Ecoscoin Review: Analyzing the Scam Allegations

Welcome to our review, which we are writing in response to a complaint we have received about them.

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On December 11, 2023, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for almost $20K:

A stock analyst enticed me to invest increasingly large sums in, promising substantial returns. They urged me to invest significant amounts, with a minimum of $30,000. All transactions were conducted via cryptocurrency transfers. However, when I attempted to withdraw my funds, I discovered the website was non-functional, and now I’m unable to retrieve my investment.

So what is, and is it really a SCAM?

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Get instant emails when we publish new scam warnings! Review was registered on June 5, 2017. It was last updated on October 10, 2023, and is set to expire on June 5, 2025. The registrar is Pte. Ltd.

The website has been around since at least February 7, 2011, as a parked domain, probably under different ownership.

SimilarWeb ranks it at 593,836 globally and 94,830 in the United States. It received almost 40K visits in November 2023, all US traffic.

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    It has 5 backlinks from 4 referring domains, including,, and

    Currently, does not seem to be online. However, it is still indexed on Google, at least the subdomain.

    Here’s a brief summary of the information from the Google index regarding

    1. Global Analyst Competition: appears to have hosted a global contract trading contest. This event invited crypto analysts from around the world to participate, with the top three selected analysts presumably sharing in some form of recognition or reward.
    2. Key Participants: Among the participants in the Ecoscoin Global Analyst Competition were individuals such as Todd Tautfest and Professor James. Todd Tautfest is noted to have nearly 30 years of experience in wealth management, especially with high-net-worth clients, while Professor James was mentioned with a significant number of votes in the competition.
    3. Website Functionality: The website featured sections for voting, a member center, registration, and a log-in page. This indicates interactive and user-engagement elements, possibly related to the trading contest or other community activities.
    4. Copyright Information: All pages from the domain in the search results show a copyright notice for the year 2023.

    It’s important to note that the current online status of is not operational, but it was still indexed by Google with these details.

    Delving deeper, we examine the content of the cache for the indexed pages from Here is a summary of relevant information:

    Overview of Website Content

    1. Global Analyst Competition: The site hosted an event called the “ECOS Global Analyst Competition,” inviting crypto analysts to participate. The competition involved voting for analysts, with notable participants like Todd Tautfest and Professor James.
    2. Participant Profiles: Profiles of participants, such as Todd Tautfest, included detailed professional backgrounds. For example, Todd Tautfest is described as a Market Managing Director & Wealth Advisor with extensive experience in wealth management.
    3. Voting System: The website had a voting system for the competition where participants could be voted on. It included a ranking system and displayed the number of votes for each contestant.
    4. User Interaction: Features for user interaction included options for voting, rankings, and possibly sharing content on social media.

    Potential Red Flags and Concerns

    1. Lack of Detailed Information: The cached pages provide limited information about the actual workings of the competition or how the winners would be decided and rewarded.
    2. Absence of Ownership or Operational Details: There is no clear information about the owners of the website or the team behind the competition, which is often a red flag in assessing the legitimacy of such platforms.
    3. Focus on Voting and Rankings: The emphasis on voting and rankings without clear context or purpose could be indicative of an attempt to engage users in superficial activities without offering tangible value or outcomes.
    4. User Registration and Login: The site had standard user registration and login processes, but without knowing the exact purpose and benefits of registering, this could be a tactic to gather personal information.
    5. Generic Website Design: The use of standard templates and generic design elements might indicate a lack of investment in developing a unique or professional web presence.
    6. Cryptocurrency Aspect: Since the competition is related to crypto analysts, combined with the lack of transparency, there might be a risk associated with any financial transactions or investments prompted by the site.

    Ecoscoin Reviews

    Based on the Google search results for “,” here is a brief summary of relevant points for the review:

    Domain Sale: The domain name is currently listed for sale on for USD $746. This could indicate either a change in ownership or a lack of long-term commitment by the current owners.

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    Exposure of Scam Allegations: A YouTube video by ReportScamBroker, titled “ Exposed: Share Report,” suggests that there might be scam allegations against this domain:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    1. Fraudulent Trading Scheme: The video identifies as a fraudulent trading platform.
    2. Investment Offers: The site claims to offer users opportunities for significant rewards through investments in stocks, Forex, cryptocurrencies, and other financial instruments.
    3. Credibility Concerns: There have been numerous complaints about the credibility of, raising concerns about its trustworthiness.
    4. Dubious Reputation: The platform has gained a dubious reputation as a broker.
    5. Advisory Against Engagement: The video strongly advises against engaging in any trading activities with
    6. Possible Indicators of Scam: The video mentions specific red flags, including:
      – Delays or denials in withdrawal requests.
      – High deposit fees and spreads on some trading products.
      – Sudden account closures without refunds.
      – Poor customer service.
      – Verified negative reviews.
      – Disappearing website.

    This summary suggests that has several indications of being a potentially fraudulent operation, based on user complaints and the analysis presented in the video. The presence of multiple red flags underscores the importance of exercising caution with this platform.

    Moderate Trust Score: gives a moderate trust score of 76%, indicating that while not overtly suspicious, more investigation is necessary to establish its legitimacy. The site has an average user rating of 1 out of 1 review. A user named Smzee, on 11/08/2023, claimed that is a scam website. They warned against opening an account or investing money, alleging that once funds are deposited, they cannot be retrieved, and labeled the website as a “300% SCAM WEBSITE:”

    It’s a scam website. Do not open an account or invest money using this website; they will scam your money, and you will not be able to take it back once you deposit it. You will regret it as it is a 300% SCAM WEBSITE.

    Scam Detector Review: A review on Scam Detector questions the legitimacy of, urging readers to consider whether the site is trustworthy or potentially fraudulent:

    • Trust Rank: 58.2/100, which classifies the website as Active, Mediocre, and Medium-Risk.
    • Industry/Niche: Cryptocurrencies.
    • Scam Detector’s algorithm analyzed within the Cryptocurrencies sector.
    • The website is poorly designed with inadequate metadata, impacting its credibility and online presence.
    • Proximity to Suspicious Websites: Scored 26/100, suggesting some level of risk due to association with potentially questionable websites.

    From these results, it appears that there are mixed opinions on the legitimacy of and its associated subdomain. The sale of the domain, combined with moderate trust scores and scam allegations, suggests a need for caution and further investigation by anyone considering engagement with this site.


    After thoroughly examining the information available about, it is time to conclude whether it is indeed a scam.

    The Alleged Scam: We received a complaint about, where an individual reported being scammed for nearly $20,000. The victim was lured into investing large sums with the promise of substantial returns, only to find the website non-functional at the time of withdrawal.

    Analysis and Red Flags

    • Domain Information: has been around since 2017, with its domain currently listed for sale. This raises questions about the owner’s long-term commitment.
    • Traffic and Backlinks: Its ranking and traffic, predominantly from the US, show some level of engagement, but this does not inherently speak to its legitimacy.
    • Website Content: The site hosted a Global Analyst Competition, which, while seemingly legitimate, lacked detailed information about its operation and reward system. The absence of clear ownership or operational details is concerning.
    • User Reviews and Ratings: The platform received a moderate trust score from Scamdoc and a poor user review, with accusations of being a “300% SCAM WEBSITE.”
    • Scam Detector’s Insights: The site was rated as mediocre and medium-risk by Scam Detector, with negative points highlighted, such as poor website design and proximity to suspicious websites.

    User Experience and Advisory

    • ReportScamBroker Warning: A YouTube video by ReportScamBroker labeled as a fraudulent trading platform, advising against any engagement with it due to numerous red flags like delayed withdrawals, high fees, and poor customer service.
    • Scamdoc User Complaint: A user named Smzee warned against the site, claiming that funds, once deposited, cannot be retrieved.

    The Verdict: Based on the combination of user complaints, moderate trust scores, the absence of transparent operational details, and the advisory against engagement, it appears that and its associated subdomains have several indicators of potentially fraudulent operations. The presence of multiple red flags, such as issues with withdrawals, high fees, and a non-functional website, cannot be ignored.

    Recommendation: Users are advised to exercise extreme caution if considering any interaction with It is important to conduct thorough research and consider the experiences shared by others. If you have been a victim of a scam related to this platform, sharing your experience could be invaluable to others.

    Bottom Line

    While definitive proof of being a scam is not entirely conclusive, the evidence and user experiences suggest a high likelihood of fraudulent activities. Caution and due diligence are highly recommended.

    If you are a victim of online scams, please let us know by commenting below, and if you have lost a significant amount of money, do not lose hope. We can help you recover your funds!

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