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On August 11, 2023, we received the following complaint regarding a potential online shopping scam:

I am seeking your assistance regarding a matter that involves the website e2345.net. I am uncertain about its legality, although they have provided me with some documents attesting to their legitimacy. I have been associated with this e-commerce platform, where I have conducted transactions amounting to $30,000 involving the sale of electronic and consumer products.

Recently, I have encountered difficulties in withdrawing my funds from my wallet on the site. The website’s representatives insist that I must deposit an additional 20% of my balance for the purpose of a financial crime investigation before I can proceed with the withdrawal. I am skeptical about this requirement and am concerned that this might be a fraudulent scheme.

Furthermore, my attempts to withdraw the money have been consistently thwarted by various excuses provided by them. They have even presented an authorization certificate allegedly from a cybersecurity infrastructure authority.

I am now in a challenging predicament as they have ceased all direct communication with me and have resorted to contacting me through a third party. To compound the issue, I am now blocked from their channels, and they are demanding that I transfer audit funds to release my money.

So, is e2345.net a SCAM?

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E2345.net Review

E2345.net was registered on April 8, 2011, updated on August 1, 2023, and is set to expire on April 8, 2026. Cloudflare protects it.

The registrant contact is listed as being from Xin Jia Po, Singapore. While there is a place called Xin Jia Po in China, we couldn’t find such a place in Singapore, so “Xin Jia Po” might be the registrant’s name.

E2345.net has a 3% SEMrush Authority Score with 660 backlinks from 124 referring domains.

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    Google Search Results for E2345.net

    We can learn a few things by looking at the pages from e2345.net on Google. First, the site talks about digital currency. They post about Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies. The articles talk about trading, market analysis, and exchange rates. For example, they ask what certain terms mean in the currency world. They also talk about changes in the market.

    The site also warns about scams. They mention a warning from internet police about a pyramid scheme. This shows they are aware of fraud in the digital currency space. This could be good or bad. It’s good they talk about scams. But it could also mean they have to deal with scam accusations themselves.

    The site has articles with a hundred views. This could mean the site is not very popular. Or it might mean they don’t update their view counts often. The articles have dates and seem recent. This shows the site is active and keeps putting out new content.

    The language on the site is a bit informal. For example, they use phrases like “shit currency market.” This could make them seem less professional. But it might also be them trying to appear down to earth.

    In all, the site talks a lot about digital currency. They seem to know about trading and the risks of scams. They are active and post regularly. But they might not be very popular or professional. This is what we can tell just from Google’s index.

    None of the pages indexed on Google still exist on e2345.net. Moreover, the Homepage, Contact page, or About Us page are not indexed.

    Content Analysis

    The website’s content spans a range of topics, from terms of service and privacy policies to seller and buyer guidelines. The website presents itself as a marketplace dealing in various goods and services, detailed under categories like electronics, pet supplies, and more. It outlines the process for transactions, returns, and communication between buyers, sellers, and the site administration.

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    A critical review of the provided content suggests that the website aims to establish comprehensive policies and support for its users. It offers a structured procedure for dealing with orders, payments, and disputes. Various contact details are listed, such as an email address (postmaster@shopee24.com) and a physical address (245 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10007 USA), which provide avenues for contact and potentially increase the site’s credibility.

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    Red Flags

    However, there are red flags that raise concerns about the website’s legitimacy. Firstly, the heavy emphasis on legal disclaimers and the extent of detail in outlining the limitations of liability are unusual for a simple e-commerce site. The policy suggests a disproportionate focus on protecting the site rather than facilitating user transactions.

    Secondly, the site mentions a transaction fee, which, while not uncommon, does not specify the transparency of these fees during the user’s experience. Also, the demand that sellers must not close their stores within 2 months or face penalties seems unorthodox and potentially coercive.

    Lastly, the address provided appears to be a location in a high-profile area in New York, which could be used to lend the site an air of legitimacy. Still, without verification, it could just as easily be misleading. Indeed, upon checking the address 245 Greenwich St on Google Maps, various entities are listed, including Fiterman Hall, a known educational institution, and Avenida New York, an apartment complex. Also noted are Cardinal Fund Management, an investment service, and BMCC Entrepreneurship, an educational establishment. Additionally, the location houses 1 Million Cups – NYC, a professional association, along with The Maxine Greene HS for Imaginative Inquiry and the High School for Law, Advocacy and Community Justice, both high schools. GlobalEDMarkets, a financial audit firm, is mentioned too. However, there’s no mention of E2345.net being located at this address.

    Using an email address for legal notices (especially one from a different domain – @shopee24.com and not @e2345.net) rather than a more formal method is also unconventional and could suggest an attempt to appear legitimate without the infrastructure to back it up.

    E2345.net Reviews

    The website e2345.net appears in various search results with mixed information. ScamAdviser.com suggests that e2345.net is legitimate and safe for consumer access. However, Milonic indicates that e2345.net has a low social media presence, which raises concerns about its popularity and user engagement. WebParanoid presents e2345.net as an established website with a significant online history, which could imply stability.

    A user on Şikayetvar rated the site with three stars but complained about the service, suggesting potential issues with customer satisfaction.

    A LinkedIn profile for “Ji-hee Kim” associated with e2345.net and several other web listings link back to the site, indicating some level of business activity. Despite these listings, there are no clear, consistent details on what e2345.net offers or its business model, and there’s a noticeable absence of direct user testimonials or clear service descriptions.

    Given the mix of somewhat positive reviews, lack of detailed user feedback, limited social media presence, and slow website response times, caution is advisable when interacting with e2345.net. The information presented does not conclusively indicate a scam, nor does it assure complete legitimacy.


    Users have shared their experiences with e2345.net on the Complaintvar platform. Jesus posted about opening a store and adding money to e2345.net. After selling products, he tried to withdraw his funds but faced excuses and delays from the site. Jesus is seeking help to resolve this issue.

    Fikret labeled e2345.net as fraudulent. He mentioned losing $2000 when the site froze his account with his money still inside. He plans to file a criminal complaint and wants the site investigated.

    Conqueror offered a different perspective, stating that obeying customer service and processing orders are key to withdrawing money. He has been using the site for a year without problems, claiming it has been profitable.

    Ali Can shared a negative experience, stating that after following all instructions and investing money, he was blocked from the site and could not reach customer service or the site anymore.

    Tolga reported that he could not withdraw money without orders and believes the site is a scam. He described the site as “real but fake” and expressed frustration about being unable to withdraw his deposit.

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    Yucel had a query about order creation, indicating possible confusion or needing assistance using the site.

    Overall, the reviews show a mix of allegations of fraud and defense of the site’s services. Users have reported being unable to withdraw funds and have accused the site of being a scam. In contrast, a single user claims to have had a positive experience. This conflicting information suggests caution is needed when considering using e2345.net.


    We saw that e2345.net provides the following email address to contact them: postmaster@shopee24.com.

    What is shopee24.com?

    Shopee24.com was registered for one year on June 4, 2023, through ALIBABA.COM SINGAPORE E-COMMERCE PRIVATE LIMITED.

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    It has a 2% SEMrush Authority Score with 9 backlinks from 4 referring domains.

    The Google search results for “shopee24.com” suggest that it’s an e-commerce platform with a presence on Facebook. There are no clear indications of the site’s reliability or reputation from the search results alone.

    The Facebook pages for Shopee and Shopee24 online shopping indicate some level of activity, but no detailed information about the nature of the business or customer satisfaction is available from these pages.

    Shopee23 on Facebook

    Shopee appears to have been an e-commerce platform with a diverse range of products. They sold electronics, home appliances, tools, gadgets, fashion items, home decor, clothing, health, and beauty products. The company was based in Dhaka, Bangladesh, with a specific address listed as Ma Amena Plaza, 37, Road-02, Block- Kha, Section-06, Senpara Porbota 10 1216.

    They provided specific product information in their Facebook posts, including names, SKU numbers, and prices. For example, they have listed an Instant Electric Hot Water Tap and a Digital BP Monitor. Prices for winter products start at 950 Bangladeshi Taka.

    For all products, Shopee provides a contact phone number, which is 01724070718. This number seems to be a direct line for customer inquiries and orders. The Facebook page shows different products with options to learn more, suggesting that detailed product descriptions and purchasing options may be available on their website or via direct contact.

    Content Analysis

    Shopee24.com seems to have been an online store offering many products. They had items in categories such as health and beauty, home and living, electronics, kitchen items, baby products, and more. Their collection included fashionable racks, bathroom accessories, kitchen racks, foot massagers, and organic food.

    They featured several special offers and top-sale products. For example, they offered a foot massager, juicer & blender, landline phones, and various racks for organizing clothes and shoes. They also sold portable wardrobes in multiple colors and styles.

    The website listed prices in Bangladeshi Taka, with discounts on many items. Customers could order products like Portable Almari in different colors, Clothes Racks, Shoe Racks, and a Deluxe Tidy Rail, among others. The prices seem competitive, with significant discounts on the listed MRP.

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    For orders, Shopee24.com provided a contact number, 01722849773, which customers could use to place orders or inquire about products.

    Other Related Sites

    Additional sites that seem to be or were involved in this e-commerce scam include:

    • shifamart.com
    • mayaboti.xyz
    • buyandgains.com

    E2345 Review Conclusion

    While e2345.net was registered many years ago, recent changes suggest it has become a scam e-commerce site, following the pattern of its predecessors shopee24.com and buyandgains.com. Users should approach with caution due to these associations.

    The recent complaint we received about e2345.net raises serious concerns. The claim of needing an extra 20% deposit for a financial crime investigation before withdrawing funds is a major red flag. It suggests a pattern of obstructing users from accessing their money, a common tactic in online scams.

    The site’s ownership details are unclear, with a registrant contact listed as being from Xin Jia Po, Singapore—a place we could not verify. The site’s authority score is low, indicating it is not widely recognized or trusted.

    Content on e2345.net ranges from digital currency discussions to scam warnings. However, the informal tone and lack of substantial user engagement suggest it may not be a professional or widely used platform. The fact that key pages like the Homepage and Contact page are not indexed on Google further undermines its credibility.

    Customer reviews on Sikayetvar.com reveal mixed experiences. Some users allege fraudulent activity, unable to withdraw funds, while others defend the site’s services. This conflicting information necessitates caution.

    Shopee24.com, associated with e2345.net through the provided email address, appears to have been another fraudulent e-commerce platform with listings on Facebook. However, there is limited information about its operations and no clear customer feedback.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, while e2345.net and shopee24.com present themselves as legitimate e-commerce platforms, there are numerous warning signs that they may be involved in deceptive practices. The lack of transparency, difficulties in withdrawing funds, and the need for further deposits all point to potential scam operations. Consumers are advised to seek out more established and reputable sites for their online shopping needs to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

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    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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