UniTrade Villa Review – Legit or SCAM?

Recently we came across a Better Business Bureau review stating that Unitrade Villa (found at UniTradeVilla.com) is a fraudulent investment firm and that someone lost $9,000 with them. A few days later, however, we could no longer find this review. We have therefore decided to write our own UniTrade Villa Review to find out whether it is a legitimate investment firm or a SCAM.

What is UniTrade Villa?

Claiming to be “The most trusted cryptocurrency Investment platform, invest and trade Global crypto markets with the lowest costs in the industry,” unitradevilla.com offers several investment plans, including:

  • Bronze – requires a minimum deposit of $500 and generating 2.2% daily for 1 week
  • Silver – $1,500 minimum deposit for 7 days at 2.5% per day
  • Gold – $3500 minimum deposit for 7 days with a daily profit of %2.75
  • Premium – Minimum deposit is $6,500 and clients are promised 3.5% profit per day for one week
  • Emerald – For at least $10,000, 3.75% profit per day one week

Thus, someone who invests $10,000, can expect to withdraw $375 per day or a total of $2,625 on top of their investment after one week (a total of $12,625).

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This is unrealistic, unfortunately.

Who is Behind UniTradeVilla.com?

According to the About page at unittradevilla.com, “UniTrade Villa is a registered digital asset investment firm based in USA.”

However, there’s no information regarding the people behind the company, such as a registered address, LinkedIn accounts, other social media accounts, or even a telephone number.

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    On the contact page an email is listed: support@unitradevilla.com.com [sic].

    We were able to find an Instagram profile associated with Unitrade Villa. It is owned by an entrepreneur, trader, mentor, investor, and Bitcoin minter known as Melissa Deedot. She has only 34 posts, but 4,656 followers.

    Instagram Account Associated with Unitrade Villa

    Strangely, their Terms page says:

    Super Way Mining is officially registered in London and operating under the laws of the United Kingdom. Interaction with the company assumes the financial investment, the result of which is a fixed hourly profit depending on the chosen investment plan.

    It appears they either copied the page from a different site, or are also the owners of another, UK company, called Super Way Mining.

    The same text is quoted again in a very similar site to UnitradeVilla.com: capitale-trade.com.

    The striking similarity between the two sites suggests the same creators stand behind them.

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    We could not find any information however regarding Super Way Mining.

    ZenGo Wallet Banner

    The domain unitradevilla.com was registered on April 8, 2022 (less than 3 months ago) for one year via the NameCheap, Inc. registrar. The informaton of the owners of the site are hidden by a privacy service.

    They are ranked 16,856,850 globally on SimilarWeb.com and 4,771,479 in the USA.

    UnitradeVilla.com has a 0 authority score and no links from any legitimate websites.

    UniTradeVilla Scam Reviews

    We could not find any UniTradeVilla reviews on Google, neither positive nor negative.

    Update (October 27, 2022): After posting this review, we received the following complaint:

    It appears I was scammed by this company. […] After inquiring about investing in Bitcoin I was contacted by a young lady listed on Instagram as Lisajordan2023. Lisa was listed as being involved with Unitradevilla. I invested over $9,000 which the funds were sent via cashapp to blockchain 35xVtAfr6GpLjDDVM6vXfQ25rwvW9Zg3Fy. Lisa and the company advised I would receive an investment of $80,000. To date “Lisa” continues to contact me through WhatsApp with the name “Lisa”, and Instagram. Lisa continues to send screenshots advising the funds are pending. Once the funds were supposedly sent Lisa sent a screenshot showing cashapp declined payment.

    In the following screenshot you can see that indeed the client appears to have money with the platform:

    UniTrade Villa Dashboard with Scammed Funds

    Here’s another complaint regarding UniTrade Villa that was reported to the Better Business Bureau on October 8,  2022 by a person who claims they have lost $9,000 at Unitradevilla.com:

    I began chatting with Li** ******2023 on Instagram after noticing she/he was involved in investing. L*** began to explain the process. After investing $1700 she/he requested I register on her/ his company website of unitradevilla.com. I registered and watched my investment advance to $80,000. After continuing to invest the amount advanced to $100,000. I never received my monies after requesting to withdraw. It turned out that both L*** and Unitradevilla are scams who continue to make you believe they are helping you invest.

    UniTrade Villa Review Conclusion

    When this article was originally written, we didn’t have any clear evidence that UniTrade Villa is a scam, except for their investment packages which claim to offer profits that are too good to be true, yet we believed this is indeed a scam.

    We believed so because no legitimate site operates without basic contact information, such as telephone numbers and registered addresses.

    Emerging complaints from UniTrade Villa clients however have been strengthening our conclusion and at the moment it’s almost certain that UniTrade Villa is a SCAM!

    If you have any firsthand information with UniTradeVilla, please let us know by commenting below this review.

    We are also able to help you recover money from scams such as UniTrade Villa and other cryptocurrency investment scams.

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