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Cryptobravos portrayed itself as an ultimate cryptocurrency trading and mining solution. This platform flaunted their abilities loudly and they even shared the details of their so-called founders on their homepage.

At first glance, the public was happy to see a platform like this one because of the narratives they were peddling. Unfortunately, just like always the herd was wrong about them and anyone that indulged with them for long ended up losing their hard earned money.

At the end of the day, this firm turned out to be a rug-pull and at the time of writing this post, their website is no longer functional. Though the crooks have filled, do not let them get away.

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To learn about the way this firm worked and looted the users, continue reading. 

Cryptobravos Scam Review

Is the Platform Regulated?

If you are getting started with online investing, you need to do thorough research about the broker that you employ. Cryptobravos platform might look professional and we cannot possible deny the fact that they have positioned themselves in the best manner.

However, if you observe closely, it becomes evident that they aren’t regulated by any entity. In fact, they are not listed under any financial watchdogs and they clearly have high control over policies and data feed.

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    In simple words, they can twist your trading account whenever they like and there won’t be anything you can do about it. Obviously, since the odds are tilted, you should not proceed with them.

    After all, as there are plenty of regulated choices available, why do you want to get stuck with an offshore questionable entity? 

    Support and Team Members

    We spent a lot of time trying to gather contact information about this firm. Sadly, we could not find any details which were both surprising and concerning at the same time.

    Think about it for a moment, why isn’t this firm sharing contact information? Aren’t they doing everything they can to maintain a low profile? We did find some information about their team members.

    However, when we ran a background search, nothing relevant was found on the web. In other words, they have lied about their employees and that kind of approach is not something any legit firm would take. 

    Cryptobravos Trading Platform

    Cryptobravos claims to be involved with trading and mining. They offer a web based interface which is basic. Spreads are not stated clearly and details regarding other trading costs are not revealed as well.

    Hiding key metrics and information is always a red flag and only sketchy entities follow that path. Account management services are offered, but guess what? There is no evidence put up by them to back up their claims.

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    As we do not know the kind of win rate and draw downs their approach as, it certainly isn’t worth it to hand our funds to them. Moreover, there are no audited reports published by them. Due to huge levels of misinformation and lack of clarity, we urge our audience to stay away from firms like this one. 

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    Cryptobravos Mining

    Cryptocurrency mining was one of the easiest ways to earn passive income in the last decade. However, now the landscape has changed and it isn’t particularly worth it for the retail investors anymore.

    Costs are high and maintenance is also not exactly pocket friendly. This firm claims to be generating revenue from mining activities. However, they have not provided any in-depth explanation.

    From the details of their mining farms to the kind of costs they incur, no metric is revealed. After analyzing everything about them, we do not think it is safe to believe anything they say blindly.

    Recover Money from Cryptobravos

    If you have lost money to Cryptobravos investment scam, then act immediately. Raise a formal complaint with your local law enforcement authorities and get in touch with us via the form below.

    Our team will assist you with all the formalities and will show you the number of choices that are available at your disposal. Using advanced forensic tools, the stolen cryptocurrencies can easily be traced and the culprits will be forced to pay for the losses caused by them.

    We suggest you take action quickly as the only thing that can enhance your odds is the time factor. 


    As Cryptobravos was a huge platform, user reviews about them are literally everywhere on the web. From review sites to Trustpilot, people can find numerous user comments with just a few clicks. It does not matter which channel you choose, you will find serious allegations against them almost everywhere.

    Just by reading a few comments, we can analyze the kind of damage done by them. Users have lost thousands of dollars to them and some are struggling till date to get back their funds.

    Negative ratings and the lack of response from the firm along with the way they deal with the public showcases the reality well and all we have to do is follow the breadcrumbs. 

    Is Cryptobravos a Scam?

    Cryptobravos is a scam. It promises users unrealistic returns, but fails to deliver their end of the bargain. The management side of the firm maintained a low profile from the start and they are taking every step possible to remain anonymous.

    Also, they are unregulated as well. As the way they work is too evident and sinister, we advise people to never entertain them. While the world of cryptocurrencies might be booming, you need to be careful about the brokerages you use as they can impact your finances to a huge degree.

    Always do your own research and if you need help, then do not shy away from talking to your accountant or financial planner. 


    Making money from the crypto markets is certainly possible, but it isn’t too easy. Spend some time getting educated about the landscape and find yourself a reliable broker.

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    In case you make the wrong choice, then do not keep quiet. Always voice your opinion and if you need any assistance with the recovery process, feel free to reach out to us. 

    If you have lost money to Cryptobravos trading scam, then get in touch with us and our team will help you with the recovery process for free. 

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