Review – Is It Safe for Cryptocurrency Trading?

skiletex - Reviews markets itself as a destination for cryptocurrency trading, highlighting its low commission rates as a key feature. In our comprehensive review, we explore the platform’s offerings and investigate its claims in detail. Through our investigation, we have uncovered several aspects of Skiletex that raise concerns. While it positions itself as an attractive option for those looking to minimize trading costs, it’s important for potential users to be fully informed of the red flags we’ve identified. This review aims to provide a thorough analysis to help readers make informed decisions regarding their engagement with

Overview of is a newcomer in the world of cryptocurrency trading, having started its journey in September 2023. Despite its short existence, the platform presents itself as a major player in the digital asset exchange market. It claims impressive quarterly trading volumes of $137 billion, a figure that might raise eyebrows among experienced traders due to its relatively young age.

However, a closer look at reveals some concerning aspects. Firstly, its website design is strikingly similar to that of, hinting at a potential lack of originality or, worse, a connection that could signify risky investment opportunities. Additionally, lacks a recognized license to provide trading services, casting doubt on its legitimacy and adherence to regulatory standards. Moreover, there have been reports of various allegations against both and, suggesting a need for caution when considering investing.

Given these factors, it’s crucial for potential investors to conduct thorough research before engaging with While the platform may offer benefits, such as low commission rates, the risks associated with its operations should not be overlooked. Our review aims to provide a comprehensive analysis to help readers make informed decisions about whether to involve themselves with and similar platforms.

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Trading fees structure

At Skiletex Exchange, the structure for trading fees is thoughtfully designed to cater to both the creators and executors of market orders, delineating between ‘Maker’ and ‘Taker’ fees:

  • Maker Fee: This occurs when you add liquidity to the market by placing a new buy or sell order. This action earns you the title of ‘Maker,’ as you’re actively contributing to the trading environment’s vibrancy.
  • Taker Fee: Applied when you remove liquidity from the market by fulfilling an existing order from another user; thus, you’re a ‘Taker.’ This role is essential for the movement and dynamism of the exchange.

For both Makers and Takers, sets a uniform fee rate: Regular users are charged a 0.20% commission, while Premium users enjoy a reduced rate of 0.14%, acknowledging their higher volume of transactions or distinguished status within the exchange.

It’s important for users to stay informed about potential changes to these rates, as Skiletex reserves the right to adjust its fee structure without prior notice. This highlights the importance of regularly checking the fees that are automatically calculated at the time of trading, ensuring that you’re always aware of the costs associated with your transactions.

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    Red flags associated with

    The identified red flags associated with warrant significant caution for potential users. These concerns are outlined as follows:

    1. Mandatory Deposit Before Withdrawal: Users have reported that requires deposits before permitting the withdrawal of funds. This practice is unusual and raises questions about the platform’s transparency and credibility, as it deviates from standard practices observed in reputable trading platforms.
    2. Lack of Company Information: The absence of crucial details such as company background, physical location, and the identities of its operators creates a veil of anonymity around This lack of transparency is a major concern, as it hinders users’ ability to assess the platform’s legitimacy and accountability.
    3. Anonymity and Offshore Hosting:’s domain registration and hosting in a foreign location, coupled with the anonymity of its ownership, obscure its operational jurisdiction. This not only makes it challenging to establish the platform’s regulatory compliance but also complicates legal recourse for users should disputes arise.
    4. Similarity to The notable resemblance between and, both of which are linked to dubious practices, is alarming. Shared issues related to fund withdrawals across both platforms suggest a potential connection that may indicate a broader pattern of questionable behavior.
    5. Unregistered Status: Operating without proper registration or licensing casts doubts on’s adherence to financial regulations and standards. This unregistered status jeopardizes the safeguarding of user interests and the integrity of transactions conducted on the platform.

    Collectively, these red flags highlight the need for thorough due diligence by anyone considering for their trading activities. It is advisable to seek out alternative platforms that demonstrate established credibility, transparency, and regulatory compliance to ensure a safer trading environment.

    Complaint Registered in BBB (Better Business Bureau)  

    On September 17, 2023, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $2,000:

    Complaint Description

    Scammers employ edited videos of Elon Musk to entice individuals, falsely advertising a free cryptocurrency giveaway. They instruct potential victims to initiate an account with a non-refundable initial deposit. The purported support team claims that to receive the free cryptocurrency giveaway and retrieve their initial deposits, individuals must maintain a specific amount in a cold storage wallet and grant them access. Subsequently, the scammers expropriate all assets within the cold storage wallet and restrict the victims’ access to their website.

    Conclusion of

    In conclusion, after looking closely at, we found a platform that has many issues for anyone thinking about investing. The major problems include needing to pay before you can take your money out, not much info about the company, the site being registered in a secretive way and in another country, looking a lot like another suspicious site (, and not having the right licenses. These big red flags suggest that might not be a safe place to trade cryptocurrencies, especially when we also consider a serious complaint made against a similar website. It’s really important for people to check everything carefully and choose trading platforms that are not just cheap but also open, follow the rules, and have a good history of being safe and reliable. Good deals shouldn’t make us forget the basics of safety and trust when it comes to our money.

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