The News Spy Review – Scam Plot

The News Spy is a new bogus trading platform that is creating a buzz in the crypto niche. Apparently, this software helps people make consistent returns from the markets. However, note that our research says otherwise.

Accuracy rate is not stated by them and their platform doesn’t contain basic information as well. Given the way they operate, it is very obvious that they are nothing more than a cash grab.

Unfortunately, many newbies are not able to see through their lies and they are the ones that are losing big bucks to them. If you are interested in knowing all of their traits, go through the following content.

Once you learn to recognise their motives, connecting the dots is going to be easy and effortless. 

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The News Spy

Regulatory Status

Platforms that provide trading advice generally have to be regulated. The News Spy might hide behind a liability clause, but at the end of the day, they wouldn’t be able to accept people from different regions.

We searched every nook and corner of their website, but guess what? There is no information about the firm, licenses or anything related to the formation of the company.

In other words, they have maintained a mysterious profile and that isn’t a good thing regardless of which way you look at it. Going forward, make sure that you stick with regulated exchanges to avoid uncertainties and hassles. 

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    What is The News Spy?

    The News Spy is marketed as a new trading solution that supposedly helps retail investors make money from the crypto markets. In theory, everything they imply and mention sounds nice.

    However, if you look at the small things, the narratives do not add up. First of all, the information regarding the management side is completely missing. There is no contact information published by them.

    If you ever get into any kind of issues, there isn’t anything you can do about it. Ask yourself, do you really believe any reputable firm would operate in this manner? Number of flaws with this bogus app are plenty to say the least.

    Accuracy rate and Algorithms

    One of the easiest ways of measuring the success of any trading algorithm is the win rate percentage. Of course, the future returns cannot be guaranteed, but still it provides a clear picture about the probabilities.

    This app does not mention drawdown rates, capital allocation and win rate. Literally, there is no parameter and we as end customers aren’t even aware of the indicator considered by the bot.

    Simply put, high uncertainty with zero clarity is what they have to offer. The probability of making money with this trading platform is very close to zero.


    Volatility creates a lot of opportunity and in the crypto space, there is no shortage of catalysts. However, just because you are involved in the sector in one way or the other does not necessarily mean you will make money.

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    This bot does not guarantee any kind of profits, instead they just give mixed impressions and wrong notions. Many review sites with affiliate links of this program will tell you otherwise, but the whole thing is nothing more than a trap.

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    So, do not believe their claims for any reason and never look for shortcuts because it won’t be sustainable for long. 

    The News Spy User Reviews

    User reviews about this platform are not something that is worthy statistically. We cannot arrive at any conclusions because of the bleak sample size. Nonetheless, the number of fake reviews are way too many.

    If you come across any comments with inspiring words and have affiliate links attached, do not believe the narrative. Whenever there is conflict of interest, always do your own research and never invest with an entity that isn’t regulated.

    Also, talk to your financial planner before making a move. 

    The News Spy Scam Explained

    Creators of The News Spy software get paid only if they convince the users to deposit with their affiliated brokers. They do not care about the safety of clients and are not working with regulated brokers.

    As you can easily tell by now, they also have a high degree of conflict of interest. At the end of the day, the unsuspecting user will be the one that will be exposed to risk and sooner or later the retail side will lose all of their money.

    On the flip side, the brokers and the creators will be enjoying their share and will continue with the aggressive promotions. Though this type of hustle will die, it will cause a lot of damage to people financially and emotionally.  


    Trading is an excellent opportunity to build wealth. However, the process of finding an effective strategy is not easy. More importantly, it isn’t something that can be delegated to a piece of software. So, do not believe any narratives that claim to get you rich quick and never invest without talking to a licensed financial planner. 

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