Exsmartit.com Exposed – Potential Scams and Investor Warnings

Exsmartit.com - Review

Exsmartit.com positions itself as a cryptocurrency trading and mining platform, offering users opportunities to engage in the digital currency market. As we delved into the platform’s operations, our investigation uncovered several serious red flags that potential investors should know. Given the complexities and risks associated with crypto trading and mining, it’s crucial to approach www.exsmartit.com cautiously.

If you’re considering investing in this platform. We recommend reading our detailed review first to ensure you’re fully informed about the potential risks and pitfalls.

Overview of Exsmartit.com

Exsmartit.com, launched on February 17, 2024, presents itself as a platform for trading cryptocurrencies and mining crypto. Our initial investigation into the platform’s operations revealed several concerning issues. Firstly, Exsmartit.com does not implement user verification processes, which are critical for ensuring the security and authenticity of trading activities. Additionally, the platform offers unusually high leverage to its users, increasing the risk of significant financial losses.

Despite claims of a quarterly trading volume of $217 billion, such figures appear highly unrealistic given the site’s newness. Casting doubt on the authenticity of the data presented. Exsmartit.com also claims to offer 24/7 customer support, but our findings show that it fails to deliver adequate support, which is crucial for addressing user concerns and issues promptly

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The platform advertises a dedicated trading app on the App Store and Google Play Store, yet links to the app lead to invalid pages. Instead, an alternative third-party link for downloading an APK file is provided, which could pose security risks to users. Furthermore, the mining pool feature offers suspiciously high returns of up to 5% without requiring proper mining equipment, which is unrealistic and likely unsustainable.

Given these findings, if you are considering trading with Exsmartit.com or investing in its mining pool. We strongly recommend reading our in-depth review to understand the risks and make a fully informed decision.

Red Flags of Exsmartit.com

As we delve deeper into the operations of Exsmartit.com, several significant red flags become apparent, casting doubt on the platform’s legitimacy and the safety of investing in it. Here are the critical concerns identified:

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    List of Red Flags

    1. Unrealistic Trading Volume Claim: Exsmartit.com reports a quarterly trading volume of $217 billion, a highly suspicious figure for a newly established platform with limited user traffic. Such inflated numbers raise questions about the authenticity of the data provided and suggest possible manipulation or exaggeration to attract unsuspecting investors.
    2. Lack of Customer Support: Despite offering round-the-clock support, Exsmartit.com fails to provide reliable customer service. This absence is a major concern for users who may need assistance or face issues with their accounts, as it indicates a lack of regard for user satisfaction and support.
    3. Unrealistic Return on Investment: The platform offers a mining pool that promises a daily return of 5%. Such high returns are unsustainable and indicative of potential high-risk schemes, like Ponzi structures. The platform is designed to lure investors with the allure of high profits in an impossibly short timeframe.
    4. Third-party App Availability: Exsmartit.com advertises a dedicated app on major app stores, yet the links provided lead to invalid pages. Instead, the platform offers a third-party link to download an APK file, which poses significant security risks, including the potential for malware and data theft.
    5. Incomplete ‘About Us’ Section: The ‘About Us’ section of Exsmartit.com is notably incomplete, lacking essential information about the platform’s background, team, or operational ethos. This omission deprives potential users of the context necessary to fully evaluate the platform’s credibility and intentions.

    These red flags highlight the considerable risks of using Exsmartit.com to trade or invest in cryptocurrency. Potential users and investors are advised to proceed cautiously, conduct thorough research, and consider these warnings before engaging with the platform.

    Trading Plans of Exsmartit.com

    Exsmartit.com offers a variety of trading plans that target different types of cryptocurrency mining technologies. Each plan promises a specific daily revenue percentage over a set period. Here’s a closer look at each of the plans available:

    1. Super Computing Plan
      Daily Revenue: 3%
      Period: 3 days
    1. FPGA Miner Plan
      Daily Revenue: 2.55%
      Period: 30 days
    1. IPFS Miner Plan
      Daily Revenue: 2.8%
      Period: 25 days
    1. GPU Miner Plan
      Daily Revenue: 3.3%
      Period: 20 days
    2. ASIC Miner Plan
      Daily Revenue: 5%
      Period: 15 days

    Each of these plans is tailored to utilize specific mining hardware or technology. From supercomputers and FieldProgrammable Gate Arrays (FPGA) to more common GPU and ASIC-based mining setups. The plans vary not only in the type of hardware used but also in the investment period and daily revenue rate. Which increases with the efficiency and cost of the hardware.

    While these returns may appear attractive, potential investors should carefully consider the earlier red flags, such as unrealistic returns and a lack of transparency.

    The high daily revenues promised across these plans are unusually high for typical mining operations and could indicate the risks involved or the unsustainable nature of the business model. Investors should perform due diligence and seek safer, more reliable investment avenues.


    Exsmartit.com presents numerous concerns that warrant serious caution from potential investors and users. The platform’s operations are shadowed by red flags, including unrealistic trading volume claims and a lack of customer support. Dubious return on investment promises, security issues with third-party app downloads, and an incomplete ‘About Us’ section also suggest a high risk of engaging with a platform that may not only fail to deliver on its promises but could potentially expose users to financial losses and security risks.

    The absence of essential transparency and operational details compounds these risks. Making Exsmartit.com a questionable choice for those looking to invest in cryptocurrency trading and mining. Investors should carefully consider these factors, conduct thorough independent research, and seek more established and transparent platforms for trading and mining activities.

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