Is Planet Finance a SCAM? Planet.Finance Review

On August 11, 2022, one of our partners received a complaint regarding Planet Finance (found at We have therefore decided to write this Planet.Finance Review to find out whether this is a legitimate crypto exchange or a SCAM.

According to the complaint, the person lost $1,323. He writes:

I invested in crypto planet finance and they blocked my account they want me to deposit $6500 in order to get my withdrawal

What is Plant Finance?

Planet Finance is a suite of DeFi (decentralized financial) apps built on the Binance Smart chain.

According to the Planet.Finance documentation, Planet Finance “is a decentralized financial protocol consisting of different planets, each their own application, designed to enable anyone to freely activate their capital.”

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They consist of a community which looks for the the best DeFi opportunities in the space.

They enable access to open, decentralized financial services, aggregating or creating the best opportunities. Review - Homepage

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    Planet makes use of 2 tokens (cryptocurrency coins):

    1. AQUA is designed to capture value and govern the planets.
    2. GAMMA is designed to power Planet Finance.

    There are 3 planets:

    1. The Blue Planet is the user’s decentralized base.
    2. The Green Planet, powered by GAMMA, is a decentralized lending protocol.
    3. The Pink Planet is a marketplace that gives artists the space to create, buy, and sell digital assets.

    Core features of Planet Finance include vaults in which users can deposit and accumulate earnings, liquidity pools, exchange services, and lending services.

    Planet Finance aims to offer the highest yields due to automatic compounding of the interest and rewards of using the platform via AQUA tokens.

    Who is Behind Planet Finance?

    There is no information regarding the people behind on the About page.

    An email address is mentioned:

    They also have a Telegram group with an Arthur Curry as the admin (@arthurcurryaqua).

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    Their Twitter account has 7,767 followers.

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    However, there’s no registered address and we could not find Arthur on LinkedIn.

    Planet.Finance Domain Information

    The domain was registered on December 5, 2020 for 2 years with Epik, Inc. as the registrar.

    This review is being written on October 24, two months before will expire, if not renewed.

    This means the domain is old enough for us to find out if it is legitimate.

    They use a privacy service to hide the owners behind the website. ranks 1,980,228 globally according to SimilarWeb, and 56,039 in Hong Kong, where apparently most of its traffic come from at the time of writing this.

    It is also ranked 620 for Other Finance (In Hong Kong).

    It gets almost 17,000 visits per month.

    Additional countries where traffic originates to Planet Finance include Argentina, China, the USA, and Finland.

    The domain’s authority score is 34 with a Semrush Domain Rank of 857,500.

    According to Semrush, around 42% of its organic traffic comes from the US.

    The site is linked to from many other websites, including crypto currencies data websites, such as

    Is Planet.Finance a SCAM?

    Overall, our impression is that this is a legit site, with the most serious red flag being the lack of contact options, except for an email address.

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    However, we did not find any high yield investments promises, mining, or other typical crypto scams.

    We did notice the following warning on

    PHISHING WARNING: Please make sure you’re visiting all other domains are fake.

    Apparently, there may be some other domains that are impersonating to in order to phish users information.

    Time to look at what people have been reporting about Planet Finance for the past two years since the domain was registered.

    Planet Finance Reviews

    We did not find any Planet Finance scam reviews.

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    We did find the following complaint regarding a different domain, which now seems to be defunct,

    From the website, I have deposited my crypto to earn interest. But after waiting for days, my crypto suddenly disappeared from the platform. I tried contacting the admin, but no reply. It’s all gone!!! Careful with this site as it offered a very high APY to lure investors.

    It is possible that the phishing warning and the complaint we began this review with are referring to fake domains.

    We also found a warning on

    Other than that we found some unhappy users, but no scam accusations. For example, 9 months ago one person wrote:

    […] the self-reported “very big team of 13 devs” have been extremely lazy and so far hasn’t delivered a clear communication or marketing plan to spread the adoption of the token , despite many promises. […] team hasn’t spent adequate resources on adoption and their inexperienced mods are constantly repeating that the 2022 marketing strategy will be the “spread of mouth” […]

    This reviewer sums up by saying that the project is on a downward trajectory, which is reflected on the ALPHA token graph, as can be seen below.

    Planet.Finance Review Conclusion

    Our conclusion is that Planet Finance is NOT a scam.

    However, cryptocurrencies are a risky investment.

    AQUA is valued at $47.45 as of today, but may go down to zero tomorrow. But then again so can Bitcoin or any other crypto token.

    And it has been a long time since its all time high back at October 2021 when it was valued at almost $2,000 per coin.

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    Planet.Finance AQUA Token All-Time Value

    Like with any other crytocurrency investment, never invest more money than you can afford to lose.

    Please share any information you may possess regarding PlanetFinance by commenting below this review.

    If you have lost money to a scam, reach out to us for help with recovering your money.

    When you comment, your name, comment, and the timestamp will be public. We also store this data, which may be used for research or content creation in accordance with our Privacy Policy. By commenting, you consent to these terms.

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