Bitcoin Revolution Scam Review – Updated

The Bitcoin Revolution Scam is a terrible thing that has happened to the crypto sector in recent history. Many newbies have lost their hard earned capital to this trading bot. In this article, we will show you the kind of gimmicks they use along with the way they actually work.

By the time you have finished reading this post, you will be able to recognise their tricks and more importantly understand the real motives of the firm. Cryptocurrency markets are volatile and you need to be careful about the way you handle the risk.

The entire process of trading isn’t something you can delegate to a robot and it certainly won’t be a hassle free thing. So, be careful when you hear anyone say otherwise.

Bitcoin Revolution Scam Review

What is Bitcoin Revolution Bot?

Bitcoin Revolution Bot is supposedly an advanced trading bot that enables people to make consistent returns from the crypto market. Basically, they are peddling the get rich quick narrative in a modern way. The metrics and the indicators used by the bot are unknown.

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Moreover, the details of the creators is also a mystery. In short, this bot is nothing more than a sales funnel for the offshore brokers. As the plot is easy to see through once you understand the fundamentals, all you have to do is get educated. 

How does the Bitcoin Revolution Work?

Over the years, we have seen a lot of trading bots, but guess what? None of them are able to generate returns consistently because it is not adaptable to the ever changing conditions. Also, most trading algorithms have terrible win rates as well. The exact way the Bitcoin Revolution works is not explained by them.

Things like money management and risk management are not tweak-able to a large extent. Plus, the drawdowns are also unknown.

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    Simply put, there is no way to measure the accuracy which means we as customers have to take enormous risk just to try it out. Obviously, given the way they operate, no person in their right mind would ever dare to mess with them. 

    Bitcoin Revolution Scam Explained

    Bitcoin Revolution Scam tricks people into depositing with offshore shady brokers. The creators of this platform earn commissions whenever a user deposits and that creates conflict of interest.

    To enhance their income, the people running the hustle use gimmicks and they do not care about things like ethics and morals. Anyone that trusts them will most likely lose all of their funds and they might be a victim of identity theft too.

    Clearly, the risks present are not worth the reward. Plus, they are unregulated as well. Regardless of which angle you look at them, flaws are present at every nook and corner of their business model. 

    User Reviews

    When it comes to choosing a trading solution, you should always look at the user reviews. Though, it may not be the foolproof way of gauging things, it gives a lot of insights.

    Bitcoin Revolution does not have good ratings on most niche related sites and forums. People are unhappy with the way it functions and it is safe to say that no one has made significant profits with them. Looking at the number of complaints, the longevity of the firm indeed appears to be bleak at best. 

    Demo Account

    Bitcoin Revolution offers a demo account, but there is a catch, the data feed does not match with most providers. Also, the win rate in virtual accounts is generally higher as well.

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    Anyone that tries the demo account might find a high accuracy rate, but when they shift to the real account, they will be disappointed for sure because drawdowns will be way too aggressive. 

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    Is Bitcoin Revolution Scam or Legit Crypto Bot?

    Go through the following points which will highlight the true nature of this platform.

    First, the Bitcoin Revolution website claims that their bot has a success rate of 99.4%. This is an incredibly high number, and it is hard to believe that any bot could be that accurate.

    Second, the website also claims that you can make up to $1,300 per day using their bot. This is also a very high number, and it is hard to believe that anyone could make that much money with any kind of trading.

    Third, there are many complaints about the Bitcoin Revolution bot on the internet. Complaints range from people not being able to get their money back after signing up, to people losing money after using the bot.

    Fourth, the website does not provide any contact information. This is strange for a legitimate company, and it makes it difficult to get in touch with them if you have any problems.

    Fifth and final reason to be suspicious of the bot is that they do not seem to be regulated by any financial authority. This means that they are not subject to the same rules and regulations as other financial companies.


    Cryptocurrency markets are exciting, but to consistently make money, one needs to have a reliable strategy and a risk management system. Don’t take blind risks with random bots like this one. More importantly, never trust unregulated brokers or else the consequences are going to be too severe. 

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