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28Crypto.com calls itself a cryptocurrency trading platform. Their platform appears to be very basic and there isn’t anything about them that makes it worth your time. Just like most crypto firms, they are unregulated and the information about their owners is not easy to trace.

Social consensus does not make them look good and the number of complaints against this organization is concerning. Oddly enough, the management side has not done anything to salvage their brand name.

Information regarding employees and founders are scarce. Looking at the way they interact with the public, we can assure you that it is a wise decision to walk away from them.

After all, if they had pure intentions for the clients, then why would they do everything they can to maintain a low profile? If you have lost money because of this firm, then following content is something that will help you a lot. Stick with us till the end to know the reality of this firm. 

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28Crypto.com Scam Review

Who runs 28Crypto.com?

Finding an answer to this question was not particularly easy. Our investigation team had to put a lot of time to track the owners and the uncertainty present at every step was unusual to say the least.

28Crypto.com is owned by Kerestir KFT, this firm is located in Budapest. Though we could get a scoop on the company and the related sites, our team has not closed in on the actual owners yet. Nonetheless, we won’t stop until the truth is discovered and hopefully, in the near future, all the mysteries will be put to an end.

As far as regulation goes, they are not under the radar of any financial watchdogs. It goes without saying that there is no such thing as control function mandates and the client’s money is always exposed to enormous degree of risk.

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    Cryptocurrencies appear to be the next big thing. However, never invest huge amounts of money without talking to a licensed financial planner. More importantly, deal with regulated platforms and always have an exit strategy in mind. 

    Trading Platform and Terms

    This broker offers a web based software that runs on most modern day devices. The interface is light and almost everything is self-explanatory. However, the default platform is not something that the professionals would be happy with and it is certainly a deal breaker.

    Custom indicators and trading bots are not supported by them. Availability of copy trading function is also unknown. Trading costs for the most part are not revealed. Moreover, even leverage offered by them is not clearly stated.

    As the key factors are not covered correctly by them, the odds of making money with them are less. Ask yourself, do you really want to indulge with a broker that does not even reveal the key parameters that will make or break your account? The irresponsible behaviour exhibited by them is unjustifiable and unprofessional. 

    Interface and Charting

    As we mentioned before, the default platform is basic and it does not support any custom tools. The available indicators are not that many and the lack of tweak-ability means professional traders will never flock towards them.

    As they do not support trading bots and other automated systems, a lot of retail investors will never be happy with an entity like this one. Charting is also not that great. All in all, the entire thing is not satisfactory and the platform does feel a bit outdated.

    We do not know whether people that deposit a significant amount of capital will get access to more sophisticated tools. Nonetheless, it is not advisable to invest a sizeable amount with them. 

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    28Crypto.com Feedback

    Thanks to the digital era we live in, it is almost impossible to hide the truth. Fake reviews are still present, but it is easy to spot them and the truth as always will shine eventually. 28Crypto.com has got a bad reputation and most people are calling this firm a “blatant scam”.

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    Countless allegations against them can be found just by Googling their name. Though it is impossible to know the legitimacy of every claim, it is not advisable to give this firm the benefit of the doubt. After all, they have not done anything that earns them credibility, right?

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    Information regarding minimum deposits and withdrawals is not put up by them. Apparently, the capital required to get started with them is based upon the deposit method you choose and it can range between $130 to $500.

    Compared to most crypto brokers, the capital requirement is way higher. This firm has not mentioned anything about dormant fees or other charges.

    Also, we don’t know whether they offer any kind of bonus or conduct other promotional activities that allow people to enhance their funds. Payment methods supported by them are Bitcoin, credit/debit cards and wire transfers.  

    Is 28Crypto.com a Scam?

    28Crypto.com looks like a scam. They have vague policies and the lack of clarity is unparalleled. Creators are unknown, regulation is absent. There are no special or unique features offered by them.

    Their platform is also outdated and bleak. Plus, the social proof is pointing towards the south. If you have suffered any monetary loss because of this firm, then get in touch with us via the form below.

    Our team will help you to deal with all the formalities involved with the recovery process. From creating actionable strategies to chasing down the culprits, our staff will not rest until the case is resolved. 


    Cryptocurrencies aren’t completely regulated yet which is why many shady organizations use it to loot the retail investors. As the threats are many, be selective and do not put money on the table unless you know exactly what you are doing.

    Take professional help whenever it is required and pay attention to risk management as well. Approach brokerages and exchanges in a conservative manner and never forget to do your own research. 

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