Review – Is It Worth Your Time and Money? - Review sets itself apart in the online hotel and resort booking industry by offering attractive deals to travelers around the globe, boasting discounts of 70% to 80% off the usual rates. This platform is designed to draw in those looking for value deals and is committed to raising customer satisfaction levels through its promise of dedicated support services. Let’s delve into the authenticity of these claims.

Overview started on November 21, 2023. It’s a new website for booking hotels and resorts. When we looked into it, we noticed you need a referral code to sign up, which isn’t expected for most booking sites where referral codes are usually just an extra option.

The website’s design doesn’t seem very professional yet. Also, it looks like their customer support is not up to par. They don’t have an official email for help; the only way to get support is through a chat feature that doesn’t work well.

If you’re considering booking your hotel or resort stay via, we recommend reading our reviews first. This will help you gauge the reliability of and make an informed decision.

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Red Flags

  1. Signup Restrictions: Users have expressed dissatisfaction with’s mandatory referral code requirement for signup. This restriction is a barrier, preventing easy access to the platform’s services.
  2. Website Usability Issues: Feedback on the website’s design and usability has been overwhelmingly negative. Users report that lacks the professional layout and intuitive navigation found on more established booking sites, making it challenging to use.
  3. Inadequate Customer Support: Many users have reported issues with customer support. The absence of an official support email and a poorly functioning chat service has left many users without resolutions to their problems, leading to a frustrating experience.
  4. Reliability Concerns: The platform’s recent launch has raised concerns about its reliability. Users have reported instances where deals that seemed too good to be true failed to meet expectations, casting doubt on the discounts’ legitimacy.
  5. Hidden Website Owner and No Physical Headquarters Information: A significant concern with is the lack of transparency regarding its ownership and operational base. The absence of identifiable owner information and undisclosed physical headquarters details contribute to a veil of secrecy surrounding the platform. This obscurity raises red flags about accountability and the ability of users to seek recourse or verification, further eroding trust in the legitimacy and operational integrity of

Signup Restriction

Regarding the signup restrictions, we encountered significant challenges in conducting a thorough investigation of due to the requirement of a referral code for account creation. This limitation made it difficult for us to explore the platform’s offerings. It obstructed our understanding of their terms and conditions, the variety of payment methods accepted, and the overall user experience.

The inability to access the site without an invitation raises. Questions about transparency complicate efforts to verify the legitimacy of the services offered. This approach casts a shadow of doubt, making it challenging to differentiate between a genuine business model and potential scam tactics.

The entry barriers hinder potential users and obscure critical information to assess the platform’s trustworthiness and reliability.

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    BBB Complaint

    On January 17, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Regarding a cryptocurrency scam at By a person who reported being scammed for $10,000:

    Complaint Description

    You will need to complete tasks for IHG hotels, and you’ll earn a commission for each task completed. Additionally, there are combination tasks that can double your earnings. However, this also means that you’ll need to deposit more money. This doubling could occur up to three times, increasing the amount you need to invest in order to retrieve your earnings.

    Discuss this case and more in the ScamCrypto Forum. Review Conclusion presents several significant concerns that potential users should carefully consider. The mandatory referral code for signup, unprofessional website design, inadequate customer support, unfulfilled promises of deep discounts, and booking issues, as well as the anonymity of the website’s ownership and the absence of information about a physical headquarters, collectively raise red flags about the platform’s reliability and trustworthiness. Additionally, our inability to access the site directly is due to the invite-only restriction. This has limited our capacity to investigate and thoroughly verify the claims made by

    This opacity level and the numerous user-reported issues suggest that anyone considering this platform for their travel booking needs should exercise caution. Individuals must conduct comprehensive research, seek independent reviews, and consider more transparent and well-established booking options to ensure a secure and satisfactory travel planning experience.

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