Review – Fake Miners is apparently a Dubai based mining farm that generates industry leading returns.

According to their narrative, they supposedly generate over 30% profits on a monthly basis with no risk associated.

They talk a lot about advanced miners, algorithms and electricity costs, but guess what?

The kind of information they give is too vague and there is no unique edge present.

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Obviously, they are bluffing about almost everything about themselves.

If anyone dares to proceed with them, then financial ruin is certain. As these crooks have used too many gimmicks and aggressive marketing tactics, it is hard for the newbies to avoid the trap.

To enlighten yourself about the way they exactly operate and learn about their motives, stick with us till the end.

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    Is this platform regulated?

    If you are entering into the cryptoverse, then you need to make sure that you are dealing with a regulated entity. Unregulated firms often throw attractive offers and discounts.

    However, the downside is too big and at the end of the day, it is not worth the risks present. is an unregulated investment platform. Their contact details are bleak and the information regarding the management side is non-existent.

    Looking at the way they are operating, longevity is not something this firm will enjoy. So, due to the lack of transparency and regulation, it is always better to stay away from them or else you will likely lose all of your money with them. 

    Contact Details

    We did take a look at their contact details and just like we anticipated, there isn’t much to talk about it. Their address details and email ID looks okay, but it is indeed hard to verify their actual existence.

    In other words, we have to consider every information put up by them with a sack of salt. If this firm was really generating upto 30% returns annually, then why are they cutting the corners by not offering telephone assistance?

    Isn’t the broken side of their narrative too hard to ignore?

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    This firm claims to make money via crypto cloud mining. Apparently, they have a certain unique edge over others in terms of algorithms and equipment. For newbies, the kind of narrative put up by them might be convincing.

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    However, your perception will change once you take a look at the small stuff. For example, the exact electricity costs aren’t revealed. Hedging mechanism employed by them is also a big question mark.

    Lastly, their profit calculator is undoubtedly exaggerating the returns. Whenever a firm outright refuses to share the details, it is a red flag and as such, you should never ignore it for any reason.

    After all, if they could really make that kind of return, would they really offer it to the public for free?


    Profit margins in the realm of crypto mining have been decreasing rapidly. Rising cost of electricity and competition has made it almost impossible for the average person to make profits. claims to help you get upto 30% returns monthly which sounds enticing in theory. However, in reality, things do not add up. For starters, the cost to run the facility and maintenance fees are not disclosed.

    Simply put, there is no way to verify their outrageous claims. After witnessing all the broken narratives they peddle, do you really believe in anything they say? User Reviews

    We checked their ratings on niche websites and just like we thought, people had nothing but bad things to say about them. Take a look at the comments gathered below from Trustpilot. Isn’t it obvious that they are defrauding people in the name of crypto mining?

    Buy hash for the past few days, nothing happen,profit nothing, ask the admin ,also nothing happen,no reply at all, totally scam

    A big scammer. be carefull of this group. they even asked me more money to pay foe a certifciate due my withdrawal is over $10,000 and ive pay them extra $2300 for certificate and vat. what a big scam..

    This website is NOT PAYING since July 25. Beware because the site is still active. All withdrawals here are pending!


    Is a Scam? is definitely a scam. This platform is a ponzi scheme wherein they create cash flow by using the money brought in by the new client to pay out the old one.

    As you can easily figure out, this type of structure is not sustainable and they will collapse in the near future. They might pay a few people every now and then, but ultimately, they have to go down because of the operational model.

    As we know the kind of longevity this firm has earned, we strongly advise people to stay away from them. Regardless of how many reviews they peddle through sketchy affiliate websites, do not fall for the trap.

    Keep in mind that the only way for them to make money is by stealing your funds and they will definitely go to great lengths to achieve it. 

    Review Conclusion

    There are tons of scams in the cryptocurrency world. is also one of them. This firm exists only for one reason and that is to make the creators rich at the expense of the clients.

    As there is no value being provided by them, you should try your best to stay away from them. While the kind of claims they make is appealing, remember that, it will never work in your favor. 

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