DairyNZ Review: Victims Share Insights

Welcome to our DairyNZ Review about the website previously available at dairynz.vip.

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Dairynz.vip (Source: Wayback Machine)

Recently, we received the following complaint from a person who reported being scammed for 110 USDT:

I am a simple person, and I am not feeling well. I invested in a site that’s related to New Zealand. Here’s the link: https://dairynz.vip/h5. I invested $110 with great difficulty, but now the site won’t load, and I can’t get a reply from Telegram either. Can you please help me? Thank you.

So what is DairyNZ, and is it a SCAM?

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DairyNZ.vip Review

DairyNZ.vip was registered through GoDaddy.com, LLC on August 9, 2023, less than two months ago, for one year. Cloudflare and a privacy service provided by Domains By Proxy protect it.

SimilarWeb ranks them at 21,370,275 globally and 456,106 in Singapore. In August 2023, they received just 79 visits.

Its SEMrush Authority Score is 2%, and they have 27 backlinks from 8 referring domains, but none are reputable.

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    Some links are referral links, indicating the website had an affiliate program.

    The website is currently down and returning error code 521, “Web server is down,” so we can only learn about it through indirect sources.

    The homepage on Google is still indexed and titled DAIRYNZ (dairynz.vip). Its description is:

    How to invest in adopting cows to make money? How to earn commission on Dairynz? Contact us and help! Partner. Home. Invest. Team. Service. Mine. Cancel.

    So, it appears that Dairynz offered an opportunity to earn a commission by adopting cows and referring people to the program. They also may have had a mining feature.

    The cached version of the webpage is not displayed, so all we can see is the code behind it. From the cache of the website dairynz.vip as of September 27, 2023, the following observations can be made:

    1. The website’s primary language is set to `zh-CN,` which indicates it’s likely tailored for Chinese-speaking users, probably from mainland China.
    2. The website seems to have been optimized for mobile devices.
    3. The website has embedded a TikTok Analytics script. This indicates that they might have been using TikTok for promotions, tracking the interaction of users from TikTok, or were interested in how their content performs there.

    DairyNZ Reviews

    Since we cannot find much information about dairynz.vip on their website, we must turn to external DairyNZ reviews. 

    On YouTube, there are mentions of inviting members to level 3 agents, creating a telegram group, and offering rewards of up to 15%.

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    Several sources provide reviews or checks on whether the site is a scam or legit:

    ZenGo Wallet Banner
    • ScamAdviser provides a tool to check if dairynz.vip is legitimate and reliable.
    • Another site, Earn More Cash Today, mentions that Dairynz.vip claims to be a unique online investment platform offering users an opportunity to make money by investing.
    • Scamdoc.com provides a very bad trust score of 1% for the website, suggesting it might be unsafe.
    • Another site, ScamWatcher, has troubling facts about Dairynz.vip and implies that funds might not be safe with the platform.
    • IsLegitSite.com also checks if the website is legit or a scam.

    There are also mentions of the platform on various social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Telegram, hinting at promotional activities or affiliate marketing efforts. For instance, users are encouraged to adopt a dairy cow or watch movies at home to earn money. There’s also mention of logging in daily to earn rewards.

    The website or platform seems discussed or advertised in various Telegram channels/groups.

    Finally, the website dairynz.vip appears in a GitHub repository named “phishfort-lists,” suggesting it might have been flagged in some phishing-related lists.

    Summary of dairynz.vip Review by Scamadviser

    • Website Name: dairynz.vip
    • Trustscore: 7 out of 100, indicating low trust.
    • Concerns:
      • The website may be a scam based on the analysis.
      • The website owner is using a paid service to hide their identity.
      • The website does not attract many visitors.
      • Primarily negative reviews were found.
      • The website was only recently registered.
      • The content of the site couldn’t be analyzed.
    • Consumer Reviews: Mixed, with an average score of 3 out of 5 stars based on two reviews.
    • Additional Info:
      • The website is affiliated with Google Trust Services LLC for its SSL certification.
      • The site’s Tranco ranking is low, suggesting few visitors.
      • An SSL certificate is in place but is a basic Domain Validated certificate.

    In summary, the website dairynz.vip has been flagged as suspicious, and users are advised to exercise caution.

    ScamWatcher Dairynz.vip Review Summary

    Key Takeaways:

    1. Dairynz.vip’s services are deemed questionable.
    2. The platform is not licensed, which is a significant concern.
    3. There’s a lack of transparency associated with Dairynz.vip.
    4. The platform creates unrealistic financial expectations.
    5. Dairynz.vip is described as an unregulated investment platform.
    6. Such unregulated platforms are known to abuse regulations and can vanish without notice.
    7. Dairynz.vip is suspected of being entirely illegal.
    8. Regulated firms are mandated by law to adhere to regulations ensuring clients’ fund safety. In contrast, Dairynz.vip offers no such protection.
    9. There’s an emphasis on the lack of information about the platform’s operators, which is concerning.
    10.  Complaints about Dairynz.vip include high fees, poor communication, and challenges related to fund withdrawals.
    11.  The platform claims customers can earn significant amounts of money, which is seen as a scam.
    12. Dairynz.vip’s customer support lacks proper information and assurance.
    13. The platform doesn’t guarantee the safety of funds and lacks banking information, leading to concerns about funds’ security.
    14. Tactics employed by Dairynz.vip to avoid fund withdrawals include aggressive trading urging, high withdrawal fees, and ceasing communication.
    15. The conclusion by ScamWatcher is clear: avoid Dairynz.vip due to its unregulated nature, unreliability, and risk of potential scams.

    Additional Details:

    • Regulation Status: Unregulated Investment Company

    Individuals are advised to exercise caution and avoid engaging with unregulated platforms like Dairynz.vip.

    Dairynz Review by Earn More Cash Today

    According to Earn More Cash Today, Dairynz.vip is an online investment platform allowing users to invest in various products. The platform also features a referral program where users can earn passive income by inviting new members.

    Dairynz is flagged as a fraudulent scheme, and it is advised not to use the platform. Users are advised to exercise caution when investing in any platform, especially in volatile markets.

    Concerns about the platform include a lack of information about the website’s owner, duplicated content across multiple sites, and an extremely low Trust Score.


    Navigating the vast online landscape requires vigilance and a discerning eye, especially when the terrain is riddled with platforms promising financial gains. Dairynz.vip, with its alluring proposal of earning through adopting cows and referring others, initially seems tempting to the unsuspecting user. However, upon closer scrutiny, a mosaic of alarming signs emerges.

    From the website’s recent registration to its curiously low traffic and the veiling of its owner’s identity behind privacy services, every piece of evidence appears to fit into a jigsaw of skepticism. External reviews, such as those from ScamAdviser and ScamWatcher, reinforce these suspicions, highlighting the platform’s lack of transparency, unrealistic financial promises, and questionable operational practices.

    Bottom Line

    The digital world offers an abundance of legitimate opportunities, but amidst them lurk pitfalls that can trap even the cautious. The overwhelming consensus from various sources about Dairynz.vip is clear: tread cautiously. While the allure of easy earnings can be compelling, it is essential to remember the age-old adage – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. As always, conducting thorough research before committing funds or personal information to any platform is paramount.

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    2 thoughts on “DairyNZ Review: Victims Share Insights”

    1. Hlo I have scammed by Solution Team Services they asked me for 2000 RS I have sent through jazzcash they said it is refundable then they asked me for 65 euros I refused to pay I said I can’t pay more they refused to refund my amount.. 😭

      1. I’m truly sorry to hear about your unfortunate experience with Solution Team Services. In order to better assist you and review the site in question, could you please provide us with more specific details? Primarily, we would need the exact URL or website address where you interacted with them.

        Once we have this information, we can better assess the situation and offer guidance on potential next steps.

        Thank you for reaching out, and we hope to assist you further.

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