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Evaluating is a cryptocurrency trading platform that offers exceptionally high leverage of up to 1000x. This level of leverage, coupled with a website that lacks professionalism and clear company information, raises suspicions about the platform’s legitimacy. The site’s primary design is for mobile use, and its vague details do not meet the transparency standards expected of reputable trading platforms.

This review will closely examine’s offerings, regulatory status, and overall user experience to determine whether it’s a potential scam or a legitimate operation. Our analysis aims to provide potential users with critical insights needed to make informed decisions about using this platform.

Overview is an unregulated trading platform that raises several concerns. Firstly, the platform does not disclose any regulated licenses or certifications. Which is a significant red flag. Additionally, there is no dedicated customer support available. Instead, the website directs users to a Telegram link for assistance.

During our investigation, we encountered numerous issues. The website frequently experiences downtime and often doesn’t work properly. Another major concern is the lack of an “About” section, making it difficult to understand who runs the site. The website owner hides their identity, adding to the lack of transparency.

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Red Flags of Evaluating

  1. Unregulated: operates without any disclosed regulatory license or certification. This lack of regulation means the platform is not subject to the oversight and standards imposed by financial authorities, increasing users’ risk.
  2. Unprofessionalism: appears to be primarily designed for mobile use, which is not inherently problematic, but it lacks essential information typically found on professional trading platforms. There are no comprehensive details about the company, its services, or its operational procedures. Which raises concerns about its credibility and reliability.
  3. No Customer Support: There is no dedicated customer support available on Instead, users seeking assistance are directed to connect via a third-party Telegram link. This approach to customer service is highly unprofessional and unreliable, making it difficult for users to get timely and effective support.
  4. Owner of the Website: The website owner hides their identity. Transparency regarding ownership is a critical factor in establishing trust. The concealment of this information is a significant red flag, as it prevents users from knowing who is responsible for the platform’s operations and accountability.
  5. Fake Profits: User reviews indicate that the profits displayed on are fake. Many users have reported being unable to withdraw their money and allege that the profits shown are fabricated. This pattern of behavior suggests that the platform may be engaging in deceptive practices to lure in and defraud users.

BBB Complaint

On April 15, 2024, the following complaint was filed with the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Regarding a cryptocurrency scam at by a person who reported being scammed for $26,000:

I was told about this site to trade and make money. I tried to withdraw and was told I had to pay taxes on the money I earned. After paying that, I was then told I had to pay a verification fee to prove my identity. I paid that and tried to withdraw again, but they changed my withdrawal address and sent the money to someone else. When I tried to get them to fix their mistakes, they wanted more money to recover the lost funds.

Upfront Fees for Withdrawing Money

Users have reported that requires them to pay upfront fees to withdraw their money. Additionally, the platform demands a tax deposit, but it fails to clarify or justify this tax. The lack of explanation for the upfront fees raises serious concerns about the platform’s legitimacy.

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    Moreover, even after users pay the initial upfront fees, the platform often asks them to pay additional withdrawal charges. The platform does not deduct these charges from the withdrawal amount; users must pay them separately, further complicating the process and adding to users’ frustrations.

    This pattern of demanding upfront payments and additional fees, without clear explanations or justifications,. Given these significant red flags and the numerous reports of deceptive practices, we strongly recommend staying away from The risks associated with using this platform are too high, and many reputable and regulated alternatives are available for trading.

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