only one year through a Singapore company, has a low trust rank, and no legitimate websites linking to it.

    Despite offering registration for a cryptocurrency exchange and claiming to have secure trading tools, the company provides no information about the people behind it or contact info.

    Overall, is suspected to be a scam.

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