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Biter-Coin.comOn May 17, 2023, an Arizona, USA, person reported (in Portuguese) losing $54K for a cryptocurrency investment scam with the BBB (Better Business Bureau):

I was approached via WhatsApp with an offer of substantial earnings from cryptocurrencies, but when I tried to redeem those earnings, I was unable to do so.

They also provided the following information regarding the scammer:

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  • Location: Tempe, Arizona, United States
  • Telephone: +1 (480) 624-2599  (an Arizona, USA number)
  • Website:

So is a SCAM? Review

An unknown entity registered the domain on February 14, 2023, for one year through GoDaddy. Netsec Limited hosts it.

The domain has two backlinks from 2 domains.

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    Claims by BiterCoin

    According to the homepage, BiterCoin is a blockchain-based platform with 2 million users worldwide.

    However, our sources reveal that this site barely receives any traffic.

    As a leading digital asset trading platform, it allegedly provides various asset trading and management services to cater to multiple transaction needs.

    The platform claims to host over 20 high-quality digital assets. It has top-tier security measures, including offline storage, multifactor encryption, 24/7 platform monitoring, and a security reserve of 30,000 BTC, ensuring user assets’ protection.

    BiterCoin has maintained a clean safety record for seven years. Though as we’ve seen, the website was registered three months ago, in February 2023.

    The platform can be accessed anytime and anywhere, with applications available for both iOS and Android.

    Other claims by BiterCoin:

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    • BiterCoin provides various services such as contracts, exchanges, options, and launch services. It also offers resources for beginners and customer support, with accessible legal documents and privacy policies. You can reach them through an enterprise mailbox, Skype, or Telegram.
    • The platform uses advanced technologies like an EA intelligent system, unique K-line technology, high-level account encryption, cache queuing, offline cold storage, and cloud-encrypted data push. However, there is limited information about these technologies and how they enhance the platform’s security and functionality. This lack of transparency may raise concerns.
    • The BiterCoin team comprises blockchain technology professionals with extensive experience, including expertise in coin circle, chain circle, and media circle resources, and a marketing industry team with a decade of experience. Additionally, they have experts and a development team and utilize various platform market strategic channels. However, the lack of transparency regarding specific individuals and roles within the team can cause concern.

    BiterCoin Red Flags

    Their About Us page provides more detailed information about Biter-coin. However, a few red flags are present:

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    1. Lack of transparency about the organization: They do not provide detailed information about the company’s leadership, physical location, or registration status. A well-established platform should provide transparency about these details.
    2. Absence of Regulatory Oversight: They do not mention any regulatory oversight or specific licenses the platform holds, which is crucial in cryptocurrency trading. This is especially concerning given the reference to anti-money laundering, which implies some regulatory interaction.
    3. Claims about Bitcoin and Blockchain: The text makes several bold and general predictions about the impact and future of Bitcoin and blockchain. While some of these are standard views within the industry, the reality is much more uncertain, and such assertions should be viewed with caution.
    4. Lack of Third-Party Verifications: They make various claims about its advanced technology and strong team. However, these claims are hard to verify without third-party validations or specific details.

    Contact Information

    Telegram: @Biter_Support



    BiterCoin Reviews


    The website has a low trust score, according to Scamadviser, who has flagged it as a scam. The owner is hiding their identity, and there are negative reviews and signs of suspicious activity.

    One person shares a personal experience where they were contacted by someone pretending to make a mistake, gained their trust, and eventually asked them to buy a cryptocurrency and send it to The person suspected it was a scam and pretended to comply but ultimately got blocked by the person. They found various red flags, such as photos used by the scammer being seen elsewhere, outdated investment prints, a suspiciously new Instagram profile, low reliability, and the recent creation of Here is the full review:

    A Chinese girl from Hong Kong mistakenly sent me a message, and we started a conversation. She even shared her Instagram profile, which is ORANGE91518, and provided phone numbers: +852 5998-3734, +852 9401-2294, +852 5998-1449. As our conversation progressed, she began sending me screenshots of investment activities with high profits. I became suspicious when I noticed that the values of the cryptocurrencies in the screenshots were outdated, indicating a potential scam.

    Despite realizing it was a scam, I continued to engage and feigned interest. At one point, she asked me to purchase 100 USDT on Binance and transfer it to a website called I pretended to make the transfer and shared edited screenshots of the transaction. She had access to the deposited amounts on the site and claimed there was an error in the deposit due to Binance providing the wrong address. She then requested my ID from the site, and I edited the ID on the page and sent it.

    After this interaction, she blocked me. Several red flags stood out to me: Firstly, she sent me photos that I found through a Google image search, discovering that they were used in other people’s posts. Secondly, she was hesitant to provide screenshots with substantial returns on investments. Thirdly, despite having over 60,000 followers on Instagram, her profile was relatively new, dating back to February 2023. Fourthly, the low reliability of the website, created in February 2023, raised further suspicions. Additionally, the scammer’s use of an attractive Chinese woman’s photo on Instagram was likely intended to deceive men.

    Based on my understanding, the scammer initiates contact with potential victims under the guise of a mistake, gradually building trust. The victim is then asked to make a payment, believing that the scammer will cover the cost, resulting in the loss of money. It is crucial not to fall for this scam. Stay cautious and be aware of such fraudulent activities.

    Another person mentioned they could not withdraw their funds when they requested a large withdrawal.


    Abdulazizkhan A. left a review on SiteJabber, stating that prevented them from substantially withdrawing.

    After asking for the withdrawal, their account was frozen, and the customer support team claimed it was due to abnormal withdrawal activities.

    They were informed that their account could only be reactivated if they deposited 2000 USD, equivalent to the withdrawal amount.


    There are two reviews of on Trustpilot. The first review, again from Abdulazizkhan Aziz, gives the website a 1-star rating. Abdulazizkhan shares their experience of a girl from Hong Kong convincing them to invest in cryptocurrency. They invested $2000 and received three quick deals that increased their assets to $3000. However, when they tried to withdraw $950, BiterCoin froze their account for 12 hours. The customer support team told them to cancel the orders they had accidentally made and deposit $2000 to unfreeze their account.

    The second review, from Renan Baruti, also gives a 1-star rating. Renan shares a detailed account of being contacted by a Chinese girl from Hong Kong who sent them a message meant for someone else. They spoke and were eventually asked to buy USDT on Binance and send it to Renan became suspicious and realized it was a scam. They provide various red flags they noticed, such as finding the same photos used by the scammer elsewhere, the site’s low reliability, and the recent creation of both the website and the Instagram profile. Renan warns others about the scam and advises against falling for it.

    Additional Complaints

    On July 5, 2023, we received the following complaint:

    I fell victim to a cryptocurrency scam involving a platform called “” I am from Brazil and I lost $7,000 USD by investing in this platform. After some time, when I attempted to withdraw my money, they refused to allow the withdrawal.

    BiterCoin App

    Links to a BiterCoin Google Play app are still on the Google index, but they lead to a broken page suggesting Google has removed them.

    The app is still available online. However, we recommend that you avoid downloading apps from sources you don’t trust.

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    Here are some details about it:

    • The Biter-Coin app is a Finance app.
    • App developer email address:
    • The latest version available is 1.01, released on March 25, 2022.
    • The app is available as an APK file with a file size of 4 MB.
    • The app has accumulated over 100 downloads.

    Biter Coin (BITER) indicates that BITER is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain.

    Its linked token contract has the address 0x66faf394ba48ce5b2e0bead6b67a3256bc2ce0d0.

    Here are some details about BITER:

    • Maximum Total Supply: The maximum total supply of BITER tokens is ten billion.
    • Holders: Currently, there is only one holder of BITER tokens.
    • Total Transfers: There has been one transfer of BITER tokens.

    An unknown entity registered on June 9, 2017, through GoDaddy. The expiry date is June 9, 2023. Google Cloud hosts it.

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    The website currently does not seem to be online.

    The domain has a 2% Semrush Authority Score with six links from 5 domains.

    Over time, individuals have offered it for sale at $999 (2018) and $286.95 in 2021.

    No reviews exist online for BiterCoin, and although it appears on multiple lists of scam sites, we could not find evidence confirming its past involvement in scams, although it wouldn’t be surprising if it had.

    One of our Facebook subscribers asked us about this website on August 2, 2023. Since it looks different than, we decided to check it out. was registered through Hostinger on May 11, 2023, just 3 months ago. The owner’s identity is hidden by a privacy service provided by It is hosted by Alibaba, a Chinese hosting service.

    Similarweb ranks them at 4,545,649 globally and 44,279 in Hong Kong.

    They have 8 backlinks from only one referring domain:

    BiterCoin Online Review - Screenshot of

    Based on their website, Bitercoin is a decentralized and deflationary Initial DEX Offering (IDO) platform that operates on the Ethereum network, taking inspiration from Ethereum’s EIP-1559. The platform is spearheaded by an experienced technical team responsible for various successful launches in the cryptocurrency market.

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    Key features of Bitercoin include:

    1. Deflationary Mechanisms: A 10% fee is levied on all token sales, where 2.5% is burned and 7.5% is rewarded to stakers in Ethereum (ETH). Early unstaking attracts a 25% burn fee, while unstaking after 21 days is free. More deflationary features are planned for future implementation.
    2. Initial Market Cap: The initial market capitalization of Bitercoin is set at $55,500, which is relatively low.
    3. Cross-Chain Bridge & Launchpad: Bitercoin includes a cross-chain bridge and Ethereum-based launchpad, providing the team full control over cross-platform launches.
    4. Liquidity Sniper Bot Protection: The platform has protection against liquidity sniper bots.

    About Bitercoin Token Group

    According to their About us page, Bitercoin Token Group is a global company that operates in the digital economy sector. The company was founded in 2019 with a mission to advance core blockchain technologies and their integration across various industries. Bitercoin’s range of services and offerings includes industry blockchain, public chain, digital asset trading and wallets, and digital economy research. This broad spectrum of services contributes to establishing a comprehensive ecosystem for the digital economy.

    The Bitercoin Token Group allegedly holds licenses for digital asset services in many regions worldwide, with regulated entities in countries including Japan, South Korea, and Gibraltar. Adhering to principles of globalization, professionalism, compliance, and diversification, the company is committed to providing safe and reliable Internet of Value (IoV) services to its millions of users spanning more than 100 countries and regions.

    Users can contact their customer service for any queries or assistance at the official email: Reviews

    We found multiple articles discussing the legitimacy of the online platform,, claiming it is a fraudulent investment platform in the crypto sector. The platform is believed to operate in many countries without the required regulatory authorization from reputable regulatory bodies like FSMA, FCA, CySec, ASIC, etc.

    Several negative reviews and complaints have been noted about the broker, such as:

    • The broker is not transparent about its team and even uses stock images as staff profiles on its website.
    • They make false claims and promise unrealistic returns.
    • They apply illegitimate rules and regulations, including withdrawal policies that prevent investors from accessing their funds.
    • They may suddenly become unresponsive or change their website URL without notifying existing traders.

    Bottom Line

    In conclusion, our investigation into has revealed numerous red flags and signs of potential scam activity. While the website presents itself as a platform with a large user base and various digital asset services, inconsistencies and a lack of transparency raise significant doubts about its legitimacy.

    Furthermore, the absence of information about the people behind the website, their physical location, and regulatory oversight is worrying. A reputable platform should provide transparency in these areas to build trust with its users.

    Reviews and reports from individuals who claim to have interacted with further raise suspicions. Multiple users have reported that scammers have scammed them or that they have faced issues with fund withdrawals. The lack of responsiveness and questionable demands from customer support, such as requesting additional deposits to unfreeze accounts, add to the skepticism surrounding the platform.

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    The BiterCoin app is no longer available for download from trusted sources. This further diminishes the platform’s credibility and raises concerns about potential malware or illegal activities.

    In conclusion, based on the available information and user experiences, appears to be a potential scam.

    Perhaps a more fitting name for them would be Bitter Coin!

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