Apex Capital Metrics Review – Is ApexCapitalMetrics a Scam?

Welcome to our Apex Capital Metrics Review in which we investigate the website found at ApexCapitalMetrics.com.

On December 22, 2022 a complaint was posted at the Better Business Bureau (BBB) by a person who claims he was scammed for $11,000 at apexcapitalmetrics.com. He reports:

The company has taken my money with a promise of a return but I have never received the return of funds of any kind

He also mentions the following email address: apexcapitalpaymentdepartment@gmail.com.

So Is Apex Capital Metrics legitimate or is it a SCAM? Don’t invest with them before reading this ApexCapitalMetrics Review!

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Apex Capital Metrics Review - Screenshot of homepage at ApexCapitalMetrics.com

ApexCapitalMetrics Review of Domain Name

ApexCapitalMetrics.com is a domain which was registered on September 29, 2022 through the Cosmotown, Inc. registrar for one year. According to Whois data, the registrant is located in California, USA.

So this domain is about 3 months old at the time of writing this review.

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    Unsurprinsigly, it is not popular and has a Semrush authority score of 0% with just 2 backlinks, but none of them from any legitimate sites.

    We do not recommend trusting a website which has not been around for at least 6 months, especially when it’s so unpopular and unauthoritative.

    Moving forward, we open the website itself.

    Apex Capital Metrics Review

    According to the About page found at ApexCapitalMetrics.com, Apex Capital Metrics is a private online investment company that is legally registered in the United Kingdom.

    The company specializes in fiduciary management and long-term investments, with a focus on multicurrency trading on the Forex market.

    They have developed a unique trading strategy that they have been improving and adapting to the constantly changing market since 2010.

    (Strange since as we’ve seen, their website has only been around for about 3 months…)

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    They claim to be able to provide stable and risk-free profits for their partners and investors, and to fulfill all obligations related to timely payments to investors.

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    Additionally, they offer digital currency mining and trading on international exchanges.

    They have a technical department that has implemented unique software for multicurrency trading in automatic mode to maximize profitability.

    They offer a referral bonus program for new members and claim to have a strong investment plan that supports the stability of their coin, fast transfer, and customer satisfaction.


    While they claim to be have been legally registered in the United Kingdom since 2016, the Certificate of Incorporation of a Private Limited Company they have posted belongs to Company Number 13847267 and says that “The Registrar of Companies for England and Wales, hereby certifies that BITCOCASH INVESTMENT is this day incorporated […] Given […] on 13th January 2022.

    Apex Capital Metrics - Fake Certificate of Incorporation

    Strange. How is BitcoCash Investment related to Apex Capital Metrics?

    Unfortunately, the About page does not provide any information regarding who is behind the company, such as the names of the owners, LinkedIn profiles etc.

    Apex Capital Metrics Contact Information

    The following address is mentioned: 95 Tabernacle Street, London, England, EC2A 4BA

    As well as a telephone number: +44 143 894 0927.

    +44 is indeed the UK telephone code, however when we search for this number in Google we discover three other companies which are using it:

    • Integrity Assets LTD (integrityassets.ltd),
    • Trades Official (tradesofficial.com), and…
    • Bitcocash Investment (bitcocashinvestment.com)!

    All 4 websites are also sharing the same address, in which according to Google Maps, there is a building which houses Webworks UK Ltd, a web designer, MegaTransfer, a financial institution, Nunchi, a marketing agency, and IESlive, a security system supplier.

    Integrityassets.ltd seems to currently be defunct, however tradesofficial.com and bitcocashinvestment.com are working and look very similar to apexcapitalmetrics.com. Could the same entity be responsible for them all?

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    Network of Scams Exposed!

    Like apexcapitalmetrics.com, bitcocashinvestment.com & tradesofficial.com, were also registered through the Cosmotown, Inc. registrar.

    Bitcocashinvestment.com on September 28, 2022 and Tradesofficial.com on October 10, 2021, while integrityassets.ltd was registered through NameCheap, Inc. on January 13, 2022.

    When we search the UK Companies House for the registration number found at ApexCapitalMetrics.com, 13847267, we reach the page of the company INTEGRITY ASSETS LTD, an active private limited company licensed to engage in fund management activities, which was incorporated on January 13, 2022 by Declan Nicholls, a British national, of 81 Tunis Road, London, England, W12 7EY.

    They are all peddling unrealistic investment plans in which the more you invest, the more money you can earn after just one week. For example, invest $500 and get a 112% ROI after 7 days or invest $5,000 and get 120% ROI after one week. Invest $50,000 and get a return of 130%.

    There are some variations across the different sites. So for example on tradesofficial.com, they promise 1.6% after 5 days for those who deposit $50,000.

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    And on bitcocashinvestment.com, they offer 15% after 3 days for those who deposit a minimum of $5,000.

    Integrityassets.ltd, which is no longer online, used to offer 140% after 48 hours to those who deposited more than $50,00.

    All of these websites also share much of the same text, which makes it even clearer that they all belong to the same person.

    However, alarmingly, when we looked for some of these texts in Google, we found additional websites that may belong to same scammer, including:

    • finnexworld.com (defunct)
    • coinfxai.com (defunct)
    • aristoglobal.ltd (defunct)
    • digitalworldtradesfx.com (defunct)
    • corelinvestment.com
    • coincashinvest.com
    • coinbitinvest.com

    Apex Capital Metrics Reviews & Complaints

    While we could not find any Google reviews claiming the site is a scam, we are already pretty convinced that it is.

    Is ApexCapitalMetrics Legit or a SCAM?

    ApexCapitalMetrics.com, as well as the sites related to it, promise something that seems too good to be true, namely an exceptionally high yield.

    The website is sloppily made with the “suggested text” prompts left inside the Privacy Policy page. They didn’t even delete the WordPress default Sample page which says “Hello world!” and other pages that came with the template they’re using such as a Team page with dummy text.

    Is ApexCapitalMetrics a SCAM? We think so. We recommend that you stay away from this website and do not invest your money with them!

    If you have been scammed by ApexCapitalMetrics or if you have any information about them, please let us know by commenting below this Apex Capital Metrics Review.

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