Lankyexchange Review ( is a SCAM!)

LankyexchangeWelcome to our Lankyexchange review about a website currently found at

On February 4, 2023, the following complaint was posted on the BBB (Better Business Bureau) by a Florida, USA, person who claims to have lost $5,000 to a CryptoCurrency investment scam at

A close friend of mine reached out to me on Instagram and informed me that one of his acquaintances was involved in cryptocurrency mining. I then spoke with the person, who I’ll call Taylor Williams, on Instagram and she seemed knowledgeable about the topic, leading me to trust her.

Taylor asked me how much I was willing to invest and promised that I would be able to withdraw a large sum within three hours. I decided to invest, and soon I had $10,500 available for withdrawal. However, when I tried to withdraw the funds, I was informed that I had to purchase a “pin” for $1,500 in order to receive my withdrawal.

I gathered all of my savings to make the purchase and sent the money, after which I was told that I had too much profit and needed to upgrade my account. At this point, my profit was at $29,500.

I contacted the company to inquire about the issue, and I was scammed into sending another $2,300 to “upgrade my account.” Afterwards, I was told that I had to send an additional $4500 or $2200 in order to upgrade my account and be able to withdraw such a large sum.

In the end, I was scammed because I trusted the “friend of a friend” narrative.

So is theglobaltradefx24 legit or a SCAM?

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TheGlobalTradeFX24 Review

The domain was registered about two months ago, on November 30, 2022, through Whogohost Limited for one year. DigitalOcean, LLC host it.

While new, it is only ranked on SimilarWeb at #7,839,291 globally and #2,297,133 in the United States. In January 2023, it received less than 5,000 visitors.

It has no backlinks, according to Semrush.

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    Seven of its pages are indexed on Google, including a Terms and Conditions document, a Signup and a Login page, an About Us and a Contact Us page, the homepage, and a page titled Investment.

    Strangely, these links’ website titles and logos are “Lankyexchange.”

    To contact them, there is a contact form, live chat widget, and email address:

    This website used to be found at or; both domains are no longer online. (We cannot find any evidence that they were online recently.)

    There’s also a WhatsApp number: +1 315-690-8959. (315 is a NY, USA area code.)

    And the address of their main office is allegedly “8 GALLEYWAY, UK, LONDON” [sic].

    They also claim to be a “UK Registered Company,” a fully registered and licensed company in the UK.

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    The copyright line says “© 2020 Lankyexchange.”

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Lankyexchange claims to be a leading bitcoin management company offering a full-cycle service, including mining, trading, and cryptocurrency exchange.

    They offer investment plans with a guarantee of stable income and 24/7 support. However, based on the information provided, verifying the validity of these claims is complex, and the company could be a scam.

    They write that “Lankyexchange is a fairly significant player in the modern cryptocurrency investment market” and that “the company developed an international investment platform to optimize the process of working with many users worldwide” in 2018.

    However, as we have seen, the domain was registered in 2022.

    And their investment page, another company is mentioned, and we find the title “Initial investment in Capt-Trade.”

    They offer three investment packages to investors with varying returns and investment periods:

    • The “Standard Plan” offers a 10% return after 24 hours with a minimum deposit of $50 and a maximum deposit of $1,999.99.
    • The “Classic Plan” offers a 30% return after 48 hours with a minimum deposit of $2,000 and a maximum deposit of $9,999.99.
    • The “Premium Plan” offers a 60% return after seven days with a minimum deposit of $10,000 and no maximum deposit limit.

    All packages include a deposit as part of the investment.

    If we return to the complaint we opened this review with, based on the person’s deposit amount of $3500, he will fall into the “Classic Plan” category.

    According to the investment package, he should have received a return of 30% after 48 hours. Therefore, his return would be $3500 x 30% = $1050.

    So, after 48 hours, he would have $3500 + $1050 = $4550. However, he reports having $10,500.

    Other red flags we find include the following:

    • Links to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube on the website lead to the platforms themselves and not to a company page.
    • The Copyright text changes from page to page. For example, the Investment page says: “© 2020 Globalforextrading.”
    • Finally, we find other websites, which include texts from For example:

    The text “This is the main and only instrument for attracting investments from individuals. Our investment activity is regulated at the legislative level and is” can be found on a YouTube video about and on, both defunct websites.

    Also, is a clone of, titled MentorInfinity.

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    They even have the same address: “8 GALLEYWAY, UK, LONDON,” but their email is

    The text “is a fully registered and licensed company in UK” + “is powered by the latest and most secure form of SSL data encryption to keep all your data and information safe and secure” can be found on countless websites, most of which are also clones, such as:

    • index3898

    All of these are just as fraudulent as Lanky Exchange &

    Is LankyExchange legit or a SCAM? Screenshot of

    Lankyexchange User Reviews & Complaints

    On May 19, 2023, we received the following complaint from one of our readers:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    I recently saw an Instagram story from Akiraaa_01 (Akira Nanduna). He recommended investing $200 to make a profit of $6,400 and provided a link, He advised dropping a message for her, stating that she would provide coaching. I reached out to Meg, and she suggested that I buy $200 worth of bitcoins and send it to their company’s Binance account, number 724682426.

    She then directed me to register with their company at Following registration, my initial $200 investment grew to $6,800 within just an hour. However, she then asked me to pay an additional $100 for dashboard approval. As instructed, I purchased $100 worth of bitcoins and transferred them to the same Binance account number.

    When I attempted to withdraw my earnings, they requested a withdrawal pin. They asked me to purchase and send them $500 worth of bitcoins for this pin. At this point, I became suspicious and did not comply, fearing they might be scammers.

    Now, I am in a dire situation, having spent almost all of my money on this venture.

    In short, an individual fell prey to a potential scam by an Instagram user, “Akiraaa_01,” or Akira Nanduna. He promised a lucrative return of $6,400 on a $200 investment through an account called “meg_bitcoin_mining_.” Following the instructions, the individual purchased $200 in bitcoins, transferred them to a specified Binance account, and registered with the website

    Within an hour, the investment grew to $6,800. However, an additional fee of $100 was requested for “dashboard approval,” and then a “withdrawal pin” fee of $500. The latter raised suspicions, and the individual halted further transactions, suspecting foul play. They now face a dire financial situation and seek help to recover their funds, serving as a cautionary tale for others lured by such promises.

    This appears to be an “Advance-Fee Scam” tailored explicitly for the cryptocurrency market. This type of scam typically involves promising the victim a significant share of a large sum of money, which they can access only after paying a small upfront fee.

    In this case, the scammer promised high returns on investment and kept asking for more and more “fees” (the $100 for dashboard approval and the $500 for the withdrawal pin). These are likely just methods to get more money from the victim without providing any actual return.

    Moreover, the scammer’s requirement for payment in Bitcoin increases the difficulty of tracing the transaction and the scammer’s identity, as cryptocurrency transactions are generally more difficult to trace than traditional financial transactions.

    Remember, if an investment sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Always research and verify potential investment opportunities before sending money or personal information.

    Bottom Line: Is Lankyexchange a SCAM?

    Lankyexchange appears to be a high-risk investment opportunity with an unsustainably high return. Promising daily returns of 10%, 30%, or 60% for investment plans with minimums ranging from $50 to $10,000 is highly unrealistic and likely a scam.

    Additionally, the website lacks verifiable information about the company’s ownership, management, or track record. The vague language and lack of transparency in the company’s operations are red flags for a potential investment scam.

    If something seems too good to be true in the investing world, it probably is.

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    If they have scammed you, or if you have any information about Lankyexchange or one of the other domains mentioned in this review, please let us know by commenting below.

    And if you have lost a significant amount of money to online scams such as Lankyexchange or the host of clones, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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    5 thoughts on “Lankyexchange Review ( is a SCAM!)”

    1. Same address for
      I had email back saying they are from lanky exchange

      To make withdrawal you need to upgrade your account with any of this options
      Gold account: $1,000 Silver account:$200 Diamond account:$700 Ruby account:$450
      You can upgrade your account with any of this options to continue trades.Then you receive your withdrawal within 5 minutes after upgrading your account
      And this is the last fee you have to pay so that your withdrawal can be approved
      Thanks for your understanding and thanks for choosing LankyExchange

      I currently have £6k on £80 deposit
      And they want me to pay for upgrade keep on getting messages from a Melissa on Instagram

    2. I invest in Bereajoy. It is a fake website. I cannot withdraw my assets or get my fund thru a wallet. Beware of a scammer from Telegram or Whatsapp.

    3. I invested with a company called trippy coin mob they have the exact same website layout and the address 8 galleyway uk. Only posting this for people to be aware:)

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