EasyGlobeLogistics.com Review – Legit Business or Not?

EasyGlobeLogistics.com - Review

EasyGlobeLogistics.com promotes itself as a provider of cargo and international transportation services, covering 220 countries with its worldwide network. The company highlights its EasyGlobeLogistics_CargoWireless feature, which promises on-time delivery to the intended locations. With a global team of over 208 employees, EasyGlobeLogistics.com is committed to maintaining high service standards.

This review will examine the authenticity of EasyGlobeLogistics.com’s services to determine if they are legitimate or fraudulent.


EasyGlobeLogistics.com, established on September 26, 2022, presents itself as a provider of comprehensive ground and air transportation services. Upon initiating our investigation, several red flags emerged concerning the website’s operations.

Despite claims of beginning operations in 1999, there is no customer feedback—neither positive nor negative—regarding EasyGlobeLogistics.com’s services. Moreover, although the company boasts of employing over 208 individuals globally, searches on LinkedIn and other professional platforms failed to identify any employees publicly associating themselves with EasyGlobeLogistics.com.

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Additionally, the website’s contact section is notably missing crucial information such as a phone number, a physical office address, or headquarters details, raising further concerns about its legitimacy.

If you are contemplating utilizing the services of EasyGlobeLogistics.com, we strongly advise reading our in-depth review to gain a clearer understanding of the situation.

Red flags

  1. No Reviews: The complete absence of both positive and negative customer reviews for EasyGlobeLogistics.com is concerning. Typically, businesses operating since 1999 would have accumulated feedback online. This lack of reviews can lead potential customers to question the authenticity and quality of the services offered.
  2. Fake Employees: Claiming to employ over 208 individuals, EasyGlobeLogistics.com fails to substantiate these claims with any online presence or profiles of its supposed employees. This discrepancy raises suspicions about the veracity of the company’s operational size and its actual existence.
  3. No Physical Location and Headquarters Information: The lack of a disclosed physical address or headquarters details on EasyGlobeLogistics.com’s website is a significant red flag. Legitimate businesses typically provide this information to be transparent and to establish trust with potential clients.
  4. Low Trust Score: EasyGlobeLogistics.com has been assessed with a low trust score, indicating a higher risk of fraud or scams. Trust scores are crucial indicators of a website’s reliability and the safety of engaging with it, especially for financial transactions or personal information exchange.
  5. No Regulatory Compliance: The absence of any displayed licenses or regulatory compliance details on EasyGlobeLogistics.com suggests a lack of formal recognition or authorization to operate within the logistics and transport industry. Such information is vital for proving a company’s legitimacy and adherence to industry standards and regulations.

Absence of Reviews and Contact Information

The lack of reviews for EasyGlobeLogistics.com is a significant concern, especially for a company that claims to have been operating since 1990. This absence of customer feedback, coupled with the fact that there isn’t a single testimonial regarding their services on their website, stands out as a major red flag. Moreover,

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    The absence of a contact phone number further exacerbates the situation, making it difficult for potential clients to reach out and verify the legitimacy of their operations. This combination of factors doubts the company’s credibility and operational transparency.

    Issue of Fake Employees at EasyGlobeLogistics.com

    EasyGlobeLogistics.com asserts it employs over 208 individuals globally, a claim that, upon investigation, appears unsubstantiated. This discrepancy arises from the complete absence of any online presence or professional profiles of these alleged employees on platforms such as LinkedIn or other industry-related networks. For a company that prides itself on such a significant workforce, the lack of any verifiable digital footprint for its employees is unusual and suspicious.

    This situation leads to questions about the authenticity of the company’s operations and whether these claimed employees truly exist. The issue of fake employees undermines trust and raises serious doubts about the integrity and operational reality of EasyGlobeLogistics.com.

    BBB Complaint

    On December 4, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at easyglodelogistics.com by a person who reported being scammed for $10,400:

    This letter concerns the scamming activities of Top Daily Trade, in collusion with Easy Global Logistics and an individual named Williams Stone. I purchased a Bitmain Antminer from Top Daily Trade for $2,450.00 USD, and the shipping was handled by Easy Globe Logistics and Williams Stone. Williams Stone provided fraudulent flight manifests and U.S. Customs and Border Protection documents.

    On May 15, 2023, I paid Kristy Robertson $300.00 USD in Bitcoin for a cryptocurrency trade with Top Daily Trade. I created an account with Top Daily Trade using the username wolfdog1113. Kristy Robertson informed me that I was required to pay a tax (brokerage fee) of $2,000.00 USD in Bitcoin, which I did on May 16, 2023. Subsequently, Top Daily Trade requested an additional $3,290.00 USD in Bitcoin to allow me to withdraw my profits exceeding $10,000.00.

    After purchasing the Antminer, I was informed that Williams Stone would arrange the shipping. On July 17, 2023, Williams Stone quoted a shipping fee of $900.00 to my address at 4986 Bees Creek Rd, Ridgeland, SC. My tracking number for the Antminer was AWB000012, which I could track at www.air.easyglobelogistics.com. The tracking information listed the city of collection as Scotland, with Glasgow as the origin city, and the shipping date as July 16, 2023. Williams Stone later claimed that Kristy Robertson purchased the Antminer in the United States, indicating that the air freight manifest was fraudulent. The manifest declared a weight of 4,524 lbs, whereas the actual weight of the Antminer is only 33 lbs.

    On July 19, 2023, Williams Stone informed me that an ASIC connection cable costing $2,200.00 USD was required, significantly above the market price of $400.00 USD. After purchasing the cable, I was asked for my ID for delivery verification. On July 24, 2023, Williams Stone sent me a shipping document, and on July 25, 2023, he claimed that U.S. Customs was holding my package, providing a fake customs document. Upon contacting U.S. Customs and Border Protection, I was informed that no packages were held under my name or by Easy Globe Logistics.

    I confronted Williams Stone about the fraudulent customs form on August 1, 2023. Kristy Robertson and I paid a total of $4,200.00 for the fake customs fee in early August. Williams Stone later claimed additional shipping costs for my Bitmain Antminer, requesting $1,500.00 for ground or $2,200.00 for air transport. A fake bill of lading provided by Williams indicated an incorrect weight of 30,000 lbs. ABF Arkansas Best Freight confirmed they had no shipment under the provided bill of lading number.

    Despite previously paying $900.00 for shipping, Williams Stone requested further payments for ground freight, late fees, and additional customs interceptions, culminating in a total payment of $10,400.00 USD to Williams Stone and Easy Globe Logistics in Bitcoin.

    Top Daily Trade, Kristy Robertson, Williams Stone, and Easy Globe Logistics have engaged in fraudulent activities, including extortion, by using fake documents and continuously demanding additional payments without delivering the purchased Antminer. Easy Globe Logistics is purportedly still holding my package as per Williams Stone’s instructions, who is associated with Top Daily Trade. These actions constitute fraud and forms of extortion, with the involved parties utilizing fake U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency documents.

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    EasyGlobeLogistics.com Review Conclusion

    In evaluating the credibility and legitimacy of EasyGlobeLogistics.com, our thorough review has unearthed multiple red flags that significantly undermine its trustworthiness. The absence of customer reviews and employee profiles, the lack of essential contact information, and questionable business practices raise doubts about the company’s authenticity.

    The absence of tangible evidence supporting the existence of over 208 employees, alongside the failure to provide a physical address or any form of regulatory compliance, deviates significantly from the norm expected of legitimate businesses in the logistics and international transportation sector. Moreover, the discovery of a BBB complaint detailing a sophisticated scam involving EasyGlobeLogistics.com, Top Daily Trade, and individuals purportedly associated with these entities underscores the potential risks of engaging with this company. The elaborate nature of the scam, involving fraudulent shipping documents, fake customs fees, and demands for additional payments without the delivery of services, highlights a deliberate intent to deceive and exploit customers.

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    Considering these factors, EasyGlobeLogistics.com appears to operate more as a façade for fraudulent activities than a legitimate logistics provider. The pattern of deception, lack of transparency, and involvement in financial scams indicate a sophisticated operation designed to scam individuals and businesses under the guise of providing logistics services.

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    The Bottom Line Regarding EasyGlobeLogistics.com

    While potential customers must conduct their due diligence before engaging with any service provider, the overwhelming evidence of malpractice associated with EasyGlobeLogistics.com strongly suggests that it is a scam. Individuals and businesses should exercise extreme caution and consider alternative, well-established logistics providers with verifiable track records and transparent business practices. The risks associated with EasyGlobeLogistics.com far outweigh any potential benefits, making it advisable to steer clear of their services.

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