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Recently (on March 17, 2022) one of our partners received a complaint from someone who allegedly lost $10,000 on (The Modern Millionaires), an “educational platform teaching you modern day online hustles so you can break out of the 9-5 grind.” We therefore decided to write a Modern Millionaires review to discover whether you can trust or if it’s a SCAM!

According to the report we mentioned, the person

Signed up for Modern Millionaires (MM). with the understanding there were no cold calls involved to achieve customers. After getting into the classes, it is obvious this was a false incentive to join. I am told there is a strict no refund policy, even though I requested it within 2 weeks.

So is The Modern Millionaires educational platform a legitimate opportunity or a scam? Let’s get into the details.

What is The Modern Millionaires?

Visiting, we find a title that says “The Simplest Business in 2022,” following by an email box to harvest visitors’ email addresses. In return, they promise they’ll provide you with a “complete no-brainer guide.”

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They try to rush you by saying that the “Training Session Expires Soon.” (Rushing you into making a decision is often a red flag.)

In the footer, we find a copyright notice indicating that the domain name belongs to The Modern Millionaires, along with the tMM logo.

There’s also a disclaimer states that

Get in touch with our affiliated Bitcoin Forensic Investigators at CNC Intelligence for free by filling out the form below.

    Individuals Results May Vary, The figures stated above are our personal figures. Please understand our results are not typical. we are not implying you’ll duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). The average person who buys any “how to” information gets little to no results. We are using these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and depend on many factors…including but not limited to your background, experience, and work ethic. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. If you’re not willing to accept that, please DO NOT opt-in for training.

    So there’s no promise of an exceptionally high yield. On the contrary, they find it important to tell users to expect “little to no results.” However, unfortauntely, not all users read disclaimers.

    Additional pages of this site include:

    • A contact page with an email address: (the domain redirects to
    • A longer disclaimer stating alarmingly that:

    We do not guarantee, represent or warrant that your use of our service will be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error-free. We do not guarantee that the results obtained from the use of the service will be accurate or reliable. Users agree that at our discretion, we may remove the service for indefinite periods of time or cancel the service at any time, without notice to you. Users expressly agree that the use of, or inability to use, the service is at their sole risk.

    • A Terms of Service document, according to which “Any reliance on the material on this site is at your own risk and the user agrees that Modern Millionaires Inc. shall not be held responsible for any personal, financial, or others losses or hardships that arise as a result of consulting the information on this site.” In addition, as we saw in the complaint at the start of this review, “Modern Millionaires abides by a strict, no refund policy.” There’s also an indication the owner of this website may reside in California, USA. (“These Terms of Service and any separate agreements whereby we provide you Services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California in the United States.”)
    • Privacy Policy (last updated on Aug 16, 2018).

    Overall, there are errors on the site pages, which indicate that it was not made by professionals, but in a hurried and unthrough way, with no spellchecking and proofreading process, and even some of the links on the site do not work.

    After submitting an email address, we get an email from in which Chance & Abdul congratulate us “on taking your first-step towards a newfound level of freedom!” and we receive an email with a link to a video which can be found on

    Immediately, we also get another email that leads to the same video at From the wording of the email, we can understand it is meant for people who started watching the video, but did not finish it. They are given another chance because “Life can get crazy.”

    We can gather some additional interesting information regarding this offer through this second email. They are basically peddling a “new yet proven strategy you can use to earn a monthly recurring income.” It is “Done 4 U” and you need “almost zero tech skills” and no coding knowledge (it’s a “NoCode” system).

    Moreover, an address is provided for Modern Millionaires:

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    311 N 23rd St, Boise, ID 83702, United States

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    This address, according to Google maps, looks like a private residence.

    Few minutes later another email is received with the concept behind the strategy:

    They developed a simple automation software app, which allows business owners “to automatically send follow-ups, email, sms (texts), voicemails and more.” Where you to come in? You, potential MM Saas students, will learn how to sell the service to the business owners.” All you need is a few hours a week to get things going – and a few hours a month after that. Then you get to charge as many clients as you want a monthly subscription for access.”

    The MM Saas pitch video and educational platform will teach you:

    • What this income app does and how to install it
    • How multiple businesses will pay you $299 every month for access to it because it helps them make more sales and more money than ever before
    • How to get dozens of these business owners reaching out to you to buy the software without spending money on ads or spamming

    However, if you don’t have time this long video, you can always scroll down to the Q&A section below the myriad of positive customer testimonials below the video.

    Strict No Refunds Policy

    One of the questions on the Q&A Section is “Can I try it and get refunded if I don’t think it will work?” And they clearly state that “No. Essentially, what you get from us are digital assets. If you go up in arms for a refund, there’s no way for us to take back any of the training.”

    Screening Questionnaire

    After watching the video, you will redirected to a 13-question questionnaire, and after completing, you will be able to will be able to book an interview. If you pass the interview (only 300 spots are available, according to the video), you will get another educational video to teach you how to get started.

    The questions you will be asked to reach the booking page include:

    • Are you willing to commit 5-10 hours per week?
    • What is your current average monthly income?
    • How would your life change with an extra $10k to 30K per month of semi-passive income from a simple software app?
    • Do you have the ability to invest at least $5k in starting your own business?


    How much does it cost? The video does not disclose that, however, by the above questions and if to judge by the complaint we opened the article with, we believe it costs between $5000-$10,000. (Perhaps a few tiers are available.)

    Modern Millionaires Scam Review

    The website does not have an About us page. We learn Abdul & Chance are the owners, and find their surnames in the featured articles. They are Abdul Samad Farooqi and Chance Welton. We also found Chance’s LinkedIn page.

    The domain was registered on March 18, 2022 for one year. It uses a privacy service to hide the details of the website’s owners.

    However, they apparently have another domain,, which was registered on August 4, 2016, also private.

    Both sites are quite popular, especially which gets almost a a million of visitors per month as of October 2022. According to, it is ranked 62,713 in the world and 11,454 in the USA.

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    They claim they have been featured on Entrepreneur, Forbes, Business Insider, and Yahoo! Finance.

    Other than these domains there are no authoritative domains linking to

    The article on Entrepreneur is a 10 Tips to Find (and Keep) the Perfect Mentor from 2018, in which Chance Welton provides one of the tips. His title is: “founder and CEO of Beachwood Marketing LLC and The Millionaire Middleman Agency Coaching Program.”

    And the Forbes article (also from 2018) is an Eight Epic Failures That Came Before These Entrepreneurs’ Success, in which Abdul Samad Farooqi contributes one failure. His title is: “founder & CEO of Lions Marketing and The Millionaire Middleman Agency Coaching Program.”

    However, it should be noted that it is fairly easy to get featured on these websites, as long as you are willing to pay for it. In fact, both articles were posted by The Oracles, “an invitation-only brain trust of the world’s leading entrepreneurs sharing their best success strategies.” They are basically a fancy sponsored content publisher or SEO agency, it seems.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner, Chance’s site, is no longer an active website. We did find however a complaint about them on the Better Business Bureau from 2020, according to which

    This company is a scam. I purchased their product May 29. June 1 i called and asked for any membership involving me to be cancelled and a complete refund of my money after realizing that all i paid for was some self help garbage and tutorials on how to steal and plagiarize other legit websites. They refused, although it had only been 3 days, even though their financing company gives 3 days to file a refund. I didn’t even know until know that their name is different than what they call themselves know. They are known as Modern Millionaires, before i guess it was Millionaire Middleman. Classic tactic of scam artists, wish i knew that before. Avoid this “company” like the plague.

    Lions Marketing (, Abdul’s site, is a Canadian B2B company which seems to be selling the same marketing solution for businesses that clients of would be selling.

    This software is called Leadific. According to, it costs $399 per month or $3,990 per year. It is a CRM (customer relationship management) software which “stacks your email, SMS and phone communications with your prospects and customers in one convenient place. Notifications of responses from your messages are available through our mobile app.”

    The Millionaire Middleman Agency Coaching Program ( redirects to a login page, persumably for clients of

    Online Modern Millionaires Reviews

    Their TrustPilot score was 4.2/5 as of October 2022 with 255 reviews. They usually reply to the negative reviews using this email address:

    Here are some of the negative reviews:

    I tried this twice. I’ve tried all 3 of their packages including the Done For You package. None of it works. I tried paying others to do it for me incase I was the problem, Still, Nothing. They are quick to get you to signup. They will tell you whatever it takes. However once you pay, The support, mentorship, ALL goes away and THEY ARE NOWHERE TO BE REACHED. Please, Do not waste your money. I’ve lost over 10K in this. They are still taking my money monthly with this “special finance” even though no one has responded to my emails, texts, or call for several months. My bank can’t even do anything to help.

    Apparently, they offer 3 packages, including a Done For You pacakge. Especially worrisome is the complaint that they are still taking money monthly from this person without permission.

    These guys are great marketers… that’s about it though. I bought in at the highest level $30K with a Done For You Agency program and it was a complete joke. They sold way more spots than they promised (fake scarcity) and couldn’t handle the fulfillment. The program is filled with broke desperate people at all levels who bought into a business model that they don’t actually deliver on as promised.

    From this review we learn that the most cexpensive package, the Done For You Agency program, costs $30,000!

    Your agent used tricks and collected all my valuable financial information assuring me that it was meant to certify my suitability. Unfortunately l was subsequently informed that l already signed a contract for a $6,000 loan. It took my so many calls with many of them 8gnored before my account could not be charged. I advise that your method of enrollment is deceitful and must be changed. I have no interest whatsoever in your program.

    There are many other negative reviews. Let’s take a look at one more:

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    Honestly, I felt very mislead with this. Not until I was signed on and had paid for the program did I realize that this was a marketing scheme. I had doubts throughout the signup process, but the company correspondent kept pushing me to sign up and commit to it. At the end of the day, the decision to sign on was my own but I instantly regretted it. This is not some magic “own your own business” affair, this is you becoming a company’s PR man and getting them sales. If that’s what you’re into, go hard.

    This confirms are suspicion. Instead of hiring a marketing department, the people behind The Modern Millionaires and the Leadific software get people to PAY in order to be their marketers! Quite ingenious…

    A wise suggestion can be found on the Leadific Reddit threat:

    Honestly, if you know how CRM tools work you can just download the leadific software. 299 a month for the basic subscription which only allows you to have 3 clients. Or 399 a month with unlimited clients and you can build websites, landing pages, lead generation. The course itself just helps people with setting up and understanding google ads and how to maneuver in a space they may not be familiar with. People saying it’s a scam really just want a quick get rich plan and this isn’t it. It involves sales, marketing, some technical skills to get it running. But, you can also hire other people to do things you don’t know how through upwork or even through leadific themselves.

    The Modern Millionaires Review Conclusion, Modern Millionaires, The Millionaire Middleman and the various other names this offer has been given over the years are perhaps not a scam, but a trap. (Though if it is indeed true that you cannot cancel future payments, as some reviews suggest, it might actually be a full-fledged scam.)

    They will make you believe they have a really good business opportunity for you which can make you a lot of money, but in the end you will basically pay a lot of money to become a marketer for a CRM software. If that is what you want, then go for it, but most of the people that fall into this trap apparently do not want that. They are looking for an easy way to make money. Being a marketer is not easy, it’s a job like any other job. And you can do the job without paying so much money for someone to coach you.

    With promises such as the one we received in another email communication from the Modern Millionaires, saying

    Only 100 people will be allowed to attend There will be NO recording Otherwise, everything he knows is fair game. And he’ll share it all – nothing held back. However, I don’t know how long these 100 seats will last. My guess is not very long. So if you want a way to make $500-$2k a day without learning a new complicated skill, …

    It can be wise to remember the old saying that if something seems too good to be true, it probably is!

    Our recommendation therefore is:

    For people who are looking to make money easily, stay away from Modern Millionaires!

    If, however,

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • you are an established and successful marketer (or even just aspire to become one)
    • you have a lot of spare money to invest in your business (at least around $10,000)
    • and you are just missing a product to sell

    then Modern Millionaires may be a good fit for you.

    Please share your thoughts about Modern Millionaires by leaving a reply below. Is a SCAM or were you able to make money with them?

    You are also welcome to Contact Us privately for help with recovering lost funds.

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